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/ Series / Survival Sentiment: Duplicate Items
Survival Sentiment: Duplicate Items
Survival Sentiment: Duplicate Items
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Adam awoke to a strange and magical world plagued by a dark fog.

Adam begins this journey to unravel the mysteries of this world while trying to survive against the challenges he faces.

But Adam found himself in possession of a miraculous ability, he could duplicate anything he could get his hands on.

Adam realized he could have an endless supply of food, water, and even … magical abilities?


Author’s note: The story does not have much horror. The main focus for the first dozen or so chapters is mystery (figuring out what is going on in this world and other characters) and power fantasy (improving strength and learning about the power system).
this is an entry for the second tempest contest.
the mc does not use any "mainstream" weapons except for a stick at the beginning of the story.
imo at least.
any tip would be appreciated.
I will also be posting in the following:
royalroadl account:

Cautious Protagonist Cheats Corruption Magic Scheming Survival Weak to Strong
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