Chapter 21
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Michelle opened his eyes and looked to his side. Ming Chen was there, smiling at him as usual. They were inside a wide bedroom where everything was pure white. The bed they were on was as soft as the clouds. Sunlight poured in from the French window at the other end.

Michelle moved his arms and tightly embraced his angel.

"Michelle, you've stayed here for far too long. It's time for you to go back." Ming Chen let him hold him.

"No, I'll stay here with you. We'll spend our days here like once it was."

"You can't. Everybody is worried about you. The longer you stay here, the glory and happiness you have will be destroyed." Ming Chen cup Michelle's face.

"You are my happiness. Without you, what does glory matters to me? Even when I had the world in my hands, I didn't have any happiness before you came to my side," Michelle tightened his hold.

"Michelle…" Ming Chen sighed helplessly, "You can't be selfish this time. What about your friends? What about those who are faithful to you?"

"I don't care."

"Don't say that," Ming Chen combed his hair as if coaxing a child, "Those are the people I brought to you with my sacrifice. Do you want me to give you my wings in vain?"


"Besides, I also need you to look after Ren and Rui. Will you do that for me?"

Michelle looked up at him silently. Ming Chen smiled.

"It's alright. Once the time comes, heaven won't separate us anymore."


Michelle watched the view beneath him. In the 5 years after he lost Ming Chen, the world still continued as usual. Why wouldn't it just disappear?

Yet, he was protecting the figure that hold up this world, letting it continue its life.

But it's all finished now. He had done everything Ming Chen asked. He erased all risk that could endanger Moonlight until their roots. He washed Moonlight from the underworld to minimalize the risk in the future. Although it still wasn't entirely clean, it was enough to not cause trouble. He already left his will in A Country along with the appointed next head.

He has been assisting Yu Renjia and Wen Rui in their task guarding Bai Hua. He tactfully never spoke or ask too much lest he said something he shouldn't for the second time. Their relationship couldn't be fixed, but at least their hostility called for a truce when they're doing business. Now, Bai Hua has reached her peak and survived the trial, becoming a strong pillar for the world along with Feng Yiran. They got married yesterday. After this, Yu Renjia and Wen Rui could handle them on their own.

"I hope you'll never meet Aria again." Yu Renjia cursed him before leaving.

Michelle faintly smiled. Then, he would break through heaven to find him. If Aria really has been executed by heaven, then he too will perish willingly.


Michelle looked back to see Wei Linzhen looking at him with fear in his eyes.

"Ellie, get down from there, okay? Xiao Ming wouldn't want you to do this!"

"Linzhen, thank you for everything. Heaven probably sent you to me in this life as my most loyal friend, one of the answers from his prayer," Michelle looked up at the sky for a moment before smiling in relief, "I'll leave Moonlight to you."

Michelle tilted his body and let the weightlessness welcome him.


Wei Linzhen rushed forward to catch him, but he was too late. His fingers grasped into empty air.

Michelle watched the rooftop rapidly getting further away from him. The wind whistled around him as he lifted up his hand to the sky. Unlike Aria, he couldn't reach heaven through the sky, so he will attempt so from the ground.

It was then, he saw at the end of his fingertips, at the far height of the sky, a circle of pale golden light appeared.

He watched as a figure dropped down from the sky. His black hair was blown back, revealing his starry night eyes. The man caught his outstretched hand. Pure long raven wings spread open behind his back, shading him from the sunlight and shrouding him with shadows. Black feathers rained down around him.

With a powerful flap of his wings, Michelle was quickly brought back to the helipad on the rooftop.

Michelle stared at him in a trance, "Ming Chen…"

Ming Chen flopped down to his knees and exhaled heavily in relief. That was too close! If he was a second too late, Michelle would already splatter to the ground. He looked at Michelle helplessly, "What do you think you–"

His body was suddenly pulled into a tight embrace. The hands holding him were trembling as well as the whole person owning them, "Ming Chen…Ming Chen…"

Ming Chen couldn't bear his weight and he fell back to the ground with the big man. He felt the warm wetness on his clothes and sighed. He returned his embrace, "I'm here. I'm sorry for scaring you, Michelle. Good job hanging there. I know it's been very rough for you."

He looked up at the sky and saw the gate was closing.

"Michelle, I know we have a lot to talk about, but time is about to resume."

His body abruptly swirled, and he quickly encircled his hands on Michelle's neck. His wings opened up from his surprise and flapped in panic as Michelle carried him.



"I-I can walk myself. My wings are heavy!"

Michelle brought Ming Chen's body closer and kissed his wings, "It's not."

The gate finally closed, and time resumed. Wei Linzhen looked at the empty ground below him. There was no sign of Michelle.


He quickly took a step back and looked around confusedly, "…Why am I on the rooftop…?"

Michelle brought Ming Chen to his bedroom attached to his office. The time resumed just as he closed the door. He carefully placed Ming Chen on the bed. His eyes devotedly stayed on Ming Chen's face as his hands caressed the black wings spread on the sheets.

"This wings…"

Ming Chen stopped his hand from touching his wings. He smiled comfortingly at Michelle, "You don't like it?"

Michelle traced the bone of the wings with his lips, "I love it very much."

Ming Chen held down his groan. Angels were very sensitive in their wings. Especially a new one like his.

When he heard Michelle's words and his action, he looked at him in surprise, "You…remember?"

Michelle rubbed the corner of Ming Chen's eye, "Everything. For a long time."

He connected his lips with his angel's and devoutly kissed them. He traced them with his tongue before sucking them gently. When his angel opened his mouth to invite him in, he entwined his tongue with the other.

He hooked his thumb on the corner of Ming Chen's mouth, holding it open even when he backed away. Ming Chen's breathing was already a mess with saliva tricking down to his jaw, unknown whose it was.

"Michelle, do you like my eyes?" Ming Chen asked with a red face.

Michelle moved to kiss his eyes, "I love it very much."

"Michelle, do you like my hair?"

Michelle kissed the crown of his head, "I love it very much."

"Michelle, do you like…me?"

Michelle raised his body to look straight at Ming Chen. He placed Ming Chen's hand on his heart, "I love you very much. So much, I will die for you as I will live for you."

He loosened Ming Chen's golden sash that put his knee-length robe in place, "My love for you is too heavy that I'm afraid you won't be able to bear it."

"I can," Ming Chen moved Michelle's hand to his heart, "And I will."

Michelle felt the erratic heartbeat of his angel below him. Ming Chen turned his head away in shyness, blushing until the edge of his ears and to the root of his neck.

Michelle shifted down. He untied the strings encircling Ming Chen's calves all the way until he took off Ming Chen's shoes. He kissed the tip of his toes, making them curl. His lips slowly glided up until he reached Ming Chen's knee. He circled his tongue on the peak of Ming Chen's folded knee while his other hand gently traced the other leg with the tip of his fingers, stimulating Ming Chen's nerves.

Ming Chen covered his mouth with the back of his hand. He could hear his own drumming heartbeat. Kaius never touched him this way previously. Although Michelle and Kaius bore the same soul inside, they clearly were a different individual on their own because of the life they lived.

When he glanced down to peek, Michelle's eyes faithfully stayed at his face while the man appreciated every corner of his body.