Chapter 2 – Nurarihyon Youkai
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Nurarihyon that appears here is the Young Nurarihyon from Nurarihyon no Mago. Not the same Nurarihyon that appears in DxD

You've been warned!

In a certain Japanese Mansion’s yard when the sun has longing in the horizon, about to hide its body and call the night to replace the day. A kid around eight years old with long black hair tied with a rubber band could be seen swinging his wooden sword while sweating rigorously. He swung his wooden sword as if his life was depended on it.

“Six hundred sixty-nine, Six hundred seventy, six hundred seventy-one…”

He kept counting every time he swung his sword, without realizing that a handsome man wearing a dark green kimono with a strange hairstyle kept his long blonde with black accent hair straightened back without even falling into his shoulder coming to his location.

“Six hundred ninety-eight, six hundred ninety-nine, seven hundred…” After he reached his seven hundred swings, he eased his position and wiped the sweat that was dripping from his forehead to his chin.

At that time, he realized the presence of the man and turned towards him and asked.

“What do you want, Old man!” His tone is not polite at all although he’s talking with someone older than him.

But instead of getting angry, the man laughed out loud and said. “Aren’t you becoming a splendid heir as the day passed, Riku?”

The kid grumbled as he thought. ‘Tch, I never expected that girl to reincarnate me as the son of Nurarihyon. Well, I must be grateful for her but I never knew that Nurarihyon is this annoying when he’s at home.’

Right, the kid with black hair is the street magician that was reincarnated into this world. Now he was known as Nura Riku, the heir of Nurarihyon, the young master of East Youkai Faction.

He was born because of an affair between Nurarihyon with a certain human. When Riku asked him what happened to his mother to his old man, his answer is that Riku’s mother died while giving birth to him because she can’t handle giving birth to half-youkai.

Riku himself has no attachment towards his mother because he never met her, but he is grateful towards her for giving birth to him safely at cost of her life.

“Whatever you say, old man. If you are here just to disturb me, then you can go away to prank some people or eat in some restaurant.”

‘It seems like my personality is getting further and further from my past life. Is it caused by my youkai blood or just the influence of my old man?’

Riku grumbled as he was preparing himself to continue his training. But when he was about to start again, his old man, Nurarihyon’s voice interrupted him.

“Ah, wait. I wanted to bring you to the meeting between the east and west youkai faction.”

Nurarihyon managed to get Riku’s attention with that. Riku turned towards his old man and asked him.

“West youkai faction, do you mean you wanted to meet Yasaka?”

‘That means I can meet the cast of DxD this early?! I never expected this to happen this early. It’s been 8 years since I was reincarnated, and come to think of it, I don’t know where the canon starts! I could use this chance to find out about it.’

“Ou! Do you want to come?” Nurarihyon has a sly smirk on his face, knowing that his son will be interested in the gathering between two factions. Well, of course, he’s interested, he is his son after all.

“Of course, old man. Where is the location of the meeting?” Riku asked Nurarihyon with a joyful tone. He was preparing himself for everything that was thrown to him before the canon.

He was able to find out how to use his youkai blood to him into his youkai form and how to use Youjutsu although he’s not skilled enough to keep using it repeatedly.

“Kyoto, it will be conducted in a year, so I think I will train you in that meantime to help you get stronger.”

Riku has a big feral smile on his face. 1 year until the gathering huh, who will refuse the opportunity to be trained by Nurarihyon, one of the strongest youkai that he knows.

“How about we start training now, old man? I’ve had some difficulty using Youjutsu, so I would like you to teach me that.”

Nurarihyon youkai Youjutsu is a bit different from the other youkai. That’s why he had some difficulty training it as the only one who knows all the technique is Nurarihyon.

‘If my ability is the same as Nurarihyon Youkai from the Nurarihyon No Mago manga, then it’s enough for me. But the problem here is, the youkai in that manga is using fear instead of Youjutsu, that’s why I got a problem as I have no fucking reference on how to use my ability.’

“Youjutsu? Ah, those techniques. I almost forgot that every youkai was using Youjutsu instead of the other one. Sorry for that~ I never told you that our race, or rather I am special aren’t I? But you can use a Youjutsu, huh, that means you are able to use more techniques other than our original ones. I can’t use Youjutsu after all.”

Riku was surprised when he heard his old man forgetting about Youjutsu. He shouted at him because of his surprise.

“Wait old man, what do you mean that you can’t use Youjutsu? You are a fucking youkai right?”

“Well, it’s better to show you directly.” As Nurarihyon said that, his body began emitting a cloud of black smoke that was familiar to Riku.

‘He was using fear! That means?!!’ Riku was full of anticipation when he saw Nurarihyon's body blurred in the smoke and he was snapped back when he heard the voice behind him.

“Moon is always in the sky, even in a broad daylight. That is us, Nurarihyon Youkai.” Nurarihyon's blurred figure in front of Riku was gone and Nurarihyon suddenly appeared from thin air behind Riku alongside his voice.

Riku turned back at a fast speed and saw Nurarihyon standing behind him with a smile on his face as he kept his right hand inside his kimono and held a black and golden pipe to smoke in his right hand.

“Kyoka Suigetsu, that is the name of this technique. We, Nurarihyon Youkai, always walked between reality and illusion. As such, my presence could not be felt when I blurred it myself. If the enemy felt fear towards me, they won’t be able to touch me. That’s the essence of my, no, our technique” Explained Nurarihyon. “Also…”

As Nurarihyon said that, he kicked Riku on his stomach using the so-called roundhouse kick making him roll over the ground a few times.

“That’s our clan tradition family technique, Flying Youkai Yakuza kick. So, you want to learn it? Hahahahaha.”

Riku gritted his teeth in anger as his youkai’s blood boil and he turned into his youkai form. His hair raised and imitated Nurarihyon’s hairstyle. But Riku’s tied hair still kept itself sticking out under his bundle of long hair that stood straight in the air.

He picked himself up as he glared at Nurarihyon as he gripped his wooden sword tighter and said. “Bring it on, you old man!”

“Don’t die on me, you brat!” Answered Nurarihyon.

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