Chapter 210 – A scuffle
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New Series!

The title is I Write Sins and Tragedies.

I plan to upload the new novel alternatively with Naomi, so I will be able to take my time to write it.

The series will be out tonight, maybe if it is already approved again.

Also, it is a Gender Bender and Yuri story. The romance part will not be the focus, but there will be Yuri moment in the story. Please look forward to it!

Just click the image below to take you to the story!




The man with silver hair snickered at my old man’s word.

“Drinking? Unfortunately, I have no time to do that, even if the one who invited me is the famous Nurarihyon.”

He recognized him. That means he recognized me from the start too. There was no way a shred and sly person like him was unaware of our existence; we were thorns in his plan after all.

It would be strange if someone working behind the scene didn’t notice us. We made a lot of commotions, and I even killed Rizevim by technically myself.

The other leaders were also respecting me, even when I was from the young generation. My strength couldn’t even be compared to the young generation ones. Even I recognized the silver haired-man in front of me.

“You are quite rude, aren’t you? My old man specifically asked you for a drink, Euclid Lucifuge.” I spoke in a playful tone, but he was not amused by that.

After I called his name, he narrowed his eyes slightly. The devils behind him also made a slight move, but my old man noticed that and moved his hand a little, bringing his sword closer to Euclid’s neck.

“Oops. Don’t make a sudden movement. What will you do if my hand slips and accidentally cut his neck, huh?”

“Don’t move.” Euclid gave out a clear order. He glanced at my old man, ignoring me, and asked. “So, why are the fabled Nurarihyon and his son coming to the underworld? Isn’t there a war on Earth? The world that you love so much.”

“Don’t worry about it.” I answered him. “After all, I make sure that every dangerous guy in that place is dead before going to the Underworld.”

“So he said.” Added my old man. “Tell me one reason to keep you alive.”

Euclid raised his hands as if he surrendered. But, his eyes were still clear; there was not even a sign of someone who had given up. Usually, people who were giving up had slight fear in their eyes, but this man… This man's eyes were still oozing confidence.

Was his confidence fueled by his power? Or was it fueled by his intelligence? Whatever it was, he was still not giving up.

I glanced at my old man, gesturing for him just to kill Euclid and be done with it. But, for some reason, my old man seemed to be hesitant as well. No, hesitant was not correct; it was like he was frozen like a statue.

It was then I noticed something unusual. A shadow wrapped around my old man’s body. The shadow was hidden by the black cloud that came out from my old man’s body and its presence blended well, so I didn’t notice it until it was too late.

“Oh shit!” I unvoluntarily shouted and dashed toward them.

“It is shit, indeed!” My old man shouted back. “I didn’t even realize it!”

My old man's body was thrown toward me, which made me stop on my track to catch him. “Woah.”

The shadow that bound my old man’s body disappeared, and I created another foothold beside me for my old man to stand up.

“It’s neat, isn’t it?” Euclid muttered. The devils behind him snickered and began to let out their demonic energy to intimidate us. “Sacred Gears replica. I got this one from a member of the Hero Faction, which you destroyed. His name is Connla if I am not wrong. His Night Reflection Sacred Gear is useful.”

Night Reflection, the Sacred Gear that could control shadow as the user wished. That was why I didn’t feel another presence and energy. The shadow itself was part of Euclid’s body, so their presence was similar. No, it was the exact same.

My old man should’ve noticed it, though. But I guess he was too careless.

“How could you fall to such a trick?” I asked my old man.

“Yeah, well. Talking about drinking made me imagine what kind of drink Azazel will bring to our mansion later, so I put my guard down a little.”

“Hah?!” I scoffed as I looked at him. “You what?! How can you be so careless, old man!”

“I can’t help it, okay! Even you imagined what kind of alcohol that raven would bring to our house, right?!”

“Of course I am!” I answered with a loud voice.

“Hey…” Euclid tried to interrupt our little scuffle, but my old man ignored him.

He turned to me and pointed at my face.

“Then, why are you getting angry because I put my guard down a little, you brat!”

“You destroyed our easy win chance, you old foggy bastard!”

We were bickering without even looking at the enemy’s army waiting near us. But, I was not only bickering with my old man.

Indeed, I was a bit angry at him for wasting our chance, but it was not like we couldn’t kill Euclid anytime. We were stalling time as well as playing around to make the leader of the enemy, Euclid, lose his cool.

“Hey!” Euclid shouted, but I ignored it.

“Let’s take this to a battle, old man.” I swung Nenekirimaru lightly, and it created the sound of cutting wind.


My old man licked the blade of his katana like a yakuza as his eyes twitched in annoyance.

“Let’s do that, brat. Let me show you that I am still stronger than you.”

“How dare both of you ignoring me?!” Euclid seethed in rage; his voice was lower than usual.

Even so, I didn’t care about him. Small fry like him should shut his mouth when I had a problem with my old man.

“Shut up!” Both of us shouted at him at the same time before glaring at each other and taking a fighting stance.

A cloud of black smoke came out of our bodies; we used Kyouka Suigetsu and hid our real presence. His figure was blurry, and so did mine.

“Bring it on, brat!” He shouted and swung his sword.

I blocked it, and the clash created a shockwave that blew some of the devils away.

“Hah! Is this it, old man?” I mocked him and made his foothold disappear. However, he didn’t fall. Instead, he smirked and put more power in his swing. I was pushed back a little because of a surprise and jumped into the middle of the enemy's army.

They created a distance from me, circling me from 2 meters away.

“Do you think I can’t create a foothold in the sky? Hah! That old monkey had taught me about it!” Asked my old man.

He was really shrewd. I grinned and called Nenekirimaru’s sheath. I put Nenekirimaru back to its sheath and lowered my stance.

“I don’t know, old man!” I pulled the blade at a fast speed. “Tsuki Giri!” A flying slash was sent from my slash, decimating every devil in its way before it reached my old man.

However, my old man was already in his stance too. He swung his katana from left to right and muttered.

“Tsuki Giri!”

Two flying slashes clashed, destroying each other. We looked at each other with a grin before kicking the air and meeting in the middle.

“It’s enough!” Euclid, who we ignored all this time, shouted and attacked us. We pulled our swords away and blocked his attack.

We stopped fighting for a second and glared at him.

He was not affected by our glare. Instead, he raised his hand and ordered. “Troops! Kill them!”