Chapter 3: Plans
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Chibi 1

Antero pulled up to the supermarket parking the car behind it. He climbed out and walked into the supermarket. He couldn’t find Omari at the tills then started searching the aisles.

He stopped and looked at the curly brown haired man who had his back faced towards him and was helping a customer.

“Yes sir, you are welcome to speak to the manager about making an order,” Omari said cheerfully. The elderly man nodded and thanked him then walked off.

Omari was wearing flat black thigh high velvet boots with a black booty shorts and a black velvet crop top and matching off shoulder jacket. Antero cleared his throat, “You shouldn’t be wearing such revealing clothes especially with your status of his highnesses lover.”

Omari jumped, startled hearing his words and stared at him horrified, when he saw that it was Antero, he sighed relieved and said, “For your information, just because we are dating does not mean that I will change myself so dear bodyguard, please tell me why you are at my workplace and not at your own?”

Antero stared at him blankly as he explained, “Your highness is unable to leave the palace for some time, having cancelled on your plans and I thought it would be a wonderful idea if I, on my day off, kidnaps you and secretly take you back to the palace for your movie date. He has not been in the best of moods since I have him locked up.”

Omari narrowed his eyes on him and said, “So you just happen to come when I am just about to get off work?”

Antero nodded his head, “That and that I already know your timetable here. Are you coming or not?”

Omari nodded his head, “Where are you parked?”

“At the back,” Antero answered.

“I’ll be out in ten minutes,” Omari answered.

Ten minutes later

Omari climbed into the car and Antero drove off, he looked at him through the rearview mirror and said, “You are so thoughtful.”

“I know,” he answered confidently.

Omari scoffed, “Stop by the pizza parlour and MFC.”

“More fried foods?” Antero asked amused.

“Of course, he is too skinny for my liking and I like him so I am going to feed him and you are paying,” Omari said very seriously.

Antero snapped out a black bank card from his pocket and holding it between two fingers he said, “And he will pay, I am afraid not me.”

Omari reached over and grabbed the card away from Antero. He marvelled at the shiny black card and read: Octavius Ezra Severna

‘So that’s his second name,’ Omari thought with a smile on his face.

Antero stopped outside the pizza parlour and Omari climbed out and rushed inside. He didn’t wait long and made his order, as he was about to swipe the card, he saw the keypad and apologised to the lady. He quickly rushed to the car and jumped through the window, he looked at Antero who stared back at him blankly, “What?”

“Pin please,” Omari begged with a grin on his face.

“Who told you to run off so soon, you don't even know what pizza his highness likes?” Antero asked him.

“I will be cautious next time and Octavious does not know what he likes,” Omari pleaded.

“925746,” Antero said.

“Thank you,” Omari screamed as he rushed back in and with a smile. He swiped the card and input the pin successfully.

He sighed relieved then went back to the car with his slip and said, “Lets go and order at MFC.”

“No, you are going to stay here then we’ll head there, we are not driving up and down, it’s a long drive back to the palace,” Antero stated.

Omari glared at him then said, “Fine, I’m going to the convenience store, you stay here.”

Omari walked in and smirked, he had a limitless card in his hand that belonged to a very powerful person and said powerful person was not here.

He could go crazy!!

He returned to the car with three bags and put them in the car, he looked at Antero who looked like he could kill him and winked.

Omari skipped into the parlour happily and took the two boxes of pizza and they were off to MFC then the palace.

Thankfully the windows were tinted so no one could see him inside the car even though he hid at the back as they entered the palace grounds.


Antero came back from surveying the palace and said to Omari who was lying flat on his back, “The coast is clear, I have the guards watching so let's hurry in.”

Omari climbed out after him with the packets in hand and they made their way into the palace up stairs.

Omari’s legs were literally shaking and he could feel that he needed to use the toilet with how dangerous this was.

“This is breaking-in and entering,” he whispered behind Antero.

“Just be quick and hurry, we only have a few minutes to get to the southwest wing,” Antero hissed at him and picked up his pace.

Omari paled seeing the distance and rushed up to him running into his back. Antero stopped walking and turned to him, “Why are you acting clumsy? Be normal okay, I know what I am doing.”

“I don’t know why I let you talk me into this!” Omari hissed at him as he looked around.

Antero ignored him and walked off. They made it through the palace but Omari kept stopping at every turn to look at all the treasures, paintings and decorations.

They finally arrived outside his door and Antero said, “His Highness is with his family having lunch and they have his potential in-laws here too, so, he isn’t happy.”

Omari’s jaw dropped, “So that’s why you brought me here.”

Antero nodded his head, “This is the sixth proposal that he is about to reject. I didn’t tell you this before because I was not sure if you would like the idea so, please do this for his highness's sake and pretend you don’t know. Tell him that you wanted to surprise him and contacted me to bring you here.”

Antero closed the door behind them and Omari said, “You really care for him.”

Antero sighed as he put the pizza down on the table and said, “I do and I wish for him to be happy.”

Omari placed the bags down on the table and asked, “What about you? Any boyfriend?”

Antero looked at him surprised and shook his head, “No, just my duty but why would you guess boyfriend?”

Omari shrugged, “I can see gay from a mile away.”

“But you couldn’t see it on his highness?” Antero cocked a brow.

“I didn’t expect him to be and don’t make this about me,” Omari said and folded his arms.

Antero smirked and nodded his head, “Yes, I am interested in someone but he is someone far away from me?”

Omari narrowed his eyes and asked, “Name.”

Antero sighed and said, “Don’t tell his highness but I’m in love with his other best friend, our best friend. The three of us grew up together and one day we kissed but he played it off as if nothing happened.”

Omari stared at him shocked, after he found out that Ezra was the prince he searched him up and a name came to mind, ‘Darren Shutterlock.’

Omari stared at him then said, “The navy is pretty far away.”

Antero gave him a blank stare then turned and left. Omari smirked and said, “I am so setting them up.”