Chapter 23 (END)
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The sky has already gone dark when Michelle finished cleaning up Ming Chen and himself. He looked at the man sleeping on his arms deeply. Ming Chen's wings became slack and dragged to the ground after he passed out on their 3rd round.

He gently placed him on the sofa and dressed him back with his robe. He wanted him to wear something more closed, but because of the wings, only the robe could be used for now.

The bed was a mess. It was impossible for them to sleep there tonight. He took off the sheets and put everything into the laundry basket before making a call.

Jack and Jake were inside the office when they saw their boss coming out of his room carrying a sleeping man covered in a blanket. They couldn't see his face because it was facing inside. There was something black coming out from the end of the blanket. It looked like feathers…?

They both looked at each other in confusion. Where did this man come from?? Rather, wasn't their boss supposed to be outside?

They saw Michelle walking out and tactfully followed without asking anything.

When Ming Chen woke up in the morning, he was immediately greeted with Michelle's handsome face staring at him. His looks didn't contain anything except for love, longing, and hidden fear.

Ming Chen smiled, "Good morning, Michelle."

Ming Chen was surprised to hear his voice was still clear. Now that he wasn't a guardian anymore, with all the…screaming he did yesterday, he should've had a sore and dry throat right now.

Michelle touched his hair with his fingers, "Good morning, Ming Chen."

"What are you stressing about so early in the morning?" Ming Chen rubbed Michelle's temple.

"I'm just afraid that this will be another dream." Michelle grasped Ming Chen's hand and kissed his palm.

Ming Chen let him feel his hand, "I'm here. This is real."

"I'm sorry. Because of my carelessness, I almost lost you again."

"No, it's nobody's fault. Heaven wanted to know my answer, so it happened."


Ming Chen sat up. He touched his black wings, "I'm no longer a guardian nor an angel. I won't be able to go back to heaven from now on."

Michelle also sat up with a frown, "What do you mean?"

"In our last life, I was betrothed to the man who became our enemy. It was the same day when I descended down to permanently stay by your side because I found out he was the one who stirred conflict in your world. His reason was because my heart chose you rather than him. I was afraid that you would hate me, so I didn't dare to tell you."

"I would and will never hate you for any possible and impossible reason," Michelle held his hand, "What does that man have anything to do with this?"

"I violated several rules. One, I ran away from heaven. Two, I indirectly caused the war. Three, I directly got involved in worldly matters. Fourth, I killed my fellow angels. And lastly, I developed a relationship with a human."

Michelle wanted to say something but was stopped by Ming Chen.

"But you know what the funny thing was? You're actually a pillar of your world and I'm your destined one. At that time, guardians weren't established yet, so there was nobody who protected you or supported me in the shadows," Ming Chen looked at Michelle, "You're aware yourself that your existence was very important didn't you? Isn't that why you isolate yourself in your palace?"

Michelle nodded. When one conquered every nook and cranny of the world and held it within their grasp, they would discover many things that weren't supposed to be discovered.

"It was unknown whether it was the world or the heaven that made a mistake by assigning an angel as your soulmate. The collapse of your world was the trigger that made the heaven council consider creating the guardians.

"As compensation, heaven preserved our soul and rebirthed us after wiping out our memory. Because my wings were essentially a part of my soul, it was permanently gone, so I was made into a guardian rather than as a full-fledged angel. They put me in this world for hundreds of years to see whether or not our fate is still entwined together. If I fell for someone else or if our path didn't cross, then it was settled like that.

"But as result, my heart and soul remained still until our path crossed. If you didn't drink that wine and if you didn't come to me the day after, I think the answer that I would give to the council would be different and you wouldn't see me anymore. That day was the time limit heaven set for me. Exactly 500 years after I became a guardian in this world. Not a second more or a second less.

"They asked me if I fell for you. I honestly answered them, and they gave me back my memories. Perhaps yours too. They then asked me whether I would like to stay in heaven as an angel like before or fall down to the world forever. I can't choose both since angels are prohibited to have relationships with mortals.

"As you can see, I chose the latter. They gave me these wings as an identification of a fallen and I was to stay there until the guardians finished their task for the current generation. Heaven was also the one who kept you alive in your coma and sent you to me. Though they probably didn't expect you to stay for 2 years. Time between heaven and the world is just too complex."

"Then, are you still…" Michelle didn't complete the sentence. Afraid the same thing would happen again.

Ming Chen knew he was probably traumatized because of that word. He nodded, "Yes, I still am," he kissed Michelle's cheek and smiled, "Do you want to live with me forever?"

Michelle was stunned, "…I can do that?"

Ming Chen whispered something to him before backing away with a blush. Michelle's eyes deepened and pinned Ming Chen back to the bed.

"Are you seducing me?"

Ming Chen looked away embarrassedly, "…I'm just stating the truth."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, interrupting Michelle's advance. Before he looked back, he watched as the black wings vanished from Ming Chen's back. He raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Master Langley, you have guests called Yu Renjia and Wen Rui." The housekeeper's voice was heard.

The both of them got dressed and went downstairs. Yu Renjia and Wen Rui were anxiously waiting in the living room, not even being able to sit.

"Ren, Rui."

They both turned around and saw Ming Chen standing there perfectly fine. His aura was somewhat different, but it was unmistakably him.

"Chen Ge!!" Wen Rui hurriedly hugged him, "I'm so glad you're okay!"

"Chen, it's great to see you alive." Yu Renjia also hugged him.

Yu Renjia asked after letting go, "The heaven forgave you? Well, it's not strange since it was entirely this bastard's fault." He glared at Michelle behind him.

"It's a long story." Ming Chen smiled helplessly. Their relationship was as bad as always.

"Are you going to continue your task with us?" Wen Rui asked expectantly, "Chen Ge, now I can access 5 people's memory in one day!"

"That's amazing," Ming Chen wasn't surprised since he knew Wen Rui always worked hard to improve his skill, "But I'm not a guardian anymore."

They were both shocked. Ming Chen prompted them to sit down before he talked about his current situation. Yu Renjia and Wen Rui didn't expect it to be like that.

"They're going to send my replacement when the potential next pillar is born. Treat the junior well. Especially you, Ren."

"Why emphasize me?" Yu Renjia sighed, "Then, what do you plan to do now?"

Ming Chen and Michelle looked at each other. Michelle encircled Ming Chen's waist and pulled him closer, "I'm going to buy an island for the two of us to live there."

Yu Renjia glared at him, "I didn't ask you."

Michelle didn't mind his hostility. He raised his voice slightly, "Jack, Jake, you can play with him now."

Yu Renjia's face fell when he saw the twins appearing. He dreadfully got dragged away.

Wen Rui looked at the two people sitting intimately across him and smiled in relief.

"Chen Ge, Mr. Langley, I'm glad for both of you. I wish you eternal happiness." He got up and walked out to catch up with Yu Renjia.

Ming Chen looked up at Michelle, "An island?"

Michelle stared into his eyes, "You don't like it?"

Ming Chen inched closer and kissed him before smiling.

"I love it very much."


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