Chapter 217 – Killing Apophis
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New Series!

The title is I Write Sins and Tragedies.

I plan to upload the new novel alternatively with Naomi, so I will be able to take my time to write it.

The series will be out tonight, maybe if it is already approved again.

Also, it is a Gender Bender and Yuri story. The romance part will not be the focus, but there will be Yuri moment in the story. Please look forward to it!

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After confirming that Grendel had died, I deactivated my Balance Breaker and let out a tired sigh. Ajuka approached me with a smile.

“Thank you for your help. I have a lot of strength left, thanks to you.”

“No problem,” I answered him and looked at the other fight in the distance.

My old man and Serafall were still fighting against Apophis. They seemed to have a hard time due to Apophis’ sheer figure. But, Apophis’ body was already riddled with wounds as my old man sent a barrage of flying slashes toward its body.

Ajuka followed my sight and let out a slight gasp.

“As expected. Nurarihyon is also strong. He’s easily injured an Evil Dragon with his simple blade as if he cut through a normal creature.”

Unknown to Ajuka, though, my old man had used Nenekirimaru, which was effective in cutting any supernatural being. Although the dragon was considered a mythical creature, it was still in a supernatural category.

Serafall supported my old man by binding Apophis’ movement by ice. She encased it while Apophis was trying to free itself by breathing fire over the ice. When I saw the battle from the spectator’s view, I just realized how absurd the power of an evil dragon that was even stronger than a Dragon King.

A moment later, seemingly tired from being hit repeatedly by my old man, Darkness started to seep out of Apophis’ body.

The darkness then became black water that gushed out from its body, melting Serafall’s ice in the process. Serafall looked panicked. She desperately turned the black water into ice, trying to stop it from falling to the ground, where two forces clashed.

“That is bad,” Ajuka muttered. “We shouldn’t touch that water, or else…” His words trailed, and I looked at him curiously.

“What? Or else, what?”

I had not remembered Apophis’ ability too much. I just knew that Apophis was one of the top three evil dragons that existed. It was also a dragon that controlled darkness, or so I remembered.

“The water will dissolve anything it came into contact with. It’s powerful enough to even breach the defense of God-class being.” Ajuka muttered in horror.

“That’s rather dangerous,” I said as I looked at Apophis. The water still dripped from his body and fell to the ground slowly.

Serafall kept freezing the water to keep it from falling to the sky while my old man seemed to be desperate to kill Apophis. While it was true that the wound inflicted by Nenekirimaru couldn’t be healed, Apophis’ body was still big.

If Apophis was in human form, maybe my old man could behead it easily. Maybe that was the reason why Apophis kept attacking in his dragon form.

“I should help them a little.”

Although I was a bit tired from using Balance Breaker earlier, I could still use Telos Karma to the max power. I extended my right hand in Apophis’ direction and said.

“The probability the water will harm someone will be zero.”

Ajuka understood what I did and activated his Kankara Formula. He began to change the black water into a regular one. Serafall looked in our direction, smiled, and shouted.


A big magic circle began to form behind her back, floating in the sky. The magic circle was colored blue, and a big ice spike made an appearance from it.

“Roooaarrr!!” Apophis roared and tried to free himself from the ice once again, but it was useless.

My old man understood that Serafall wanted to end the battle, so he went to Apophis’ head and landed on it. As he landed, he poked its head with Nenekirimaru while mocking it.

“Hey hey, you are a dragon, right? But why are you so weak? So weak!” He then raised Nenekirimaru and stabbed Apophis right between its eyes.

“Youu!! Nurarihyon!!” Apophis, who only roared until now, shouted as it shook its body uncontrollably. The shaking destroyed the ice that encased it, and its scale began to fall one after another.

“Hahahaha, so you can talk?! You even sacrifice your scales to get free from the ice!”

“Don’t you dare run!” From his body, darkness started to expand quickly and formed a sphere.

“Riku! Let’s enter the battle too! We can’t let him create his barrier!” Ajuka shouted at me and sent a barrage of magic toward Apophis in an attempt to stop it from creating a barrier.

“On it.” I used Touki and coated Gram in Senjutsu before launching myself toward Apophis. I also used Telos Karma to add more probability of Gram killing Apophis and destroyed the barrier in case I was late.

In the distance, my old man cut the barrier multiple times before he stopped and looked at Serafall.

“Serafall!” He shouted and was answered shortly.

“Here we go! Ice spike!”

The massive ice spike was shot at unpreventable speed toward Apophis, who hid behind the dark barrier. The barrier had cracked all over due to my old man’s attack, but it was not enough to break it. That was where I came from.

I had arrived in front of the barrier and thrust Gram into it.


A glass-breaking sound came from the barrier as soon as Gram made contact with it. Apophis was surprised when I easily destroyed its barrier and turned its head to me. That was a mistake.

The ice spike that Serafall sent earlier hit Apophis’ head from the side, drilling into its skull as its blood poured out and froze at the same time.

“HGAGAW@#!@$” Apophis made a shrill scream. It was not understandable, and it died almost instantly to Serafall’s attack.

“Yay!” Serafall exclaimed happily as she threw her hands to the sky.

“Hah! So an evil’s dragon strength is just like this?” My old man said as he looked at Apophis’ corpse that fell slowly to the ground. “It’s a nice experience.”

I approached my old man and stood beside him. “Or so you said, but I killed my enemy first. So treat me to a meal later, old man.”

When I mentioned it, my old man sighed and crossed his arms. “It can’t be helped. How about a bowl of Ramen later?” He handed Nenekirimaru back to me.

I let go of Gram, and it disappeared before taking Nenekirimaru back and answering. “Sure. Let’s end the battle quick then.”