Chapter 50: Amusement & Infiltration
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Hello there~. It's been two days since the sorry excuse of a dinner party with Glock and the lolicon~. And I feel terrible~. It's most likely since that stupid lolicon forced me into an intense stealth-training course~.

Ugh, I hate my life. Even if it's just a game.

To make a long story short, the lolicon-bastard almost killed me with an intense [Lurk]-, [Parkour]-, [Detect Treasure]-, AND [Small Inventory] training course! All in the same day! Don't even ask how I did the last one. My back's still killing me...

However, it did result in level-ups for all mentioned skills. Even Glock said I had talent in sneaking around. Are player skills related to how well you can train in-game skills? 

Back to my story: I'm being used as the Blackmarket duo's tool of vengeance. The plan is simple: steal so much from the Lunalatics that the ransom money won't cover the loss.

The best part about this plan is that I get to keep the stolen goods~. They said it's because of that "whatever treaty". The same one that prevents them from bashing in the Lunalatics' heads directly without using me as the middleman. Eh, middle-lady?

The bad part is that I have to do this all on my own. It's a technicality that allows the Blackmarket duo to arm me up to rob the Lunalatics, so if it gets out, then those two are in trouble. Meaning they don't have the luxury of hiring other people for this plan. 

I wanted to ask Jill and Ferno for help, but they both seem busy participating in the rescue of the mayor's daughter. True, that part is also important. More important than what I'm doing. Seen objectively from a gamer's point of view, the rescue is sorta like the main quest while I'm busy with a sub-quest.

So, yeah. I'm on my own. Only got Nyx and Nala to help me. They did obtain new classes thanks to the new coach I hired. Some Amazon-like ogress. She sorta reminds me of Ferno...

Not that I wanna resort to calling on those two. They're far from stealthy, and with tonight's job, the more we kill, the lower is the chance of succeeding in this quest.

Quest: Kick Those *****'s Butt!!!!
Quest giver: Ronandart of the Blackmarket
Quest Description:

*****!! ********!! ***!!!

Quest Content:
  1. Infiltrate and steal as many valuables as you can from the Lunalatics' HQ.
  2. Bonus: Do not be noticed, and do not leave any tracks behind that reveal your identity, or can be connected to the Blackmarket.
  • Aether Points (Based on how much you steal)
  • Increased favorability with the Blackmarket Guild.
  • Bonus reward: The attention of a special someone (based on how you clear the bonus requirement)

He even went as far as providing an official quest, that lolicon gentleman... But he better have washed that filthy mouth of his if he's even gonna stay 10 kilometers close to any brat. He's bad for their education.

Not that I have anything against that. Because, right now, I'm deep into the Lunalatics' hideout. What they're showing to the public, at least.

"Welcome! Welcome to Solland amusement park~!"

Those bastards, running a place where kids can go and have fun while also targeting the very same children (some of them). It's such a big joke that I don't even wanna laugh.

The park is built on top of an old dock and it is filled with typical attractions. Ferris wheels, roller-coasters, shooting ranges, food stands, and the horror house.

And behind all this is the den of a bunch of new-and-rising criminals who even relies on doping with harmful side-effects to gain enough strength to gain a seat at the table of the successful criminals in this world. Seriously, what a joke.

Right now I'm wearing casual clothes, or so it seems. It's some decent stealth-based equipment provided by those crystals the lolicon talked about before. [Lurk]'s effect is way better than before, and it has become so cheap that [Mana Auto-Regeneration] can cover for the loss. I could run [Lurk] 24/7 at this rate. Though, that's only if I'm not in battle.

This is my current get-up:

Equipment Page:
Head: --- Upper Body: Casual Rogue's Hidden Hoodie
Lower Body: Casual Rogue's Smooth Short Pants Hands: Casual Rogue's Gentle Gloves
Feet: Casual Rogue's Silent Shoes Back: Item Backpack (Medium-sized)
Weapon (Main):  Venomella's Fang Dagger Weapon (Sub): Magic Dagger of [Grasp Vine]
Arm (Right): Boulder-Carrying Bracelet Arm (Left): Magic Bracelet of [Fireball] Ring: Fortune Ring Leg: Power Anklet
Ring: Race-Concealing Ring Ring: Secret Guiding Ring Ear (Left): Mana Earring Ear (Right): Makeup Earring
Neck: Anti-Venom Necklace Belt: Item Pouch (Medium-sized) Leg: Item Leg Pouch (Medium-sized)  

It's not too bad. The new earring has changed my skin color to a healthier one and turned my hair all red, and the Race-Concealing Ring hides the fact that I'm a demon. As for the other new ring, it's supposed to give a hint to hidden locations/items, but there's been no beep on the radar so far.

Hmm, maybe I should stop relying on the items so much and instead use my noggin? Where would I place a hidden hideout inside an amusement park that's open to the public..., someplace where no guests would go. That leaves me with the fast-food stands, the park toilets, or the staff-only areas.

Since the first two are too horrifying for even charlatans like these guys, I'll start with the staff-only areas. Mostly because I'd be too scared of facing someone with a twisted-enough mind to place their hideouts at such places. *Brr*

As for where only the staff's allowed..., let's check out the haunted house. There's normally a door inside there leading to the staff area. Or so I've seen in animes. 

I joined a group of adventurers and snuck behind them while using [Lurk]. Even the ticket guy didn't notice me. 

"Hey, about the next event, isn't it soon?" - Adventurer A

"Yeah. The management is keeping it a secret. Maybe they want it to be a surprise?" - Adventurer B

They're talking about something interesting on the way to the scares, but I don't have time to listen to them. The secret-busting ring is telling me there's something to bust nearby, so I left the group and followed the signal. A door labeled "staff" was hidden behind a false spiderweb. Opening the door's no problem. I've got some experience from a rogue-type VR game where you play as a thief, and the lolicon provided me with some lockpicking tools...*click*, Hehe~.

I snuck into the staff area and found...a plain old waiting room. Then a changing room. Luckily, my trusted old (okay, new) ring told me of a secret entrance. There should be a hidden switch around here...*click*. There we go. Damn, I should have taken some burglar class instead of Demonic Rogue. Ah, but it may be part burglar, now that I think about it.

I ventured into the hidden corridors in search of the cash. No thugs are walking around, probably because they're busy with the ransom exchange, which is both fine and bad for me. Fine since there's less chance to be discovered. Bad because I can't tail some idiots to the vault. 

It took me a while with careful searching, which almost got me discovered more than a few times by the remaining Lunalatics. The vault. I mean, literally a vault. One huge vault door..., but may I comment on the rest of the room? It's fine? Then, I'll start.

First off, the vault door is inside a circus stage. No, really. Trapezes, small strings in the air that the circus clowns or whatever would walk across on, flaming rings, and even trampolines. What's going on with these guys' heads? They're lunatics for real...

But what I want people to take notice of is the huge, mechanical lion-dragon-thingy that's guarding the vault door! 

How should I describe it... It has the body of a lion, but its neck, head, and claws look like a dragon's. Also, it's completely a mecha. Or, a locomotive mecha? It has this steampunk appearance, but it's not steam it's spewing out, but smog. It's gonna be a loud fight if I try to attack it head-on, and that's gonna attract the few remaining Lunalatics...

Ah, I got an idea. 

I found myself a good hiding spot up at the top of the room among all the trapeze equipment and summoned Nyx. Then I had her go down undetected and pick a fight with the loco-lion. 

As I expected, the mechanical beast let out a huge roar similar to a train in the rush hour and attacked Nyx. Nyx did as I ordered her beforehand and prioritized dodging the attacks. 

Soon, I noticed that people were getting close to the vault room, so I sent Nyx back home and left the noisy loco-lion alone, bewildered over Nyx's sudden disappearance, which made it continue to thrash around in anger and confusion. Then came the Lunalatics.

When they saw the loco-lion making a mess of the place with no enemy nearby (right now), they forced it to stop and made it fall asleep. Then they left the room while asking each other if the loco-lion had started to malfunction. Nice~.

And then, act 2. I re-summoned Nyx and had her do an encore. She got down without the loco-lion noticing anything yet, gave it an ass-kicking, and then I sent her back to the hotel. The Lunalatics came back, saw only the loco-lion making a mess again, and forced it to sleep-mode yet again. 

If that's the case, act 3~. What, not enough? Act 4~. One more? Act 5~.

It was after the 6th round that the Lunalatics had enough. They sent the loco-lion into a cage and turned it completely off. Then they left a pair of thugs as a replacement and left the rest for them. This is the final act then. 

Silently, I summoned Nyx and had her go into position above one of the two thugs. Then I climbed down from the ceiling and snuck behind the last thug's back.

Before they could notice me, I stabbed the guy I'd hidden behind with the venomous dagger. Nyx then jumped down from the ceiling and killed the other guy before he could recognize his partner's death. After their corpses disintegrated into dust, I made Nyx clean up the blood spill with a special blood-removing agent that Glock had packed on me. He sure knows how to think ahead, as opposed to some other guy I know.

And now, I got free access to the vault. It's luckily a combination-type lock, so I don't need to go out and look for some keys. Trying to find some clues to the combination would take too much time, not to mention too risky as well, even if I did it before pissing off the loco-lion.

Time to put my faith into this special ring and hope it can help me find the right combination to the vault door. Please don't let an alarm ring because I opened it with the wrong code..., 6 to the left..., 12 to the right..., 25 to the left...


Is there an alarm?! ...nothing? It's quiet. Sweet~. Just please don't let it be a silent alarm that only warns the guards. I hate those.

While keeping an eye on for any guards that could storm into the circus room, I grabbed anything I could stuff into [Small Inventory] or the various item bags I'd brought along. Yes, anything. Even the wooden shelves. Did they break the budget on the vault door? I also grabbed the lightbulbs, just for good measure. 

In return, let's add these special bombs the lolicon forced on me. Let's set the timer to..., 2 hours. That'll give me enough time to flee the place. 

After confirming that the bomb was ticking, I closed the vault door and left the room, my pockets and bags notably bulging. Using the map produced from [Auto-Map] when I wandered around earlier in search of the vault, I swiftly exited the hidden hideout, returned to the staff area, left the haunted house, and calmly walked out of the amusement park.


I did it! I freaking did it! Nobody noticed me at all! Of course, there's the loco-lion, but how is it supposed to spill the beans about Nyx? Heck, what would knowing that even help them with finding out that it was me there? Dark Servants are a standard choice for summoners! Just knowing that I'm following the current summon fashion trends won't give them a good reason to suspect me!

And with a good mood, I returned to my Player Room and logged off. Tomorrow, I'll go and tell the duo the good news. They better be rewarding me damn well~~.