Chapter 37: Greetings Hero
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Adrin, Gallagher and Ryota exchange a look with each other. The King stands from the throne and takes a key. He walks over to the door slightly to the left of the throne and opens it. His eyes move back to Ryota, who stands there shocked.

"Come with us," says Gallagher.

Ryota follows the two men into the item treasury, unaware of the person silently tailing them in the darkness as they converse. The king points out each artifact they pass, swords to rocks and everything in between.

Zeruna watches from above, flying in the air while invisible. She had Tina make a temporary magic clone of 'Shi', so she could be in two places at once, one as Zeruna and the other as her adventurer disguise. It required perfect timing of Zeruna going invisible and Tina making a clone in the exact place. Psionics made the process much easier to accomplish and it worked without any problems. Zeruna steps down onto the ground as lightly and quietly as she can, being careful not to accidentally shatter the ground in the landing. She didn't want to reveal herself yet.

Adrin, Gallagher and Ryota come to a halt, it isn't much longer before they reach the door that led to the room that formerly had Zeruna's necklace stored within. The King turns to the item stored in a display case. Gallagher then moves over and chants something to the wooden display case. The lid slowly opens releasing the sword into the air of the palace.

Adrin carefully removes it from the red pillow upon which it rests and holds it out to Ryota.

It looks like your typical demon-slaying holy sword; however, Zeruna recognised it almost immediately. It was the very sword that had vanquished two of the Children of Chaos (Varsarius and Nyrilieth). How did she not see this item the first time she was here? Dawnbreaker, a cliché name for a cliché-looking weapon.

Suddenly, the king falls to one knee shocking everyone there, "Sir Hero, as the highest authority in Straevia. I beg you to help our nation. We need your help if we are to survive, the might of our armies and the little adventurers that will agree will not be able to defeat the Orcs or Zeruna."

Ryota is taken aback for a few seconds, his hand gradually extending for it. Before it could reach the sword, Adrin's hand intercepts his. Their hands come together and lock. "Promise me," Adrin utters. "Promise me you will guide our nation and others out of the darkness."

"I promise," replies Ryota.

"We expect big things from you, Roita," Gallagher says, completely mispronouncing his name. "It will not be easy, I'm sure being brought here suddenly wasn't easy too. If you ever need any emotional support, we are here."

The king looks back towards the exit and immediately begins blabbering madly. His eyes widening in despair and panic. He falls to his knees and points. Unable to fathom proper words as his lips quiver and splutter uncontrollably.

Confused, Zeruna turns around rather comically. She then turns back only to notice the King's finger is pointed directly at her. She looks at the invisibility ring and snarls: she had used it too much in the past three days when she was helping Aema hone her senses and make her better at sensing movement around her. The mana had once again, been completely drained.

'Stupid thing! Bloody worthless! Of course, you'd run out of mana at the worse time. Aah, um, Aura of Fear! Dominating Authority! Voice of Charm! I choose you. Bring my enemies to their knees.'

Ryota is at a lost for words at the Dark Elf amazonian before him. She was tall and muscular. Her body has all the right curves in the right places. Every square inch of her body carved to perfection. The Dark Elf's eyes are an enchanting mix of purple and a deep indigo colour that blended perfectly. Around her lips is a purple lipstick, the colour of royalty and wealth.

Her neck has four golden neck rings and just below it was a golden necklace with a crimson gem that is near to sinking into the Elf's cleavage. Unfortunately, a white breastplate stands in the way of Ryota's hands and paradise. The breastplate didn't go fully down to her waist; instead, it ends short of the bottom of her ribs, giving anyone unobstructed view of her belly button.

Her thighs were thick and, with enough strength, could crush a person's head. Her hips were unquestionably another landmark of her mesmerising figure.

Ryota's jaw drops to the floor at the sight of what he assumes is Zeruna Black. A third of the reason he was summoned to this world. Maybe he should thank her for making him be able to come here. He didn't need Emica Ohara with her pointed and half-elf-like ears. In this world, Elves existed, this goddess of beauty in front of him was proof of that. No, he didn't need any other Elf, to him, merely gazing upon such beauty is a blessing. 

Ryota attempts to speak, but he is suddenly overcome with a dominating and powerful pressure that immediately causes him to collapse. At first, he thought it was fear, but he realises that he just isn't strong enough to even stand before her without crumbling from the force of her aura. Adrin and Gallagher are no exception as they drop to the ground like sacks of potatoes.

"Greetings humans," the Dark Elf says with a gracious yet ruthless voice. "Adrin, you seem to be plotting against me. Planning to kill me with this... boy. Cowardly move, using divine power to vanquish me instead of facing me yourself. Even though it would be useless, I would've applauded your bravery."

"Please spare us," Adrin squeaks, his body shaking

"Silence!" booms the Dark Elf, her voice carrying so much authority that it causes their ribcages to quiver. "You have no right to request mercy. The only reason you still draw breath is that I don't want to give your kingdom a reason to summon a hero to kill me. You are the luckiest person in the world, keep that in your mind."

'Jesus, she's scary! But I won't give up, I can cultivate kindness in her if its the last thing I do. I thank you, God, for allowing me a chance to act out my desires in this fantasy world; however, I may be about to waste it if I speak wrong to her.'

"I," says Ryota quietly.

Before he could continue speaking, he is immediately cut off by the Dark Elf.

"Ah, forgive me," she states as her eyes fall upon Ryota. "I must've left my manners somewhere, I have forgotten to introduce myself to the one person in the world who is ignorant of my name. I am Zeruna Black. May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"

"My name is Ryota Sora," he says quickly.

"So otherworldly hero, what is your choice? You have the choice to vanquish an enemy with the sword right by you. Then you have the choice of sparing me," Zeruna pauses then laughs. "Sparing me? It is more accurate to say that we decide a truce, is it not?"

"Honestly, I don't know my capabilities in this world."

"You are strong, scarily so. Powerful enough that you could be turned against the world and conqueror it with very little effort. Does it not scare you? These people may see you as a weapon to let loose on those they don't fancy. An awful fate for someone as 'interesting' as you."

"We wouldn't dare," Gallagher says.

"Oh yeah, what's stopping you?" snaps Zeruna.

Surprisingly, Gallagher continues despite the insurmountable fear he's experiencing, "The Pact of the Maiden of Light prevents summoned otherworlders from committing terrible atrocities."

Gallagher's entire body suddenly slams into the ground before being lifted and brought over to Zeruna as she scowls.

"Don't you dare mention the name of a member of Azure Azur Azure around me," the Dark Elf growls. "Understood?"

Ryota suddenly feels a force crushing him from all directions. The glass display cases along the hallway shatter one after the other, lining the ground with glass pieces. Was it the power of her rage? Some sort of intimidation skill silently she casted? The aura surrounding Zeruna strengthening? A magical item the Elf is concealing? Ryota didn't know the cause of the pressure around him, only that it was something he wasn't able to do anything about.

"Yes," Gallagher squeals like a frightened pig.

Her invisible grasp on everyone disperses and Gallagher drops to the ground — coughing and spluttering but alive. Even the glass that had spilled onto the ground began to repair to its original state as if nothing had happened.

'What was that? That pressure was powerful. But what could provoke such a response to the mere mention of a name? Maybe there's some past trauma she's experienced that led her down the dark path of evil. If so, maybe I can tame –no, heal her. Sorry Elf harem, you're going to have to wait a bit, I need to get the romantic lead on my side.'

"Apologies, my emotions got the better of me," says Zeruna in an almost apologetic tone. "Look, this is the long and short of it. I honestly won't attack you unless I am provoked. However, I will slaughter you all should I see you develop into a global threat."

"You're going to forgive us?" Adrin utters.

"Forgive you is a strong phrase; authorise you living is accurate. Again, there will be no hesitation should the hero pose a threat to the world. Understand, Ryota?"

"C-clear," he stutters his thought train about how he's going to balance Zeruna and the rest of his harem is severed. "So, is this a truce we're forming?"

"I guess it can be called that."

"Does that mean you aid us in the Orcish crisis?" asks Ryota. "It would be an honour to have you on board with us."

"No, unfortunately, I am preoccupied with innumerous problems. One of them happens to be you, Ryota."

'What have I done?'

"It's less what have you done and more what they've done," replies Zeruna seemingly being able to read Ryota's mind.

Ryota gulps, if this Elf can read his mind, she may know every suggestive thing he's thought of in the background of his head since the conversation began. If she was here earlier, it would also mean she knew his plan to tame her from the start. Zeruna winks slightly, just quick enough that Ryota was able to pick up the little signal that he's correct.

He shrinks himself down mentally much to the Elf's amusement. Although she was chuckling, Ryota could sense the ounce of disgust directed towards him. No, when he looks closer, he could see that her revulsion towards his thoughts was tenfold more than he originally thought. His brain begins to decipher the playful gaze into a look of repugnance.

He shrinks into his uniform again.

"When you've sorted out your problems, is there a chance you'll assist us?" questions Adrin.

"Darling, I'm not that kind that I'll  win a war for you. My final words towards this matter: I am no longer an enemy. I just want to live a semi-quiet life," responds Zeruna.

"I see this becoming a fruitful relationship between you and I," declares Ryota as he moves towards Zeruna, leaving Dawnbreaker on the ground.

Ryota feels himself hit the floor suddenly. Zeruns laughs as she brings Dawnbreaker to her hands. She then proceeds to twiddle the sword around with two fingers like it was a small pencil. There is a loud smack as she hits the blunt of the sword on Ryota's forehead.

"Ow, what was that for?" he stammers out without thinking.

"That's what you get for objectifying me and thinking incredibly disturbing thoughts! Do I look like a fucking wolf? I am not something you tame! Get your act together, boy!" she bellows, the previously hidden look of disgust now strewn across her face.

"Apologies!" Ryota says as he neatly bows.

Zeruna narrows her eyes at Ryota before dropping the sword to his feet, "I do appreciate the sentiment of reasoning with me, a nice change of pace from these morons," Zeruna pauses then turns around to the empty hallway. "Now, might I have the pleasure of knowing your name? You've been standing there for quite a while, haven't you?"

The Elf shifts from her position and pounces on something invisible.

There is a loud grunt as Zeruna seemingly slams into someone. Ryota aims the sword towards Zeruna and the person she is restraining in an attempt to track the Elf's opponent. Slowly, a man comes into view wearing a black cloak and armour. Zeruna wraps her legs around the spy in a powerful bodyscissor, restraining the man instantly. A loud roar of pain erupts from the man as the Elf squeezes slightly. She then rips the man's hood down to reveal something out of Ryota's expectations.

It was no man, but instead an Orc. Their greyish-green skin, large teeth, leaf-like ears and a small underbite made that fact obvious. Surprisingly, the orc looked relatively handsome barring his scarred green skin and underbite; normally in fiction, Orcs are depicted as gruesome pig-like creatures. Only females possess any form of beauty whatsoever, however, this Orc was a clear contradiction of this stereotype.

If it weren't for his green skin colour, underbite and tusk-like teeth, he could pass as a human in modern society. Even if this Orc would go around dressed as he is, majority of the people he would encounter would assume he is cosplaying.

"Shit," the Orc exclaims as he attempts to wriggle free.

Another chapter I enjoyed writing but man was it a pain. This is the fifth rewrite of the chapter and I still want to change some stuff within it. I've tried my best but alas, it isn't perfect. Ryota and the summoned hero "face off" where the hero spends most of the time on the floor.

Funny thing, when I was writing this chapter, I suddenly got flashbacks to Lord Dominator from Wander of Yonder. Don't exactly know why but it made me laugh.