Chapter 17
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"Ming Chen, if talking about what I did to you can make you look me in the eyes again, I'm afraid that I will force you to say it. There's something inside me that just…" Michelle took a deep breath and controlled himself, "I don't want to hurt you. Again."

"You didn't…hurt me."

Thinking about it, he was the one who rapped the back of his neck from his fluster and knocked him unconscious. Technically, he was the one who hurt Michelle…right?

Ming Chen opened his mouth to explain when his eyes strayed down to Michelle's lips. His face quickly reddened and stuttered. In the end, he couldn't do it and buried his face in his pillow.

Michelle was stunned when he heard Ming Chen's muffled voice, "We only kissed…"

He saw Ming Chen's bright red ears and neck. His head suddenly played the dream he had last night where he wantonly devoured the lips of the man in front of him. The man breathlessly panted beneath him with his eyes stained with tears.

That wasn't a dream…?

His throat felt dry and he swallowed his saliva.

Michelle moved from the chair. He placed his knees on the bed and used his hands to support his body while trapping Ming Chen in between. He could feel the thumping of his heart, loudly banging on his chest.


Ming Chen's body twitched from his voice. Michelle keenly noticed that and carefully turned over Ming Chen's head to face him. He then saw the other man's face bright from embarrassment. It was exactly the same color as the one he saw in his dream. With a hint of tears and a splash of passion, it would be perfect.

"D-Don't come any closer…" Ming Chen's voice trembled as he covered his mouth with both of his hands.

He was afraid. Afraid that he would drown and lose himself to desire again. He was even more scared by the well-up anticipation in his heart.

Right now, he wished heaven could just wipe out his desire and turn him to an emotionless guardian robot.

Michelle didn't force him to move his hands away, "It's alright. You just need to relax."

He landed his lips and kissed Ming Chen's knuckles before moving down to the back of his hand, then to his wrist.

The contact gave Ming Chen a tingling sensation. Each kiss created a spark on his skin that spread currents to his whole body. His toes curled as his knee gradually folded.

When Michelle reached the elbow, he shifted to Ming Chen's other arm. Ming Chen's strength was leaving his body and his hands were slipping away from his mouth.

"Ngh…Michelle…" Ming Chen whimpered.

Michelle heard this and his body immediately boiled. He shut his eyes and controlled himself.

No, he couldn't scare away Ming Chen again.

"It's okay. Just breathe." Michelle whispered soothingly to Ming Chen's ear.

You're telling me to breathe, but you're doing things that make it hard for me to do so!

Ming Chen wanted to cry.

Why couldn't he resist this man? Physically and mentally??

What sorcery was this?!

Heaven…why did you send this man to me…?

Michelle proceeded by kissing his neck. He made sure to just give him light pecks without leaving any marks. He reached Ming Chen's clavicle when he heard a sweet voice from above him.

"Ah–" Ming Chen hurriedly covered his mouth.

Michelle saw the shock and confusion in Ming Chen's eyes and his panicked face. It was very refreshing to see expressions on his face that was usually calm and composed. He looked more real and alive like this.

"Let me hear–"

The door was smashed open by Yu Renjia with a kick. When the scene inside was revealed, his face blackened. He heard Ming Chen's voice just now and thought he was being harassed, but he didn't expect it to be this bad.

"You–!!" he clenched his jaw in rage.

The twins appeared behind him and peeked inside. Michelle signaled them with his eyes. They looked at each other and grabbed Yu Renjia's arms on each side.

"Calm down, calm down." Jack and Jake said simultaneously before dragging him out.

"Huh? Wha–?!" Yu Renjia was dragged out.

Ming Chen could hear Yu Renjia blowing up outside. The twins seem to be able to handle him just fine.

"Should we continue?" Michelle inched closer.

Ming Chen quickly pushed his face away, "Ren is right. You're dangerous. At least to me."

"I will take that as a compliment." Michelle smiled and backed away. For now at least.

"It's not," Ming Chen sat up. His face was still blushing from earlier, "I can't seem to…resist you."

Michelle's heart skipped a beat before he laughed and looked at Ming Chen profoundly, "That sounds like a confession to me."

"…I'm just stating the truth." Ming Chen shifted his eyes.

Michelle recalled the mysterious voice in his head. Ever since it appeared, he also became attracted to this bartender more and more. It grew bigger and stronger and didn't seem like it was going to stop.

Someday, it might overflow. Someday, it might become a sea with its current container drowned inside.

"I think…I understand what you mean," Michelle raised his hand and touched Ming Chen's cheek, "I didn't expect today's event will develop into this. Just like how I never expected last night to be like that. What do you want to do with your feelings for now?"

Ming Chen glanced at him, "…What I want to do?" he shook his head, "I don't know. But what I do know, it's impossible between us."

"How can you be so sure?" Michelle frowned, "Does this have something to do with–"

Ming Chen's vision spun. He saw an unfamiliar room. Inside, there were Bai Hua and Lin Xia. Lin Xia was lashing out at Bai Hua near the pantry.

When the vision ended, Ming Chen quickly went to the living room.


Yu Renjia was dealing with the two troublesome twins who kept pestering him. He turned around, "What?"

He saw Ming Chen's face and stood up, "Where?"


Yu Renjia looked at the 3 people inside and sighed frustratingly, "You stay here. I'll go to Rui," just as he took his helmet and opened the front door, he turned around and glared at the 2 twins, "You control your Boss! If he lay a hand on Chen again, I'll f*cking kill him!"

Ming Chen, "…"

Well, it seems like he made a new friend.

Ming Chen looked at the twins.

"I'm Jack." The one with a mole under his right eyes said.

"I'm Jake." The one with a mole under his left eyes added.

"I'm Ming Chen" Ming Chen smiled.

"We know." They answered at the same time.

"Jack followed you." "I followed you."

"Thank you for your honesty…"

Michelle pulled him back inside to his room, "We're not done yet. What do you mean it's impossible between us?"

Ming Chen couldn't tell him he was an immortal. He wanted to free his hand from Michelle, but he wouldn't let go. Ming Chen gave up.

"Michelle, what I'm feeling for you is not even love or close to like. I'm only reacting because of your…kiss. It's not right."

Michelle placed Ming Chen's hand on his heart. Ming Chen could clearly feel Michelle's strong rapid heartbeat.

"I'm not going to deny my feelings. I'm attracted to you since long before this. Why do you think I spent my time at the bar when I'm supposed to be finding my friend? You don't really think I waited there seriously thinking he would show up, do you?

"I know it's hard to believe because we've only met a few times. We didn't even talk much. I haven't realized it at that time, but my body kept heading to the bar. Deep inside, maybe I wanted to see you again.

"I admit, I started watching you because of another reason, but after I started, I can't stop. I want you to notice me, I want you to look at me, I want you to know…that I was looking at you. When my subordinate told me that you and Yu Renjia are probably lovers, do you know how much rage I had in my body? That day, if you didn't suddenly get sick, I would've probably kidnapped you back to my country."

Michelle abruptly pulled Ming Chen towards him. He held up Ming Chen's chin and gave him a deep kiss. He held the back of Ming Chen's head and crazily went deeper. He didn't stop until Ming Chen's legs completely lose their strength and he supported him by his waist.

"If what you love about me is my kiss, then I will kiss you until you go mad without it. Until you go mad without me. I know your real worry is not that. You don't have to worry about anything."

Michelle's last word slapped Ming Chen out of his daze.

"I know you're an immortal."