Chapter 218 – Cleaning up [1]
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New Series!

The title is I Write Sins and Tragedies.

I plan to upload the new novel alternatively with Naomi, so I will be able to take my time to write it.

The series will be out tonight, maybe if it is already approved again.

Also, it is a Gender Bender and Yuri story. The romance part will not be the focus, but there will be Yuri moment in the story. Please look forward to it!

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Ajuka and Serafall approached us with a smile. Serafall radiated a happy aura that she couldn’t hide and exclaimed.

“Thank you, Ri-kun! I was safe because of you and your father! Truly, thank you!”

“It’s no problem,” I answered with a smile. “We have some feud with them too, after all.”

“Huh?” Serafall asked, confused. She was about to open her mouth again, but my old mand chimed in.

“Hahahaha. We just have a slight problem on our way here. There is just an army of ants that I destroyed!”

“Army?! So they have reinforcement?!” Ajuka exclaimed, surprised by what my old man said.

“Yup!” My old man answered without bothering to hide the fact. Not that there was anything to hide.

We literally gave them a favor of destroying the enemy reinforcement’s army, so they should thank us. Specifically, Ajuka didn’t even say thanks for the second time. This guy must’ve thought that saying thanks to me was enough and didn’t bother to say his gratitude to my old man. Not like I needed his gratitude.

Our goal was aligned. Their goal was to win and survive this war. And my goal was to exterminate those who knew about Shirone’s hairpin. Of course, Hades was still in the death realm, but he should be fine, I guess. He wouldn’t do anything to us after this; I was confident in that.

Maybe wouldn’t do anything was the wrong sentence. He couldn’t do anything that would be correct. He surely got a report from Thanatos about my strength and probably from the Grim Reapers that slipped into the Underworld and spectated the fight too.

“More importantly, can you tell us the… difference between the two armies that fight below us?” I asked, looking at Ajuka’s eyes.

“Hmm… if they attack you, then they are the enemies, no?” Serafall answered as she tilted her head.

I gawked at her. She was saying something nonsensical. If anyone who attacked me were enemies, then everyone in the field except for them was my enemy.

“Hey! Why are you looking at me like that!” She shouted as she pointed at me.

I mean, all devils would attack any suspicious youkai who suddenly appeared in the middle of the battlefield. They would ask the others about who suddenly appeared and started attacking me to make sure I was not their enemy.

The ones on the battlefield were on edge. Each side would suspect me of being on their enemy’s side, as that was the safest but the worst decision. Well, worst decision because the one who planned to interfere, in this case, was me.

“Of course, he is. You were saying something nonsensical after all.” Ajuka shook his head. “If you said they could attack anyone who attacks them, then everyone below will be their enemies, as they would certainly attack them due to them being… different races from us.” He further explained, and Serafall’s eyes widened in understanding.

“I… my bad. I should’ve thought about that. I forgot about it due to… the situation. I am sorry.”

Well, it was understanding. Serafall should’ve been the busiest devil due to her position as a diplomat. All matters regarding the peace conference must be left to her. If she were tired, I wouldn’t blame her for making a mistake.

Exhaustion was hard. After coming to this world, exhaustion seemed to be nonexistent, but in my previous world, I had always been exhausted to make money.

“Well, so how can I differentiate between the enemy and the ally? Surely you won’t like it if I rampaged without caring down there, no?” I chuckled as I strapped Nenekirimaru to my waist.

“About that…” Ajuka seemed to hesitate before he looked down on the battlefield. The could had been long gone after the battle between the Evil Dragon and us, and we could now look at the battlefield without being hindered. “ There is only a small difference between our allies and enemies. Our allies have better gear compared to the enemy.”

“I see…” I nodded my head before pointing at Ajuka. “And how I can know that! Are you fucking kidding me? Tell me now that you have some identification for your army!”

This guy must be fucking kidding me right now. How could I know whichever the better gear was? Youkai never used armor or such, and I only held wooden swords, Nenekirimaru, and Gram in my life!

“That’s why I hesitated a bit to tell you. Unfortunately, we know at least which gear our allies use. I can tell you a little about it.” Said Ajuka.

“How? Are they using something like metal armor, and the enemy use no armor at all? Because I only see them wearing clothes, not a freaking armor!”

Though I said that, I actually had already found the difference between the enemy's army and the allies. My old man even chuckled quietly behind me while holding his mouth. Trolling Satan was actually a bit fun, especially for a serious guy like Ajuka.

I understood Nurarihyon’s feeling of trolling his every enemy in that series now. I should’ve done this more often from the start.

Ajuka seemed to notice my old man laughing from behind and narrowed his eyes at me. As he looked at me like that, I shrugged my shoulders and chuckled.

“I can’t help it, you know? After all, the two of you are too… stiff for a war.”

War should be fought with courage. I remembered such a quote from someone great, but I didn’t remember his name. Maybe it was me?

But, in this world, war shouldn’t be fought with courage alone. You needed strength and moderate humor to keep your army’s morale high.

And individual strength could change the direction of the war immediately. This case was like that. The strongest person below us were only High-class devils at most. So that meant…

“This battle will be easy. Don’t be too stiff.” I exclaimed as I smiled.