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I'm back with the Next Chapter of Shadow Light.

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"Normal speech" people talking.

'Normal thought' people thinking.

"Kurama/Dragons" Kurama or Dragons speaking.

'Kurama/Dragon thought' Kurama or Dragons thinking.

"Jutsu/ Magic" is being used.


Shadow Light

Chapter 32


"Welcome to the family, Alice-chan. Let me introduce you to other girls." Naruto said as he caught her lips and she gave in to the soothing passion they held.

She bit his lip and licked the first drop of blood that came out. As soon as she licked, it was healed and the power felt from that drop was indescribable.

"Woah, what was that? I didn't think you were a Vampire, Alice-chan," Naruto said as they separated with a teasing smile.

"No. Naruto-sama. I'm not a Vampire. But my Blood magic allows me to do some analysis about anyone. I just want to taste their blood," she explained.

"Oh, what does mine say?" He asked curiously.

"I didn't have enough time to analyse. The only drop I licked went to savouring it. The feeling is indescribable," she said with a wide smile.

"Oh my, I didn't expect you to return with one more sister, Naruto-kun," came the teasing voice of Miya as she walked towards them.

"Master incarnated his first Pawn. Congratulations, Alice-san," congratulated Medusa. Alice knew how the Rook generally behaves and nodded in appreciation.

"Congrats," said Roygun and Kana as they hugged Alice as they also knew the feeling of being reincarnated by Naruto without preparation or prior relation.

"Welcome to the family," said Reni warmly as she hugged Alice after Kana and Roygun separated.

Naruto observed all the hugs and though they are certainly erotic, he also observed the familiarity Alice has with everyone and their personality.

"What are you going to do with her?" Miya asked, sitting in his lap.

"Didn't decide. Maybe add to the club somehow? Let's see what she wants. First let's start with introductions," said Naruto, turning to the other girls.

"Introduction first, girls," called Naruto and everyone turned to him. With another nod, they started introducing themselves.

"Reni, Bishop,"

"Kana, Rook,"

"Roygun, Jiraiya-sama's Bishop,"

"Miya, pervert's Knight,"

"Medusa, old man's Rook,"

"Alice Damim, Spy Pawn," introduced Alice and everyone gave her a questioning look.

"Ok, let me explain what happened…" said Naruto and started explaining what happened and how he found Alice to how he had incarnated her.

"Damn, I thought I was the first woman to know your secret," said Miya

"I thought I was the first to fall for you!" exclaimed Reni.

"Sorry I had to take those spots," said Alice with a wide smile and a peace sign with not so sorry tone.

"Why you-" threatened both Miya and Reni and Naruto calmed them down.

"Now, now, girls. It's not time to fight. Hmm, maybe it is. How about you show us what you can do, Alice-chan?" Naruto asked, rubbing his chin.

"What do you mean, Naruto-sama?" Asked Alice in Japanese. As she is reincarnated, she got the Devil's all languages understanding ability.

"Well, we are going to play in a Rating game soon. I know you use Blood Magic, I just want to know how well you use it and if there is any place for improvement," said Naruto and Alice nodded.

"If that's what you want, that's ok with me," agreed Alice and stood from her spot in the lounge.

"Well, let-"

"Naruto-kun, you got a letter from the Devil Council but with a different stamp," said Miya as she teleported the letter that was addressed to Jiraiya. As they all knew about Jiraiya's little secret.

Naruto took the letter and broke the officials' sigil and opened it and read it. His smile grew as he read it.

"It's time to summon one more girl," he said and a purple Magic circle lit in the middle of the room and a familiar, unfamiliar black haired beauty stepped out of it.

"Nyah. What happened?" Asked a black cat, rubbing her eyes.

"Oh my, I didn't think you to know her of all people, Naruto-kun,"

"Is it time for babies?!" Kuroka exclaimed in hope and was upon Naruto in an instant. Only to be interrupted by a green-haired woman.

"Why in a rush, Kuroka. Didn't expect you here, to be honest. But as I'm being tested, I'll give it my all," Alice said as a red magic circle lit beneath.

"Red Beast," called Alice. Expelling large amounts of blood, which was created from a small magic circle. Something started to take form and changed into the upper body of a large creature with a bulk body and clawed hands, a gaping mouth, and empty eyes.

"What are you doing, bitch. I'm happy to be called by Naruto-kun and you come and ruin my happy mood," said Kuroka as a scowl formed on her face.

Alice didn't budge and ordered the Red Beast to attack an angry Kuroka who was glaring at her as if to dare. Alice took the chance with no hesitation.

"Charge!" She called and the beast started to charge towards Kuroka. She got a smile after a second as she saw the slow pace of the beast.

"What, that's it? I can destroy it just like that," said Kuroka and as if to prove, she shot a small blast at the coming beast, which disintegrated it with no trace.

Alice's expression didn't change as she saw her beast disintegrate. As it started to reform again. "You think I'm not aware of its obvious weakness?" She asked the black cat.

"I know everything about you as well, Kuroka the black cat. How you killed your master and was found by Naruto-sama. Now attack!" She called again and the red beast was upon Kuroka before she knew.

'What? I disintegrated it and no trace was left!' She exclaimed.

"Kasha (Burning Chariot)," Kuroka called and summoned multiple big wheels that were covered in black flames as they started to rotate around her as if guarding her.

Alice's beast tried to injure or get near, only to be burned and disintegrated in seconds. Naruto observed how Alice's control on the beast is decreasing as the beast reformed again and again.

'So she loses control of that beast the more times she summons it and it seems the magic cost also decreases,' thought Naruto observing the spar.

"Did you plan this?" Asked Miya who was still in his lap.

"I swear everything is out of my control. I called Kuroka just to ask her to spy on my opponent in the Rating Game," said Naruto with a shrug.

"But it seems your wish to see Alice fight is coming true. Hmm, a fight between 2 spies. Don't you think it's so apt?" Asked Reni as she sat on Miya's lap.

"Oh, careful there. It's not like you are as light as you look." Naruto teased and got 2 angry looks.

"Ok, ok. But yes. I don't think Kuroka will take this seriously, but let's see,"

"Who are you up against?" Miya asked curiously.

"Riser Phenex. That blonde douche we saw walking after Rias addressing himself in 3rd person,"

"Oh, that one? Is he strong?" She asked and Naruto nodded in negative.

"From my observation, he is not. Maybe at least your level at best. Should see about his Peerage,"

"I heard his Queen name is Yubelluna, the Bomb Queen," chimed in Reni. The spar was interesting.

Anyone would assume Blood Magic to be useless at first glance, but if they see Alice using it, they are going to empty all the blood in their body and run far away from her.

She is also using something more with her blood magic to create different shapes and weapons from them like how their King does with his light.

"Bomb Queen, eh? I should let Medusa use some of my art then," said Naruto and Miya and Reni gave him a questioning look.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll talk to Medusa about that," he saw a gaping Roygun looking at the black cat he summoned and smirked. Reni and Miya sat with him as they observed Alice fend off Kuroka's illusions.

With Roygun and Kana

"What do you mean she is an SS-class threat?" Kana asked her best friend.

"Exactly that. Kuroka the black cat, was charged with killing her King and going stray. Though much is not known about her King, she became a famous fugitive after that. You saw that white-haired Middle School girl, Koneko?"


"She is Kuroka's sister and was sentenced to death. Sirzechs saved her from it and took in. If she responded to Naruto-kun's call, I think things are not what they look like,"

"Is she strong? And what piece is she?" Kana asked.

"I think she is worth 2 Bishops. I don't know how much she will be worth with Naruto-kun. Maybe 1 Bishop at best, that is if he reincarnates her,"

"I think I should get more training."

"Didn't you achieve the Balance Breaker equivalent, recently?"

"Yeah, but with all these additions, I don't know where I stand. You all are stronger than me," Kana said in a disappointed tone.

"Oh dear Kana, don't think like that. Who told you you are weak? No one. No matter how strong or weak we are, Naruto-kun loves us all the same. So don't fill your small head with these thoughts," consoled Roygun with a reassuring smile.

Kana nodded absentmindedly. She realised something. "Wait! Did you just call my brain small?" She exclaimed and looked at a giggling Roygun.

"Cheating!" She said and fell on Roygun and started tingling her. "Maou, stop. I can't take this. I'm going to break." Pleaded Roygun.

"My small brain can't understand what you are saying!" Kana said and continued tingling her. They started to roll and reached Naruto just after a few rolls.

With Kuroka and Alice

"You are good. I have a battle-hungry friend. He will be very much interested in fighting you," said Kuroka as Alice successfully escaped her illusion.

"Thanks, but no thanks, I'm fine staying with Naruto-sama. You can bear with him," retorted Alice as she escaped a fire attack.

She knew about the Yōkai fire and its dangers. She learned a lot in her century-old life and she doesn't want to deal with that fire again.

"Nyah. You are good. I'll give you my best shot as you managed to evade all my attacks. Try to stand this," said Kuroka as a purple magic circle formed in her hands.

"Poison Mist," said Kuroka as the purple mist started to come out of the magic circle she created.

"Secret Art: Exploding Mist," heard Alice and doesn't need too much intelligence to know what the attack was and braced herself.

"Blood Cocoon," Veins of blood extended from her fingers, enveloping her in a large dark red orb.

"Iron Needles," called Alice and shit black iron needles in all directions to find where Kuroka is as she is fully engulfed in the mist. Though she can use other techniques, iron needles are special.

As her blood magic gives her a supplementary ability to use iron, she can dip the iron needles with blood or in this case, magic.

The first Red Beast she created was sole purpose is to get a taste of Kuroka's magic. Of course, she can do this easily in her Balance Breaker. But it is in everyone's best interest that she doesn't use that form.

Her needles sent her the location of the black cat who is slowly creeping on her. Though her animal puppets are active till now and gave her a heads up, because of the mist, she lost their sight.

"Exploding Blood," whispered Alice as she released a small amount of blood from the cocoon she shielded herself with. The blood slowly made its way towards Kuroka.

She used blood she extracted from different subjects over her lifetime and her Sacred Gear also gives her the ability to create blood instead of using her own. She knew well how blood deficiency feels until she found out about that gift.

'Checkmate. Let's see how you will escape that, Kuroka,' thought Alice, patiently waiting for the explosion to go off.

"You know, I can use illusions and am good at magic. Why are you searching for me there, when I'm here?" Kuroda asked as she appeared in the cocoon.

'Shit, I didn't activate the absolute defence of the cocoon, it's going to detonate!' Alice thought as the cocoon glowed bright red before it detonated.

With Naruto

"Why teach her such dangerous art? She would accidentally blow our house," said Miya after listening to Naruto's ideas.

"Come on, Miya-chan. Medusa is not like that. She is very good at housekeeping and helps me a lot," said Reni.

"Ooh. Someone is having fun," said Naruto as he saw Kana and Roygun roll towards him, their faces sweating from all the laughs they are having.


"Who started the celebrations before me?" Naruto asked as they saw a large cloud fall towards them.

"Oh my, what a thoughtful idea," said Miya with a teasing smile. She and Reni left the crash site, which is Naruto.

"I didn't think I'm loved this much," said the blonde as he caught the falling women with his shadows.

"Master, someone fell on you?" Asked Medusa as she appeared beside Naruto in an instant and started checking him.

"No, dear. I'm fine. I think they need your medical attention," said Naruto as he felt Medusa patting and pinching his body for any 'injuries'.

Both Kuroka and Alice are fine as Alice healed the minor scratches they had while Medusa is checking Naruto. Seeing that everything is fine, Naruto spoke.

"Well, girls. It's good to see you are well. It seems you all have acquainted with each other and are doing good. Let's get started with why I called you here.

Kuroka, I want to know everything you know about Riser Phenex. If you are not up to speed, I as Jiraiya will be playing a Rating game against him." Naruto said.

Everyone nodded as all of them knew about it except Kuroka, but she wasn't given time to recover from the shock as Naruto continued.

"When and where is to be decided as per both parties wishes. I have 3 objectives to play this match.

First is to show Jiraiya is strong and not to be messed with just so he is a good old author, not that they are doing it and has a strong Peerage.

Second is to deal with the aftermath of taking you two in and though your presence will be kept a secret for now and your name will be cleared.

The last is for the Queen. She is very reluctant till now and I want to give her a boost in morale," explained Naruto. Kuroka was still looking surprised at him, though she heard everything.

"So you want my name to be cleared?" She asked after mulling over what Naruto said.

"Yes. I know you might think about a possible leak. I promise it will only be among the top 5 of the Hierarchy with no chance of leakage," assured Naruto with a reassuring smile.

"Naruto-kun, what do you mean by clearing her name?" Roygun asked.

"Oh, you didn't know, right? Well, it's better to hear from the source," said Naruto and nudged Kuroka to explain her story and how she had to kill her King and the story of 'Stray Cat' Kuroka.

"Oh, My God!" Roygun exclaimed. She started using the lack of her weakness after she got reincarnated more as they won't get any pain for saying God's name.

"I didn't know this much happened. I'm truly sorry for what happened. How much I don't want to admit it, there are still scum in our faction," apologised Roygun with sadness.

"Thank you," replied Kuroka.

"Though she sees it as a blessing nowadays as she got the chance to meet me," Naruto chimed, making the mood light. They all giggled at that.

"Yes," admitted Kuroka.

"Well, back on topic. I thought of asking you to go after this Phenex, but I think Alice-chan can do that," said Naruto with a teasing smile and Alice nodded in agreement.

Kuroka elbowed him. "Aw, that hurts. Medusa, help me!" Said Naruto as he fell to the ground. Medusa was on him in an instant and looked around for the cause of this.

"Can't find anyone?" Asked a voice and Medusa nodded still searching.

"Good thing nothing happened to me," said the voice and Medusa turned to see her master smiling at her.

"You are fine, Master!" She said and crushed him with her affectionate hug.

"Ok, Medusa. I'm good. Take care of Saeko for me," said Naruto with gasps and Medusa nodded and vanished from the room.

"How come you go on adding women and don't add me?" Kuroka asked, a dark cloud on her head. Naruto sweat dropped at that.

"She has a good point, Naruto. Poor kitty. Make her yours!" Kurama cheered.

"You are awake?"

"Of course, I'm. I want to know who is going to get flamed by you in that match and thank me it's a chicken," said Kurama smugly.

"Wait, did you just thank yourself, like a God?"

"Yup. I'm stronger than Gods of this world, dummy,"

"Yea, yea. If only I let Red fight, I could have shut that big mouth of yours," Naruto grumbled in his head.

"What's that? Do you think that Red long snake can beat me? Heh. Even after all this time, you underestimate me, Naruto," said Kurama in disappointment.

"I didn't say that. What I meant is if it happened, you could have understood that there is someone strong enough to challenge, almighty Juubi," Naruto mocked and Kurama hmphed.

"It's not like that, my dear black kitty. I don't want to reveal you to the world. Ophis can easily sense an Evil Piece even if it is mine. So I just want to risk you.

So, that's how it is. Your name will be cleared though. Don't worry about that." Naruto assured and Kuroka nodded in understanding.

"How was Vali doing?"

"Ah, the White Dragon Emperor. I heard a lot about him. His love to fight strong people and such," Alice supplied.

"Still obsessed with Ddraig and his host. Though he found an interest in Great Red as he is the True Red Dragon. Nothing much other than that," Kuroka said and Naruto nodded.

"That's good. Better not to divert his attention towards me. I should shut Azazel's mouth. His loose tongue can slip up," Naruto murmured to himself.

"Naruto-kun, I'm curious. Won't your Godly appearance be detected by Heaven?" Reni asked as she is the most magically sensitive former human among them. As Kuroka doesn't give two shits about that.

"Well, they didn't send me a letter demanding why. But I think no. There is a very strong barrier that surrounds the compound which restricts any magic from leaking.

That's why all their magic output and destructive fights were never found. I won't allow anything like that to happen and have full safety measures," Naruto said and Reni nodded.

"Maybe that's why my animals can't see inside the house but just around the house," Alice said and Naruto nodded.

"Well, let's go in. We have a lot of things to prepare for, Nyah~," said Kuroka with a lustful smirk and everyone nodded in agreement and dragged Naruto in.

Meanwhile, In Phenex Territory

From an orange magic circle, which is in the form of a stylised Phoenix, a figure erupted in flames in a large bedroom.

The Phenex Clan is one of the remaining 32 Devil Clans of the 72 Pillars and holds the rank of Marquis. The next heir to the Phenex clan is Ruval Phenex.

The Phenex Family have inherent powers that are equivalent to that of the legendary creature, the firebird Phoenix.

As such, their abilities reflect that of the legendary bird, where they can regenerate from almost any injuries immediately and are practically impossible to defeat.

It is a well-known fact that the Phenex family's tears (known as Phoenix Tears) sell for a high price because of their powerful healing abilities.

They monopolised their Phenex tears and always maintained them in a way to keep them in demand and made immense wealth.

We see a make in the middle of a group of males and upon closer inspection, it can be identified to be Riser Phenex, the third son of Lord and Lady Phenex.

"Brother, I got important news," called a young female as she made her way to the bed in the centre of the room.

Seeing his sister approach, Riser woke from his bliss and lustful activities, clothes materialising on him.

"Ravel?" He asked and looked at his little sister.

Ravel is a beautiful young girl with dark blue eyes. She has long blonde hair tied into twin tails with large, drill-like curls and blue ribbons keeping them in place. The front of her hair has several bangs hanging over her forehead, with a V-shaped fringe hanging over the bridge of her nose.

Her outfit consists of a light purple dress with dark purple accents and a blue bow at the front. At the back, three feather-like extensions mimicking a bird's tail protruding from the dress, which, when combined with her wings of fire, give her a bird-like appearance.

"Yes, brother. I got a letter from the Rating Game Board addressed to you," said Ravel and gave it to Riser.

"Did they decide on another match for me?" He asked no one but took it and went through it.

"YES! YES, YES!" Exclaimed Riser like a headless firing chicken as the fire came out of his body in joy.

"What Is it about?" Ravel asked in confusion.

"We are going to fight Jiraiya-sama in a Rating Game. Other details are to be decided," said a happy Riser and the room drowned in joy.

"Jiraiya-sama, really?" Asked a seductive voice and they turned to see dressing up Yubelluna, Riser's Queen.

She is a voluptuous woman with long, wavy purple hair that falls all the way down her back and matching eyes. At the front, the right side of her hair falls over her breast and covers her right eye, while the left side falls near the top of her skirt.

Her attire is a dress consisting of a navy blue tunic top with gold accents and a pale blue skirt with open sides, black shoes and over matching thigh-high stockings with garter belts.

The top reveals much of her cleavage and is held with a gold choker with blue and red jewels. Over this, she wears a white overcoat with black and gold accents and matching pauldrons.

"Lord-Riser is so great to have that opportunity." She said walking up to the talking siblings and peering into the letter.

"We got a great opportunity, everyone. We should prepare to win gracefully," ordered Riser and others in the room cheered.

"Wait for me in the Training mansion, I'll come in a few minutes," he ordered and started walking towards the door which was mirrored by Ravel.

"You are going to train to win?" She asked, surprised. Though she outwardly doesn't support Jiraiya, she is one of his biggest fans. Her brother does it outside as well.

He has the second most collections of Jiraiya's books after Lord Gremory. So he is training to win against the man he admires a lot in a Rating game confused her.

"We are going to train, Ravel. I want Jiraiya-sama's complete collection and I will win against him if that's what it takes to get them.

Just imagine all the possibilities we can do when we win over Jiraiya-sama. We can star in his books. And-" he went on a tangent after that.

Ravel sighed. 'Looks like some things never change. I must ask mother for help if brother is like this,' she thought determinedly and left Riser to his thoughts.


In Heaven

While all preparations and training were going on in the Underworld for the upcoming Rating Game, Heaven was having a different type of preparation.

"Brother, do you think the presence I felt a few years ago could be this Naruto's?" Gabriel asked Michael as they were discussing something.

"I can't accept or deny it, Gabriel. From what I understand about this Naruto, Azazel put him on his level of light mastery and I don't think we can deny the possibility," Michael said.

"We shouldn't leave him like that, Michael. If Devils gave him one of their Evil Pieces set, we can give him our own Brain Saints Deck and let him join our side," argued Uriel.

"As I already said, please be patient, Uriel. Let me show you the contract he signed with Devils for more clarification," said Michael and a copy of Naruto's pact came into existence.

As they read through it, they mirrored similar expressions of Michael when he first read it in the meeting.

"What is this? How did Devils accept this?" Ariel asked, looking at the pact like it is blasphemy.

"I agree with Uriel on this," supported Raphael, the level headed one.

"I don't know, brother. I still have this strong feeling that it was him. How about I visit him and find it?" Gabriel suggested.

Others thought about this and went through possibilities. Gabriel can act as their representative and clear the gap of knowledge between them.

As Naruto already met people from Fallen Angels and Devils, the Angels are the only ones who didn't contact him and they decided to rectify that.

She can also gauge Naruto's power and can conclude on her suspicions. In every way, this gives them a good chance to contact this Naruto.

"Yes, it seems good for me,"

"By father's grace, everything goes well,"

"Yes. You can do this, Gabriel," agreed her 3 brothers and Gabriel responded with a happy smile.

"Let me make the required arrangements," Michael said.

"Don't inform Naruto about this. I want to see his real self, not someone hiding like the last time," she added and Michael nodded.

He went to contact Devils, mostly Sirzechs for Gabriel visit keeping in mind her request. 'Father, please make my suspicions true,' prayed Gabriel as she happily went to attend her works.

And Cut.

That's it for this chapter folks.

See y'all in the next chapter.

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