Chapter 32: Creation Success
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Way deep in the dungeon.

Adam was examining his body.

“The ooze has shrunk by a lot, thanks to this snake, but I can’t just rely on it. “

Looking at the snake’s light, which had become much weaker and its body becoming more translucent. Adam knew the snake won’t handle another round of purification.

He shook his head, then looked at his innate orbs.

“Perhaps if I can get one of them to level-2 I can speed up the ooze purification and the recovery of this snake. “

“However, if I constantly use the dark miasma to recover my mana to get to level-2, then the purification won’t be able to match the speed of the corruption. I also can’t go about this slowly and wait until my mana naturally recovers, since the upcoming conflict with Noelani and her team will not give me that much recovery time.”

“I guess I have to try creating skills again,” Adam said after focusing his attention on the island core.

Calmly, he put his hand on the island core and entered that dark space once more.

Seeing this familiar scene, Adam notices something different.

“There are not many wisps anymore. It looks like it takes time for the wisps to recover.”

Adam raised his hand to one of the wisps and it came flying towards him.

He began analyzing this thing once more, there are a few things that he observed that seemed weird.

Now and then, one of the wisps would change color, he was not sure why but wanted to see if this is related to the explosion that occurred.

This time he wanted to make sure the explosion did not occur again.

But he did not see any changes, he wondered if the color change only occurs to a select few wisps or happens to all of them but at random times.

He waited for a while until he felt a strong “current”.

Adam has already noticed last time the “black sea” that fills up this space and the “dirty” feeling it gives him.

But because of this present strong wave, those awful sensations had become even stronger and affected his emotions, but for some reason, he also felt anger that came out of nowhere.

He almost lost his mind to rage, he instinctively knew this was of the same vein as the rampages caused by the ooze on his body.

But he was able to calm himself down.

Adam was looking around in confusion as to what caused this wave but saw nothing, however, he noticed the color of the wisp beside him change from green to yellow.

“I see, so the tides of this black sea are what causes this change. Does that mean this black sea could also have played a role in the blast?”

Adam wondered.

“I guess I’ll experiment first and see what happens, but I should also be careful not to cause another burst.”

Adam raised his hand and tried to gather all the yellow-colored wisps that were whizzing around, he knew that his earth clump skill orb was yellow-colored, which probably means that yellow is the color of similar earth-type skills.

His thinking is that earth skills are the most useful type in the dungeon.

Soon, the wisps came together to form a yellow orb.

Adam was at first happy, he saw the yellow orb not fluctuating as fast as the previous attempt with the multicolored skill orb, it even had an undulation rate less than his earth clump skill orb.

However, he eventually noticed that parts of the orb were changing color.


Adam was confused but observing closer he noticed that the oscillation was causing currents on the black sea, which in turn would cause the-wisps, that make up the skill orb, to change color.

“Darn! I have to move quick!”

Adam quickly commanded the skill orb to go to one of his innate orbs.

Subsequently, Adam saw the skill fly off and enter the innate orb, but what he saw next surprised him.

He could barely make out in the distance, where the designated innate orb is, faint mist gathering inside the orb and was coming from the surroundings.

The mist seemed to be mostly yellow, but Adam could tell there were minor strands in the mist that did not conform to the yellow color.

He quickly got out of the island core and looked towards the designated innate orb, only to find that rocky spikes were growing on it.

Adam waited for a bit until the changes had settled and went to check out the appraisal facility of the innate orb.

To his surprise, he saw a new row under facilities.

Earth spikes

Lv 1

“A new facility!”


Back at the camp.

Some people were glancing curiously at the collection of innate orbs.

They are currently being guarded by Gan and a few others.

Not many would even check on their innate orbs anymore, but after seeing the added protection on the innate orbs, people became curious.

It was soon spread that Noelani has ordered Gan to make sure no one uses their innate orb for the next few hours.

Many took that to mean something is going to change with the innate orbs, so everyone began to gather and see the changes.

But, while everyone was waiting and focusing on the innate orbs, some in the crowd began to notice something.

“Isn’t it becoming bright right now?” someone said.

Some looked up to see the cloud have continued their brightening trend since the tribulation ended.

“Doesn’t the camp’s purification dome look bigger and brighter, or is it just me?” Someone asked.

Many agreed with this statement.

Soon, the purification dome started to explode in size.

*sizzle* *sizzle*

Everyone looked to see that the nearby pond was enveloped by the purification dome.

“… the purification seems different, it’s a lot faster, I think.”

Some in the crowd have noticed.

Everyone was amazed, what was even more amazing is that the illumination and size expansion was not stopping and kept ongoing.

“Hey! Don’t move any closer!”

The crowd looked down to see someone trying to get past Gan and his team to get to the innate orbs.

It was Karren, Adam’s old teammate.

“I want to use my innate orb, please let me through.” She tried being cordial.

“No! Orders are that no one is allowed to use their innate orb until Noelani says otherwise,” Gan affirmed his rejection of Karren’s request.

“Aren’t you guys also curious? These changes must have something to do with the innate orbs, don’t you want to find out what happened?” Next, Karren tried temptation.

Gan did not reply to her this time and just stared at her with an unamused look.

Karren frowned, but stepped back, everyone in the camp knew Gan was a hardheaded and disciplined man, there was no use arguing with him, and may even lead to injury if she tries pushing things further.

Everyone kept admiring the new size and brightness of the camp’s dome.

However …

Because everyone was looking at the purification dome, they were rapidly able to spot the lights falling from the clouds.


Everyone flinched backward from where the lights landed.

It did not take long for people to figure out there was no danger, and some even began to exclaim.

“Look! Those lights are connecting to the innate orbs!”

Some in the crowd began to yell.

In fact, observing each of these strands of light, you could see each has established a link between an innate orb and the clouds in the sky.

Everyone was excited to see this, some even wanted to try and use their innate orb but were stopped by Gan and his team.

But in contrast to the crowd that wants to use their innate orb, Noelani was in her shed and already using her orb as she wished.