Chapter 1
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Huang Yin was feeling extremely lucky on finally finding someone who agreed to become his Master. No more learning from those old and worn out books. Can finally learn how to properly cultivate! The best part would have to be his Master is really powerful for was able to defeat those bad looking men with just one hand. Oh how his Master had looked so very righteous and noble fighting against those bad man.

If Xing Yang knew that Huang Yin found him to look very righteous he would certainly throughly show his disciple that he is not righteous and he is not noble at all. He would have directly informed Huang Yin those men were actually from the righteous sect those men had wanted to get revenge.

Huang Yin finds his Master to be extremely handsome. Really tall. A very handsome, manly, and flawless face. Waist long black hair flowing free. Ruby red eyes. Healthy wheat colored skin. Expensive looking black and red robes.

“Master what are your plans? Are we going to your home? So I can read and study books? Are we going to travel the world together? So you can teach me and you can test me. Will you please tell me?” Huang Yin asked curiously and after a moment his cheeks were firmly pinched.

“Settle down, Disciple.” Xing Yang stated firmly and looking into those excited baby blue eyes. He had agreed to accept this one as his one and only disciple mainly because Huang Yin looks very beautiful. Short and slender. A very beautiful face. Long eyelashes, pale red lips, and innocent blue eyes. Flawless pale skin. Waist long silver blond hair tied back in a simple low pony tail. Simple pure white robes.

If this disciple could chatter less it would be great. It is highly tempting to simply push Huang Yin down onto the ground and let the only sounds coming out from those lovely lips be pretty little moans from being thoroughly done.

“I’ll try.” Huang Yin groaned and he pulls at Xing Yang’s sleeves. “What’s the plan, Master?”

“Traveling.” Xing Yang said simply, shakes off his Disciple’s hands, and pulls out a large book. “Read this it is the basics about healing. As I said your veins are suited for practicing and cultivating healing techniques.”

“Just the basics? This book is huge.” Huang Yin muttered sulkily to himself and after a moment he obediently opened up the book.

Xing Yang’s ears are thankful for the silence, he sits across from his newly accepted disciple, and to be honest accepting this Huang Yin was a bit of an impulse.

Huang Yin was pleasing to the eyes having such a beautiful looking appearance. Of course Xing Yang felt the strong urge to slowly corrupt Huang Yin to the demonic sect ways along with not wanting Huang Yin to be with anyone else. There had been a few other demonic sect members on the scene looking quite interested in Huang Yin and looked on with sorrow when Xing Yang accepted Huang Yin as a disciple.

‘Of course they wouldn’t dare to snatch someone belonging to me the future demonic sect leader.’ Xing Yang thought smugly and he pulls out a slightly worn out book which goes over all kinds of dual cultivation techniques. Huang Yin was completely focused on the book while silently hoping if he does well in remembering that his handsome Master might give him a reward.

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