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/ Series / The Best Healer In The Cultivating World [BL]
The Best Healer In The Cultivating World [BL]
The Best Healer In The Cultivating World [BL]
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At the age of eighteen years old Huang Yin became Xing Yang’s one and only Disciple. In the future Huang Yin will become the best healer in the cultivating world, but he has quite the journey ahead of him.

The top two reasons Xing Yang why he agreed to accept Huang Yin as his Disciple:
1. He finds Huang Yin looks to be very pleasing to his eyes.
2. He doesn’t want Huang Yin to become someone else’s.

Huang Yin figured Xing Yang was from a righteous sect because of Xing Yang’s good-looking appearance, but actually his Master is from the demonic sect. Not to mention his Master in the future will become the Sect Leader of the Demonic Sect.

The top two reasons Huang Yin asked Xing Yang to be his Master:
1. Xing Yang is powerful used only one hand and he defeated several bad looking men.
2. Xing Yang looks really handsome and if he becomes his disciple then could be around the handsome man without any issue.

“I can finally learn how to properly cultivate! Oh, maybe just maybe I might be able to become powerful and skilled in fighting.”
“Your veins are not suited for fighting only healing and….”
“What else, Master?”
“I will tell you later, Disciple.”

In The Demonic Sect: Master’s use their Disciple(s) for Dual Cultivation, but in a few cases using their Disciple(s) as Furnace(s). It is extremely rare for a Master and Disciple to be in a mutual love with one another.

Master (ML Gong) x Disciple (MC Shou) *Cultivating World*

AdultBoys LoveFantasyMartial ArtsMatureRomanceSmut
Carefree Protagonist Demonic Cultivation Technique Handsome Male Lead Healing Master-Disciple Relationship Sexual Cultivation Technique
  1. Chapter 2Jul 16, 2019
  2. Chapter 1Jul 13, 2019
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