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The school is supposed to start this week but it is still close because of the whole riot aftermath.

The street is still being clean, most of the infrastructure, big or small, needed to be fixed and there is a whole lot other thing needed to settle down.

Not to mention the precinct is full of people that are needed to be processed.

Kyle finally introduces Wox to everyone. To the children, he is Lucy's foreign friend who comes to work with her but only Edward and Anna knew his real identities.

This news still comes to a shock to both of them, they can’t believe that he is a genie and a ghost.

According to Kyle, their world didn’t have magic energy at all, so when there is a real ghost from their world, they didn’t know what to say.

Many of the strangeness that comes to their life comes from Kyle and his world, so this is the first one that comes from theirs.

It takes some time for them to completely digest that.

If there is a real ghost in their world then, what more could this world hide?

They won’t stop asking both Kyle and Wox about it.

Wox likes the attention that he is getting from both of them as this is how he envisions the situation will be when his identity is revealed.

Wox explains everything he can slowly and calmly and everything that he can’t, he let Kyle answer it for him and if even Kyle didn’t have an answer then nobody has them.

He even tells them about his history down to how he becomes a genie.

Edward and Anna feel sad for him as they cannot even imagine how they are supposed to feel about that.

While talking and answering them, Wox keeps on giving them candy from time to time, to the point that it gets annoying.

As for Wox himself, he has candy in his mouth every ten seconds, he won’t stop eating them.

In just an hour and he already gives more than 50 candies. Both of them only eat a couple of them but he still keeps giving them more.

“I’m sorry, but can you stop giving us candy. We don’t eat it that much.” It gets to the point that Anna had to be a bit rude and ask him to stop.

“Okay.” But to Wox that wasn’t rude, it just meant that there is more candy for him. There is even a bit of relief from him when he heard Anna ask him to stop.

“And that is all there is to know about me. I’m going to go play outside with the children now.”

After that Wox starts to play with the children which is something that he wants to do from the moment he saw them.

He hasn’t personally played with small children for a long time.

He takes them to the park playing the swing, slide, hides and seeks and so many other games that both he and the children can think of.

He tells them about his kids and the other children from his village and how he wishes that they could play together with them, and the children just said that when they come they will play with them.

It was just children talking but it made his heart feel light and he wishes a day will come when this word comes true.

After a couple of days, all things are settling down in Hong Kong, things start to goes back to normal.

The street is busy and many companies and store open their building again.

The school will be open next week so many kids have some more time on them.

Kyle then goes back to Shenyang with Wox as he left everything to both Anna and Edward's hand once again.

He let them continue managing the UNKNOWN organization.

He just wants them to let the organization cool down for a couple of months before they make any other big changes.

“Don’t die. I hate going back and forth saving someone.” That is the only advice that he tells them.

Before leaving, Kyle tells them about the altar that had a huge space of their own inside but he didn’t show it to them yet as he says that he is still not finished with it.

“You guys get to see it when I’m finished with it. So just wait a bit longer.”

Wox is reluctant to go with Kyle and wish that he could stay close with the children but he still toughens his resolve and goes with him.

He already gives his word and promises for the sake of his family.

When Kyle got back to Shenyang, the first thing that he did is focus solely on the altar.

He is trying to make the size of the altar smaller and the space inside it as big as it can by refining the material in the altar.

He is also dissecting and decrypting each word that is recorded on and inside the altar as most of them are the magical language of this world.

He is comparing them with his own world magical language.

He is trying to find the similarities and differences of each language.

This is magic that he has never seen or study before so everything needs to start from scratch.

Everything he found, everything that changes, he makes a detailed note of it.

In other words, he is becoming busy with this project as he put most of his focus on it.

Wox becomes his guinea pig as he is the only living embodiment of the magic of this world other than the altar.

Wox didn’t mind even a single bit of it as he cannot feel anything at all at what Kyle is experimenting on him.

He had been dissected and chops off limb from limb but in the end, everything returns to normal.

Kyle also starts thinking about starting his own business.

A different source of revenue is needed as he cannot solely rely on his underworld business.

He also can’t just keep on robbing people, that just means more work for him.

To him, he had a choice of starting a firearm business, pharmaceutical business, agricultural business, or advanced technology in a certain field.

He can actually do all of them but he needs to start with one.