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I put my MHA story on here to so.... If you want to read it, it's there. 

So here part of the first Episode.



The camera opens up to Ketsueki sitting on the edge of a building kicking his legs. He is humming and moving his head side to side. He is wearing his hero costume. His strange yellow eyes are scanning the city.

The camera zooms out to show Ketsueki fully.


"Ketsueki Sakenomi"
Revenant hero: Io. Japan's number 8 hero.

Then suddenly he hears some roaring off to his side and sees a giant villain at Tatooin Station.  He tilts his head to the side and a question mark appears above his head.

Ketsueki:"A villian attack?"

He stands up and jumps off the building and lands on a building bellow him and he jumps from roof to floor, heading towards the Villain.


He lands on a roof near the Villain and a mask appears on his face and is about to invervein when MT. Lady  drop kicks him. 

Mt. Lady:"Canyon Cannon!"

His mask disappears and he gives a small smile.

Ketsueki:"She seems to being do nicely now."

Mt. Lady:"Piece of cake for the world's next hottest hero." *She looks to everyone.* "Hi there, everyone, I'm Mt. Lady. And you don't have to worry about this bum anymore."

Ketsueki looks down and sees a bunch of people taking pictures of her.

Ketsueki"Wow she has lots of fans already."

She waves to the crowd and cancels her quirk and she shrinks. A bunch of reports surround her and the cops tie up the villain. Ketsueki jumps down and walks to her.

Ketsueki:"Nice work Mt. Lady."

Fan Girls:"Ahhh, It's Io!"

Mt. Lady rubs the back of her head.

Mt. Lady:"Aww thanks, sir."

The camera pans to Izuku. And he looks in his book and flips to a page about Ketsueki.

Izuku:"Revenant hero: Io. He's been doing the hero business for a long time now. He could be the number 2 hero but he refuses to move from his 8th spot. He says 'He wants the younger generation to have some glory.' His quirk is really strong. 'Blood Veil' is what he calls it. It makes him basically like a vampire and he also has a spear like tail, he calls 'Stinger'. "

He looks up from his book and sees Ketsueki waving with his left hand, and Izuku sees a ring.

Izuku:"Many people believe he is married, but no one knows to who and Io won't tell anyone. Many believe he married another hero."

The Ketsueki is taking picture with some fangirls. They freak out when they get their pictures.  He seems completely oblivious about why they are like that.

Izuku:"But from what other hero's say and some of his interviews. He is an airhead."

The camera pans back to Ketsueki and he waves one last time.

Ketsueki:"I need to go now, bye. And remember Stay-" *He points to the crowd.*


Ketsueki smiles and he jumps onto a building and leaves.

(There's a little sneak peak on the first episode. So if you want to read the rest go to my profile, it's there.)