Chapter 35: The Summoned Hero Should Be Nerfed
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The intricate patterns laced on the paper being to glow signalling that people are beginning to give their mana to the spell. Orbs of mana float from the illuminated hands of those helping and into the spell circle. A light leaves Zeruna's hands as she seemingly is contributing mana towards the ritual. In actuality, Zeruna is only holding her hand out and making her hand glow while releasing small spheres of worthless mana. Especially if they're concentrating on a summoning ritual, most mages won't be able to tell the difference. The Dark Elf turns her gaze to Aema, who seems to doing the same as Zeruna.

'Good, good, looks like nothing detrimental has happened yet; however, I'm not sure that a sufficient amount of mana is being put into the spell for it to succeed. I don't want to be responsible for kidnapping someone into an unfamiliar environment without permission. They might not be like me who has no attachments other than the desire to escape. They could be a hard-working single parent; a mere toddler or child; a physically or mentally disabled person; a renowned politician, CEO or world-leader; the person developing the cure for cancer.'

Zeruna's thoughts are suddenly severed when a heavenly light pierces her vision and almost blinds her. She and almost everyone present shield their eyes as the spell circle brightens and brightens.

"It's working! It's working!" screams a thrilled Gallagher.

His name is Ryota Sora, your average, stereotypical Japanese highschool student. His grades were average; he didn't accel massively in any particular field, and he had no distinguishable interests to an outside perspective. He is surprising athletic despite his scrawny and unassuming figure that is unfit for most sports.

He had quite a few friends, his closest being Mei Haruna, Daisuki Uso and Rantaro Toudou. However, only one of them is present, that being Mei Haruna, his wing-woman. She is currently hiding in the bushes while Ryota waits. For whom? His crush, a girl in the same year as him called Emica Ohara.

Other a few weeks he had built up the courage to place the fabled love letter in her locker. Trees had been sacrificed to make the perfect love letter, paper after paper thrown. He even had the help of Rantaro, the boy who the group considered a ladies man (he had only ever dated a single girl ) and Mei because only because she was a female.

A girl steps from around the corner, she's here, Emica Ohara.

"So, you're the one who wanted me to come?" she says, her heavenly voice like music to Ryota's ears.

"Yes, Ohara-san," replies Ryota nervously. "I've been keeping my feelings locked up too much. I've always wanted to say this but never had the courage. Please, can you go out with me?"

Emica takes a deep breath and closes her eyes for a few seconds, "Apologies, Toudou-san, I'm not interested in you. I'm sorry."

"Yeah, it's okay," he mutters as he watches Emica bow deeply then leave.

'TOUDOU! SHE CALLED ME TOUDOU! That lanky, lethargic, lazy son of a–! the next time I see him, I'm going to shove a wax candle eight inches down his throat. She confused me with that dunce! I bet you any money she did that purposely. Her ears deceived me; people with long ears are not supposed to be so rude and hurtful.'

Ryota sits on the ground, his heart completely shattered. He'd worked the courage up for weeks to ask her out and in a few words, he was verbally annihilated.

From the bushes comes Mei, praying to no specific deity to help her close friend she'd known for ages. She places her hand on the shoulder of the weeping boy in an attempt to comfort him. Ryota stands up and takes a deep breath to help himself calm down. He then looks to his friend.

"Thank you, Mei-chan, you've always been with me. I thank you deeply for being with me always. You're an amazing friend."

"Uw-well, there's no need to thank me, Elf-lover."

"I told you to stop calling me that!" yells Ryota.

"Maybe you shouldn't have left your phone unlocked next to your curious best friend," replies a smirking Mei. "I don't get why you like Elves so much. They're fictional, you'll never be able to wed a real one."

"True, but I'll try and find a girl that looks like one," declares Ryota. "And if that isn't possible, then I'll genetically engineer a girl and turn them into an Elf."

"That's not even possible," Mei replies.

"Nothing is impossible!" he exclaims proudly. "I shall create an Elven paradise and establish my own harem of beautiful Elven ladies and–"

Ryota is cut off by Mei putting her finger to his lip and aiming his vision is a specific area. A few inches from the bush Mei was hiding in is a blue portal? They couldn't tell what it was. It seemed to be a blue oval light hovering next to the wall. It seemed to lead into nothingness.

Both people are stunned into silence.

They both suddenly feel something pulling of them, like a gravitational force. Neither could do anything in time, withing seconds, Ryota is abruptly sucked into the light and he vanishes. Mei looks around, not a single word can even exit her mouth.

Her face goes from concerned to confused, she looks at her hands and at the bag that obviously didn't belong to her.

"What was I doing here again?" she asks herself as she picks up the bag and inspects it confused. "I should probably hand this into lost property."

That was the day, Ryota Sora disappeared from Earth.

Zeruna looks down at the centre, in Gallagher's arms is a boy who couldn't be over the age of 18. He was in a black uniform akin to that of a Japanese student. His hair is dark brown and hasn't been styled uniquely and looks boringly standard. However, Zeruna feels something calling out to her in the back of her mind. Other than that, there is nothing vaguely outstanding about the boy; he looks to be your average Japanese high school student.

The boy slowly opens his brown eyes to the immense throne room; he's clearly confused at his current circumstances. He probably wasn't recently killed else he would be more shaken.

There is a sudden and loud eruption of cheers and screams and whistles and applause. During this time, Zeruna is surveying the statistics of this 'summoned hero'.

[Name: Ryota Sora

Level: 4

Health Points: 3,000,000
Mana: 3,000,000
Stamina: 4,000,000

Race: High Human

Titles: Summoned Hero, Gift From The Gods, Elf Lover


Melee - 
Defense - 
Psionic Power - 
Speed - 
Agility - 
Finesse -
Strength - 
Vitality - 
Magic Attack - 
Magic Defense - 
Total - 

Maximum - 175,000


Juggernaut MAX, God's Chosen MAX, Battle Cry MAX, Berserk MAX, Acid Resistance MAX, Fire Resistance MAX, Curse Resistance MAX, Debuff Resistance MAX, Water Resistance MAX, Falling Resistance MAX, Electricity Resistance MAX, Stun Resistance MAX, Ice Resistance MAX, Explosion Resistance MAX, Psionics Resistance MAX, Fear Resistance MAX, Holy Resistance MAX, Unholy Resistance MAX, Aura of Inspiration MAX, Heroic Justice MAX, God's Wrath MAX, Double Avatar MAX, Heavenly Aura MAX, Banish MAX, Mana Manipulation MAX, Spellcraft MAX]

'Juggernaut, he has the skill Juggernaut as well as a whole other range of powerful skills I haven't seen in ages. The user of the skill statistics will increase the more damage they take in the fight. Critical hit chances will increase until it becomes absolute. At full health, the possessor of the skill is incredibly weak, but at lower hp, they become much stronger. Luckily, the maximum the statistics can be raised to is 175,000. Pouring stat points into a single statistic is stupid too as it leaves you open into other means of attack. This means in a one-on-one fight where he can only use juggernaut, each Children of Chaos might win. This, of course, is only if he uses no non-passive skills.

Double Avatar, a powerful skill similar to Mirage Clones but much more broken: it creates two clones that have the full statistics and equipment of the user. The only downside is the enormous cooldown and damage between the clones is shared. A dangerous skill as the clones have access to the original user's skills excluding Double Avatar at 75% the original effect. This is a dangerous skill if used properly. It also means that these clones will become really powerful when they get low health too.

Heavenly Aura is another skill that seems to be geared towards killing me as if will allow the user to do additional damage to those considered by the user as truly bad. Doubling damage against said individuals for two minutes. If this guy manages to be brainwashed, I'm going to be in deeper shit.

Heroic Justice, the skill that defeated and nearly killed me. It enables the user to deflect an attack back at someone with ten times the damage. However, the attack of the enemy will still do damage to the skill user. It is the evolved version of Reflect Effect and is a skill I was unable to obtain, no matter how many skill stones I accumulated; so much wasted time. The reason, you may ask? Everything in Chroniks: Destiny and Fate are decided by a complex seed; unfortunately, the ability in my seed wasn't available.

I thought I was unfair: this is a straight-up cheat on two legs. The Gods themselves might've well come down here to buttfuck me with some the most broken and overpowered skill combinations possible. I've seen individuals with these skills, but never all of them on a single person. What did he have to do to get this? Suck a deity's schlong? This guy is super dangerous; if this Kingdom manages to brainwash him, it could spell bad news for me and probably the world.

It would likely take the combined effort of the entire Children of Chaos bar me to take him down. Two of the supreme rulers of the underworld? I beat Pent and Lucretia simultaneously — he might not struggle. Could Cataclysm, Catastrophe and Calamity beat him? They were probably the most challenging fight I faced since I fought the League of Heroes and Azure Azur Azure. This guy is around my level in power, despite the level difference. The only reason is because of his skill combination.'

A single thought suddenly flew through Zeruna's head: the voice was dark, monstrous, and wicked. Like evil itself was trying to corrupt her, to make her do its bidding.

'Kill him? I could kill him? I've stayed my hand, mostly, when it came to taking lives. Even then, none of the lives I took came from a real human; however, this person, this boy didn't choose this. I didn't want him here, and yet, he still appeared. If he did, he'd be less surprised. Maybe there were sufficient amounts of mana, and I'm just severely stupid. Then again, he's a threat, one that could kill not only me but the world. Plunge it into darkness.'

Flashes of destruction pass through Zeruna's mind. Some similar to the actions she carried out herself in-game. However, it was just a game then meaning her vile actions never actually harmed people. But now, this is real and deaths in this world are real. She didn't really slay thousands, right?

'I'm not a mass murderer, right?'

Zeruna feels a cold presence behind her, it isn't foreign neither is it familiar. Like it's always been there, watching her. It speaks.



[This boy is a threat, kill him. Kill him.]

'Out, begone!'

Unknowing, Zeruna breath was getting quicker and quicker. She felt a horrible feeling twisting in her gut. Sweat rolls down her face. If it weren't for her mask, overs would see her shocked face.

'Fear? Is this fear? Her fear resistance is at maximum level, this sheer amount of fear shouldn't be possible. No, confusion. Discord. Anarchy. Unstability.'

(Aema) [Are you okay, Zeruna? You seem panicked. I can feel it, and if I can, Tina and Vidir will be able to too.]

(Zeruna) [If your life was being genuinely threatened, what would you do?]

(Aema) [I'd guess I'd fight, maybe first start with verbally trying to solve the problem. Violence as a last resort, even though I don't like it.]

(Zeruna) [Another one: a person may kill you, but you don't know if they will or will not. What will you do?]

(Aema) [That's easy! I'd bide my time and maybe suck up to the person. Then, while their preoccupied, I'd run and notify the authorities. If I couldn't do that, then I'd try befriending them, manipulating them into liking me so much, they couldn't possibly bring themselves to hurt me. But, that a little too dark for me. However, I would if the situation called for it. Why are asking me this?]

The King raises his hand, and the room immediately falls into total silence, "I ask all but the party leader to leave, there is a wealth of food in the dining hall. You may help yourself to that while I give the hero a rundown of the situation."

Oh, yes. Oh yes, yes yes. The plot thickens. Another otherworlder joins the fray. I hope there isn't loads of mistakes in the chapter as it is quite rushed as I didn't want another five day break between chapters. I'm starting to get back into the swing of writing chapters again, however, the rate may a bit slow due to school (goddam education system).

So, yeah, the summoned hero. Quite the OP one. If he had the same health as Zeruna, he'd probably be completely unstoppable. I did think him through (maybe). I still have a few skills that I wanted to give him, but considering his other skills, he's got enough.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter.