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When I appeared in the room, I stood up and looked ahead. Glistening in the moonlight was a tall woman looking out of the window. The moon shined on her beautiful purple hair making her image nothing short of perfect. All the lights were off, and it looked like she was about to get into bed. In a pure white gown, one that reflected beautifully off the moon, Mellissa stargazed out her window. Just doing something so simple, captured me and made me stand still, admiring her yet again.




Mellissa turned around, and our eyes met. The passionate glimmer of her garnet jewel eyes made my heart race. I didn't realize how much I missed seeing that until this moment.


Her breathing became labored as she backed up.

“F-Feodora. What are you… what are you doing here?”

Meekly, she asked. Shamefully, I turned away at first, but I knew nothing would get solved if I didn't express why I came here. Mellissa and I would stay lonely forever…

"I came here to say... I'm sorry, Mellissa.”

I stood straight and put one hand on my chest... I wanted Mellissa to hear the pounding of my heart. The more I thought about it, the clearer everything became.

“You’re sorry, Feodora?”

Confused, she tilted her head.

“Mellissa Ann Cafree, I’m sorry for hurting you.”

My eyes started to well up, but I shook my head and brushed my tears away.

"You were kind to me… and I hurt you."

Mellissa silently put her hand on her chest too. It was as if our hearts were... connecting.

"I was a coward and scared of getting close to you, Mellissa. I took every reason I could find to say that it was for the best that we didn't see each other. And because of my selfishness, I hurt you so much."

With my hands on my chest, too, I spoke up.

“And after realizing how badly I messed up, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. You’re the kindest person I’ve ever met. And I want.... to be with you. I-I want to be with you!”

I took a deep breath and rubbed my tears away.

"I want to remove your loneliness because I know what it is like too. I... I hate to see you suffer like this, Mellissa.”

I swallowed as I thought about the past.

"Mellissa, I grew up feeling that nobody in this world would accept me… but you did."

Her eyes opened wide as they shined in the dark room. Mellissa fully turned to me in her crème white gown and stepped toward me. She was taller than me, causing me to look up at her.


“Please… forgive me, Mellissa?”

Meekly, I asked. 

All she could do was nod. Mellissa touched her chest and confessed.

"I… I forgive you! I just didn't want you to hate me and…."

I shook my head and looked her in the eyes.

“No, I can’t hate you. Mellissa… I like you too much to... hate you.”

"W-What did you say, Feodora?"

It was simple, all the feelings stirring inside me. It all came to a head with a simple revelation.

"I... I think I understand..."


I sighed and confessed what was rummaging in my chest.

"I can only think about you and it's simple why. It's because I... I think I'm falling for you, Mellissa."



With tears in her eyes, Mellissa rubbed her cheek and sniffed.

“R-Really? I-Is that right, F-Feodora?”


The human walked up to me, and slowly, she touched my cheek with one hand. Our eyes fell into one another, and before I knew it, I was captivated by her.

“C-Can I?”

She asked.


Unsure of what she was asking, I waited there like a bird to be fed. Tenderly, she bent down and… pressed her lips to mine. They were hot and gentle as I fell into her bliss. Suddenly, I was grabbed and pulled into her. Being in the arms of someone taller than me made me feel an overwhelming sense of safety.





We both couldn't say a word as we embraced each other. As we had this tug-o-war of our feelings, everything felt right.


I fell backward onto her  sheets. The tall, beautiful woman sat on my hips and looked down at me. Her long hair fell on my chest, and I never imagined someone so beautiful would… like me like this. It was strange to feel... wanted. Mellissa was on top of me, as if she wasn't allowing me to leave, pinning me to the bed. My chest was burning... knowing that someone in this lonely world wanted me with them.

"When I first saw you, Feodora… I knew I liked you. Something in me… wanted you to notice me. I-I just wanted you to notice me, you know?"




Gently, she pressed her lips on my neck and gently kissed my skin. Her burning hot taste intoxicated me. I thought back to the day where I was attacked by her devil side. When the human side came out, the smile she had lit up the dusky orange sky with her radiance. My heart was pounding from the battle... but it sped up when she kissed me. I've... never kissed anyone before...

"I noticed you… but I was an idiot. After seeing how much I hurt you…."

“Shh… It’s okay. It’s okay… I’m happy… so happy.”

Mellissa calmed me down as she slowly kissed me. The warmth of her lips, the sweetness of her breath, the passion of her desire drew me in. These feelings were nothing like I've ever experienced before. How... happy it made me to think that someone...

Wanted to be with me like this...

"It's like a fairytale that you came to find me. I…. didn't know what to do. Promise me you won't let me be lonely. I'm tired of being lonely, Feodora."

Mellissa sobbed into my chest, and I held her closer. I didn't want to let her go... and had no plans to anytime soon.

“Me too. I’ll stay by you no matter what. I promise you won’t be alone anymore.”

I held her tight, making sure to never let her go again when…


Mellissa sank her teeth into my shoulder. I looked down at her to see bright crimson eyes staring at me, with sharp teeth and menacing eyes. Her horns appeared on her head, fading into existence. The beautiful Mellissa was changing before my eyes for the first time. My blood dripped down her cheek as the sweet angel was replaced with Lucifer.




“Countess! Wait!”

But she ignored my plea and held my neck down with her claws. Her bright red claws clenched my neck with one hand and traced my body with the other.

“How sweet! You made up with goody good! Now I can claw your neck open and devour the insides with pleasure!”

The devil strangled me with one hand and cut at my body with the other using her claws. Her cuts were superficial but painful. All the pleasure and sweetness I felt a moment ago was cast away as soon as the devil arrived.

“Bleed for me, Feodora! I want you to only bleed for me now! Hahahaha!”

Blood sprayed her face as she stabbed away at my shoulder with her claws. The devil opened my wound all the more.

“Countess, that’s enough!”

I ordered her like she was a wild dog.

“I’m not done! I want more from you! I want to rip out your ears and chew on them. I want to carve my name into your chest and brand you as mine!”

The demon shook me, causing her spaghetti-strapped gown to fall on one side, exposing her chest.



Amid her frenzy, she looked down at her body.

“Oh, I might be giving you too much of a show, Feodora. I bet that turned you on, didn’t it?!”

She casually put the straps back on her shoulder to cover her exposed breast. I pushed up, but she caught my arms and spawled me out on the bed. I fought her and finally freed them. The demon sank her teeth into my shoulder.


I held in my cries to not alert anyone outside. But Countess's teeth gnawed at my shoulder, and it was excruciating.

“So good! So fucking good!”

The devil laughed manically.

Countess was treating me like food, like prey. Something had to change if I wanted things to work out. I… couldn't keep running from her, so I did the first thing that came to mind.


Pulled her closer to me.




I held in my screams.

“J-Just until you’re satisfied, Countess. You can… you can chew on me.”

Through the pain, I tried my best to plead with the devil. I knew she was a trickster who'd gladly take everything from me when she promised to only have a little. But it was this side of her that I had to endure… so I could see that beautiful smile I yearned for.

“Countess, you heard me talk with Mellissa, right?"

Through the pain, she continued to bite at my shoulder. But I held her closer. Her body was warm and soft… despite being a devil ripping me apart.

“Ggnnn… Countess… I’m talking to you.”

Countess lifted her head slightly… waited for a bit, then bit into my shoulder again. I wanted to scream in pain, but I held my breath. She wasn't responding to my words. She was treating me like a meal, something to be toyed with…

So, I tried another method.

“Do I… taste good to you, Countess?”

I asked as I held her closer. Instead of chewing my shoulder more… she stopped and looked me in the eye.

“Yeah… you taste so fucking delicious, Feodora. I can’t get enough of you.”

She lifted her head and met my gaze again. Her lips had blood on them as we searched each other’s eyes.

“Do you… like eating me?”

Those crimson-red eyes shined as she traced my chest with her claws.

“Yeah… I really like eating you. I do! I want to rip all your skin off and chew on your bones!”

Oddly, everything started to fall into place. Like when Mellissa treated the wounds on that little girl during the bombing incident, she didn't kiss her or do the "pain, pain, go, away" method like she did with me. Oddly, I think I was beginning to understand Countess a bit.

“Do you… eat other people too?”

She sat on top of me, staring down at me with a… strangely cute, dumbfounded face. That long beautiful hair trapped on my shoulders, mixing with my blood.

“Not really. I like cutting off limbs and watching them squeal.. but you're the only person I can recall wanting to feed on like this. You just taste so different."

Our chests pushed up against one another as she grabbed my hands and put them above my head. My body was made deeper into the bed. The pain from my shoulder was unbearable, but there was a strange link between us.

“Do you want to cut my limbs off too?”

I asked the devil.

“Yeah. I want to rip you apart piece by piece. I want to smash your head into a wall and watch it pop like a watermelon. Or snap your bones in different places to see how disfigured you get.”

All of this was horrifying to hear, and everything in me told me to run as fast as possible. But for some stupid reason, I kept pressing. If I wanted to keep Mellissa from her loneliness, I had to understand the insanity I was listening to.

"Then when you kill me, and I die, what would you do then, Countess?"

Countess put her nose on my neck and whispered.

“I’d eat you slowly until you’re inside me… Until you and I can never be separated. T-That sounds so magical to me.”

Meekly she spoke up.

“And then I don’t know what… what else would there be to do? What comes after you being inside me?”

Softly, she nibbled at my shoulder. It wasn't as painful as before… In a way, she calmed down.

"You're so fun to fuck around with, Feodora. The first time I saw you and felt that nasty, dirty darkness in your blood, I went crazy."

The devil laid on my chest and held me.

“I know for certain that I wanted to be the one to kill you. Nobody has the right to kill you but me, Feodora. It pissed me off knowing that Jade and the others were trying to keep you from me.”

The devil giggled…

“You said something that made my entire body shake a bit ago when talking with goody good. You said… that you like me, right?”

I was a bit confused, but I thought back. Clearly, I was talking to the human side of Countess…

“That means you’ll let me be the one to kill you, right?”

Our eyes met as the devil pushed her chest on me. I could feel her perky breast rub up against mine.

“I think it’s only fair if you let the person you like kill you, right? Right?”

Could it be that Countess has a warped sense of affection? Maybe the manic need to hurt me and see me in pain is a strange way she represents pleasure? Probably the way she expresses her feelings is by inflicting pain on me.

"Do you like me romantically, Countess?”

The demon took her claw and cut my cheek. With my blood at her finer tip, she tasted it and smiled as she licked her fingers.

“Are you fucking stupid?”

The devil giggled cutely.

“Why wouldn’t I, Feodora?! You taste like an uncooked pig, and it drives me wild. Killing you slowly and enjoying the meal as I go is fun too."

She cackled.

“Say it.”

Her voice turned darker as her face got closer. The chill of her breath made my body jolt.

“Say what, Countess?”

“Tell me how you feel again, Feodora. I want to hear it. Else, I'll rip out your ears and chew on them for the rest of the afternoon."

"I don't know… I'll be honest. You're threatening to eat me slowly. I’m not sure… what that means to you."

I admitted.

“Would you rather I go faster?!”

Mellissa asked excitedly. In a frenzy, she attempted to claw into my stomach. Luckily, I stopped her by holding her again.


I let go just a bit to look her in the eyes. The craziness in her look took me back. She squeezed my back, drawing blood from her claws.

"I'll go faster if that's what you like! I'll chew you harder too, Feodora! I'll cut open your heart from your chest and squeeze it until it pops! I don't know what you want from me. Be honest. If you want me to poke out your eyes, I'll do that too!"

The devil smiled and lowered her eyes. She had a seductive look as she whispered to me.

“I like seeing you in pain. It makes me so happy… because I’m the one doing it. I'm the one hurting you, and it's amazing."

I was stunned, unable to grasp the level of her insanity. Slowly… she leaned in closer to me. The scent of my blood lingered in the air as her breath drew closer. Cruelly, she bit my bottom lip, drawing blood from me. But then she... licked me with her tongue. The saliva of her tongue merged with mine and passionately, Mellissa confessed.



"I love you... maybe?"



I was a bloodied mess, yet I allowed her to… close her eyes and kiss me. I tasted blood mixed with her saliva, still unsure how to process all of this. I was kissing the woman that captured my mind for the last few days since I came here. Yet this was the demonic side that I feared.


We broke apart, and those shiny red eyes glanced at me. Countess took the spaghetti straps off her white gown, exposing her bare shoulders to me.

"Feodora, bite my shoulders so I can feel ecstasy too! Slurp my blood and get it inside you. That way, I will be inside you when I kill you like a pig!

The lusting demon begged me. I shook my head and did my best to roll away from her. The demon lost balance and fell to the side. In my panic to try and get up, she grabbed my arm and sank her teeth into me.

“Countess, enough…”

With a cute smile, she held my arm and joyfully bit me over and over.

“Hehe. I want to cut your wrist and hang you upside down to drink your blood like a fountain.”

I was losing too much blood and beginning to zone out. The devil lay beside me and bit me in all the spots where Mellissa kissed me. It was strange, like all the pleasure from the angel turned into pain from the devil.

"If you're mine, can I always snack on you? And when you're about to expire, I can devour you. What pleasure…"

I lowered my eyes.

"I never said I was yours, Countess..."

In pain, I let out softly.

"Oh… then that means you're somebody else's Feodora?"

The demon punched me in the gut softly. It felt as though Countess was getting tired.

"Fine… I'll lock you into the closet and go on a killing spree then. I'll find the whore that's yours by cutting the heads off of everyone. Eventually, I'll get the right one if I show you all the bodies."

I was too mentally exhausted to tell… but I had a feeling that this might have been jealousy coming from the demon. I shook my head.

"No… you're just insane. I can't figure you out because there's nothing to figure out…."

The demon pats my head suddenly.

“You’re getting sleepy. That’s too bad… I wanted to have gory, passionate, nasty, hot sex with you. Maybe I can do it as you sleep?!”

I was terrified she would do something to me as I passed out. I tried my best to keep my eyes open.

"Maybe next time. Don't worry. I'll just cut your body and lick your wounds all night. If anyone comes in… I’ll rip them apart and continue our time together.”

“Countess… don’t…”

The devil giggled.

“You’re more fun to fuck with when you’re alert and scared. It’s no fun killing a prey when it’s sleep.”



Countess traced her claws along my skin.

"As you sleep, I'll cut you and taste your blood until you wake up."

I was too tired to respond. Before I drifted off to sleep, I felt my chest prick, and that cold tongue danced across my body. Countess was happy that she was able to feed on me.



My vision grew heavy, and before I knew it, my night terrors assaulted my mind.