Chapter 10
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Ming Chen opened his eyes and saw an unfamiliar ceiling. There was a pleasant scent around him that relaxed his mind and body.

His headache and nausea were completely gone. Whatever sickness it was, however bad it was, guardians only needed a good sleep to recover. It was one of the blessings guardians got from heaven.

"Awake? How are you feeling?"

Ming Chen moved his head and saw a middle-aged man wearing a white coat. He realized that Michelle must've brought him to a hospital. The last thing he remembered was Michelle shoving him back to the car and he didn't know what happened after that.

He sat up, "I'm all fine now, Doctor."

"You had a very high fever a few hours ago. It's good that it receded quickly. Your body's metabolism is really good."

A few hours?

Ming Chen searched his phone. It was still in his pants' pocket. There were several missed calls and messages from Yu Renjia. He immediately called back.

"Excuse me, Doctor." He got up and went to the window at the other end of the ward.

Yu Renjia was on the couch staring holes into his phone when he saw it lit up. He quickly answered the call.

"Are you okay? Where are you? Did you get abducted by Langley?"

"I'm fine. I'm in a hospital. Technically yes, but he brought me to a hospital. I'll send you my location." Ming Chen answered one by one.

"That bastard," Yu Renjia cursed, "I'll go pick you up."

"…Are you listening to me properly?" Ming Chen sighed, "What about the fire?"

"Everything's fine. The firefighters came early, so it didn't spread widely. It started one floor below Bai Hua's unit. She almost didn't make it out because of helping an elderly at the same floor as hers, but I got inside on time and escorted her out from behind. She didn't see me. Rui is still monitoring."

"Thank you for your hard work."

"Sit tight. I'll be there in less than 15." Yu Renjia got up and took his helmet.

"You're already okay?"

"I already slept. I'm ready to kick that Langley's ass."

"…Please abide the traffic rules." Ming Chen warned him before they ended the call.

Ming Chen turned around. Michelle was already inside the ward waiting for him to finish. A nurse came in and delivered a tray of food for him before leaving immediately.

"You haven't eaten breakfast, right? Eat this first before you leave." Michelle sat down on the couch.

Ming Chen really was feeling hungry, so he sat down across from him, "Thank you. And sorry for the trouble."

"I learned once again to not trust sick people's words," Michelle shook his head. He watched Ming Chen drink some water, "Is your lover coming to pick you up?"

Ming Chen choked on his water and coughed several times. Michelle hurriedly gave him some tissues. Ming Chen wiped his mouth and the table. He looked at Michelle incredulously.

"I'm sorry?"

"The one you called earlier. Isn't that your lover?"

"…He's not. He's my friend and housemate." Ming Chen didn't understand how this man came to that conclusion.

Michelle raised an eyebrow, "Is that so? You're not going to inform your lover about your situation?"

"I don't know what things you heard, but I'm not in any relationship." Ming Chen shook his head in wonder as he started to eat.

Dr. Yang watching at the back, "…"

He never knew Michelle could be so roundabout just to ask whether the other party has a lover or not.

Rather, he didn't know Michelle could talk to someone this long aside from Wei Linzhen.

Just after Ming Chen finished his breakfast, a nurse came in, informing Michelle there was a man named Yu Renjia looking for Ming Chen. Ming Chen looked at the time. He really took less than 15 minutes to arrive.

Ming Chen thanked the doctor before going down with Michelle. He said he would pay back the medical bills, but Michelle told him that Dr. Yang didn't really give him any medicine because his fever lowered really fast.

"Do you often get nausea and headaches? I'll get you a checkup right now if you want."

"Not often. Just recently. One of the reasons I quit my job."

Michelle looked at the back of his head profoundly.


They arrived at the lobby and Ming Chen quickly spotted Yu Renjia. Yu Renjia hurriedly walked closer.

"You're okay?" Yu Renjia checked his body up and down.

"I'm fine, Ren. Let's go back." Ming Chen turned and nodded at Michelle in farewell before leaving with Yu Renjia.

Yu Renjia glared at Michelle, but he was scolded by Ming Chen. Ming Chen said something about road safety and traffic rules. Yu Renjia tried to defend himself but defeatedly gave up when Ming Chen said he would confiscate his motorbike keys if he continued to be like that.

Michelle watched their exchange silently.

Their relationship is really good.

But Ming Chen said himself that he wasn't in any relationship.

His back was suddenly slapped, "Ellie, stop scaring ghosts and demons with your eyes. The ones who run away are the humans around you."

"Why are you here?" Michelle turned and walked away.

Wei Linzhen followed, "Remember Shang group? Turns out they have weaponry warehouses at F City. Shang Yaolin and his people who were lucky to be away the other day are currently hiding in a safehouse around there. What do you say we sweep them off and get those firearms?"

"Weaponry warehouses?" Michelle frowned, "How many?"

"4 or 5. What's wrong?"

"Although I'm not completely in control in your country, Moonlight knows every weapon manufacturer, order, shipment, and distribution in this world. Both legal and not. I've never got any info about this one in F City. Especially with that amount," he took out his phone and called his secretary, "Let me check it first."

Ming Chen and Yu Renjia returned to their apartment shortly. Ming Chen recounted what happened earlier in the day to Yu Renjia and also told him that last night was the last day of his job.

Speaking of it, he forgot that his gifts were still with Michelle. He sighed and just hoped that they would meet again. He rather waited than call him and give away his number.

Yu Renjia also sighed. He flicked Ming Chen's forehead, "Don't use telepathy after having your vision like that again. Just call me. Even if you talk absolute nonsense, I'll understand it sooner or later."

"…I somehow doubt that," Ming Chen rubbed his forehead, "While Rui continues guarding Bai Hua, we'll look out for the external threats. Did you guys get anything from the fire this morning? Was it intentional?"

"For now, we can only say it's from a gas leak. It's hard to tell whether it's intentional or not. Several residents on the same floor were badly burned and injured. If it was intentional, why didn't they make the gas leak happen on Bai Hua's floor?"

"It could be to camouflage things. I won't be so suspicious if it happened on the floor above her. But it was on the floor below. If she inhaled too much smoke, her throat could be damaged. The next round is in 3 days, right? It's enough time to recuperate but isn't enough to heal her throat thoroughly. At the very least, she won't be in her prime. The next round is the quarter-finals. It'll be quite a challenge for her to stay on top."

Ming Chen called Wen Rui and put it on speakerphone.

"Chen Ge, you're back? You're already okay?"

"I'm fine, Rui. What's going on over there?"

"Although the fire didn't spread, her unit was implicated. She's currently finding a place to stay while her place is being renovated."

Ming Chen raised his eyebrows. He and Yu Renjia looked at each other. Wen Rui also noticed the silence.

"Are we thinking the same thing?" Wen Rui asked.

"I told you the more she makes trouble the better it was for us."

In Sparks' head office, Feng Yiran was signing some documents when Feng Huoran entered.

"Ge, did you see the news?" Feng Huoran showed his phone.

Feng Yiran looked at the screen, "What news?"

Feng Huoran played the broadcast, and it was a news report about an apartment at X street caught in a fire. Feng Yiran immediately recognized the building.

"Isn't this Bai Hua's place…?"

Suddenly, his phone rang. He saw who was calling him and swiftly picked it up, "Are you okay?"

On the other side, Bai Hua was stunned hearing Feng Yiran's voice. She checked the number and was shocked to see Feng Yiran's name on it.

She was sure that she pressed on her university friend's name. Did she read it wrong??

"No, sorry Feng Ge. I pressed the wrong number."

Feng Yiran heard she was going to disconnect and stopped her, "I saw the news."