Chapter 33: A stage worthy of an act
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Although the starting price was larger than the annual income of many sects in the outside world, that didn’t stop the men from figuratively throwing their stones towards Midas.

“15k.” <Jingye Dai>

“17k.” <Jingye Dai>

“25k.” <Jingye Dai>

“35k” <Jingye Dai>

“50k.” <Jingye Dai>

Some may think that these prices were insane - in fact many of the ‘tycoons’ had dropped out due to a lack of money before the start let alone those who had some hope. There seemed to be no thought or strategy going into raising the price a certain amount. It appeared to be that the men were desperate to try their hand towards obtaining the woman in front of them.

This wasn’t just because of them all falling under the orgasm induced spell of the [Golden Eulogy Amphiptere] though. If one stops to consider it, it makes perfect sense that anyone would indeed be desperate to obtain a serpent of their own. Even if the lust wasn’t a matter to consider the price was still ‘reasonable’ as the benefits offered were real.

The purification of impurities would ideally allow these men to live for longer while also having great effects in improving their cultivation. Not to mention that ‘duel cultivating’ was always a quick method of improvement if done with strong cultivators as long as one didn’t worry about the impurities which would be generated; something they didn’t. On top of simply being ideal to duel cultivation with in general these women also had better cultivation than themselves offering even quicker rewards the higher they were!

Midas was even a {Pseudo-Immortal} in the Spirit Elder realm so her insights alone would be a great help to anyone in this desert!

As well as that, these men were all well aware that talent wasn’t completely a random thing which would only appear at random. A more talented woman would be more likely to give birth to a talented heir - who wouldn’t want stronger descendents? Thus Midas’ price quickly shot past any previous records made while she just shyly stood there.

At a groundbreaking price of 1.7m [Great Spirit Stones] the rate of increase had greatly slowed down as only two bidders remained in the run. One was of course the camtaur lord while the other was a rather old man with a thin frame and based on observations of an equally thin penis which Imbiza was eying up. Even without looking at her she could tell her chief of staff wanted to gobble up the man to his last inch.

The man in question was actually the owner of many [Spirit Veins] thus resulting in him being very wealthy. Information the serpents gained even showed that he was likely even exporting quite a lot to outside the {Central Cities} which would mean he should have some sway on the outside world. It suited that such a target should be left to her or Imbiza yet she was sure the fit girl would enjoy the weak old man more than she would.

Luckily for both he was a cunning man even under the effects of their potent  hormones; raising his hand as well as voice to speak toward the stage.

“Excuse me Hannya Mistress, could I ask a question if that’s alright with you?” <Old Man>

Being who she was she just tilted her head while giving him a blank look for a moment before nodding to let him continue on.

“This old man was wondering which girl may be the next on offer - I’m quite interested in that feisty one so if her cultivation base is satisfying enough I’ll offer the same price as our fair Lord here for her. I don’t think it benefits us to keep increasing the price yet even after one of us falls out the second best won’t get for nearly as high a price - this should  result in everyone being happy by the end right?” <Old Man> 

Jingye Dai couldn’t help but wander her eyes toward Midas yet she just nodded. The words of the man were true while it was obvious that he must be put in an awkward spot if things go on with either the lord or yakuza being upset. As it stood the lord would get upset if the old man outbid him which was very likely to happen in the next few exchanges while the yakuza wouldn’t be happy if others got scared of bidding due to the large numbers thrown out here resulting in the next round ending far sooner.

It could be said to be an oversight on Midas’ part since she didn’t expect the Lord Flaming Tiger to pull out so much money. Though she was also somewhat pleased since losing her first time to such a toothpick in front of the public would be quite a let down… Interesting in it’s own way to lose your kiss to something pathetic and unsatisfying yet it was Imbiza who enjoyed that sort of thing the most. Midas found herself being closer to a ‘size queen’.

“I assume nobody has no issues with this?” <Jingye Dai>

“I have none; it’s all the same to me afterall.” <Lord Flaming Tiger>

Seeing no one refusing her she turned to look towards the old man once more to explain the next item for auctioning.

“The one with well defined yet flattering muscles is called Imbiza and she is indeed the second strongest at a cultivation of the initial stage Core Formation realm just like the strongest human in this desert. Though in a head to head fight there is no chance that a same realm {Heavenly Beast} like these would lose to a mortal. That in mind, I think she should meet your standards for the deal?” <Jingye Dai>

To that the old man could only chuckle while nodding; who wouldn’t think it was a worthy price to become the second strongest force in the {Central Cities}? Not to mention he would get the benefit of fucking such a powerful trump card. What could be better!

“Then Midas Ankh and Imbiza of the [Golden Eulogy Amphiptere] are each going for a total of 1.7 million [Great Spirit Stones]. Going once. Going twice… And sold to those two gentlemen from earlier. After handing over payment you may come up so these two can kiss their new husbands and masters.” <Jingye Dai>

Saying that was a que as the two serpents walked up; as much as Imbiza seemed to refuse she too walked up to the spotlight while her gaze stayed firmly on the old man. Gnashing her teeth at him with fire in her eyes - Lord Flaming Tiger having a much easier time due to how ‘meek’ his new girl was. Still both stood up at the same time while tapping cards to one which Jingye presented towards them to transfer the price.

Sure enough it was a painless procedure which resulted in the two naked girls forced to look down on their future mates. Midas avoided direct eye contact while shifting around nervously with clear unwillingness; however the second never broke eye contact with her own mate with gnashing teeth. Clearly neither man cared for the girl's opinion as the first to act was Lord Flaming Tiger.

“Get on your knees.” <Lord Flaming Tiger>

There was no ounce of ‘request’ in that demand as he cruelly looked upon the woman who could only obey the cold words. Falling to her knees the camtaur cultivator abruptly walked forward to have his large erect mass press against the woman's face - the second upon seeing this couldn’t help but mutter. Her voice was painful and obviously forced out.

“B-ass-tardss-...” <Imbiza>

“Oh, this one sure is feisty but nothing that can’t be fixed over time hahaha! Make sure you watch your leader closely now.” <Old Man>

While saying that he gripped the hair on her head to forcibly turn her to face the scene. The face of a mature beauty (Midas) scrunched up in clear ‘displeasure’ as the tip pressed against her plump lips. Her lips softly deflating in response to the supple head of the shaft as she felt a pre-cum ooze out from the urethra to slowly paint her lips. Even slipping between her lips to give her a taste (thus smell) of what was to come thus making her body shake - the snake secretly lapping it up.

<Sure enough this doesn’t seem as good as an oni but it’ll do I suppose, at the very least I get a free 3.4 million stones easy even if the rest of the girls sell for scraps ohohoho~.>

Unaware of the thoughts going through the woman's head the camtaur spoke once more though with more gravel came along with his tone.

“You best prepare it well since after a bit I’m going to use you for your Mother-given purpose and I won’t be holding back even if you die.” <Lord Flaming Tiger>

With that comment she couldn’t help rolling her eyes secretly; who would think that a Spirit Elder would suffer against the thrusts of a mere Foundation Formation realm cultivator. Sure, he was big that many women would certainly suffer and a Spirit Elder may not want to try him. Yet he was hardly strong enough back that kind of talk up even if she were a human.

<The smell is satisfying enough for me.>

Still she didn’t let that ruin her moment as she puckered her lips out while letting the audible sound of her lips leaving them impact the moist head over the sound of raising numbers in the background. Her black tongue flickered out against his urethra in a testing fashion before she pushed it further still. Those rich lips slowly pushed apart as she pressed against her newly minted gigantic lover before they soon spread completely around it causing the man to let out a groan; leaving Midas with a salty surprise that her naughty tongue lapped up immediately.

She did keep a certain level of shame and unwillingness in her eyes yet despite that her ‘body moved on its own’ to pleasure its owner.

“Hahaha she is certainly enjoying herself so how about we get you started on your new life? Oh, also you may speak freely without me telling you. I’m sure you’ll ha-” <Old Man>

“Kisss my asss ya wrinkly old prune!” <Imbiza>

The man didn’t mind the crass language of the girl or rather seemed to enjoy it. Letting out a clearly amused chuckle as he slowly had his hand brush threw her hair - his left moved to grab one of her black udders. A cruel grin appeared upon his very wizened face as he leaned forward to softly kiss her cheek.

“I don’t think I will; you on the other hand… Get on your knees to suck mine like your slurping noodles for your first kiss. It’s fitting for a whore like you since this old man's penis is too good for your mouth. Also make sure to put in a lot of tongue!” <Old Man>
“You…” <Imbiza>

Unlike how she seemingly would want (if not really) when the old man let go of her she didn’t get a chance to deck him. Instead the beautiful well built woman fell to her knees as if about to worship the man gaunt man - quite the opposite of what could be considered natural. Getting on her hands and knees she ground her teeth with a lowered head.

Slowly making her way around his back her head suddenly darted up to face his humid asshole that likely had more hair upon it than his head. Unwillingness filled her eyes as well as a bit of horror yet her body moved on its own, slowly her lips pushed outwards while her cheeks became more sunken. Her black tongue exited her mouth to excitedly thrashing around in a slutty manner with her slowly leaning closer towards that rump.

Despite her wants soon the room echoed with a sloppy loud *SMOOO~*  interrupting the auction to make everyone turn away from the next auction item. All their eyes turning to the girl who was sluttily kissing the old man's ass with relish while her eyes darted over them. Even the other snakes turned to look at their chief while she ‘blushed with shame’.

Meanwhile the other pair didn’t mind Imbiza or the slowly increasing amount of mortal-beast pairs doing various lewd acts. In the time it took Midas had already fit half the massive equine cock down her threat - that slender neck stretching quite a bit to accommodate. Her eyes weren’t showing an ounce of desire as she slowly crawled on all four to take in more of the cock in front of herself.

The middle-aged camtaur couldn’t help slowly bucking his hips due to that divine feeling throat which he hadn’t expected. Who would have guessed that the queens of all snakes would be great at swallowing? She hadn’t even gagged or teared up from having her throat bulged out like a fleshlight.

Still he didn’t want to finish in her mouth so quickly backed away to unsheath his cock from her mouth with a saliva filled *SCHLGOO~ORG!* while the sticky spit turned dick lube kept basically her entire face attached to the cock. Having him forcibly pull out her like that suddenly made her caught a few times as some wards of potent precum splat on the floor only for a heavy hoof to slam the back of her head. Forcibly whipping her face in the mess.

“Don’t waste anything since that’s your breakfast, dinner, lunch and supper from now on. We can’t be wasteful in the desert so neither can you. Now present yourself to me then guide my cock into your womb - should feel glad you need to do little but take it.” <Lord Flaming Tiger>

While the hoof lifted from her head she made no sign of rebellion but instead followed his words exactly. Turning around before rolling onto her back with her thighs about as spread apart while also pushing up to angle her hairless fat pussy to his penis. All the while the brief glances she got of the penis from behind her mammoth mounds was one of fear but acceptance.

Lord Flaming Tiger didn’t care about that as he slowly moved forward as her hands stretched out to receive him. Guiding the well lubed penis inch by inch closer to her entrance while softly stroking it to keep him ‘pleased’. She was slightly annoyed at how ‘active’ her kin was being in the background yet at the same time enjoyed the attention; truly strange.

| Look at how well our ancesstor sswallowss horsse cock like it’ss nothing but a noodle~! |

| Ass expected… But iss a camel cock and horsse cock the ssame? |

| No idea but I’m ssure we’ll find out in the future~! |

| Waa~ look at chief give that assshole the ssluttiesst kisss I’ve ever sseen~! |

| I-I just came from watching that… Urgh lets hurry up the que! |

| Not posssible you idiot - we need to wait for them to auction  uss off firss- Urgh, I came, damn watching thosse two iss jusst too amazing. It makess uss feel like dirt! |

| Mmm leasst were not sstupid mortalss or dragonss! |

Focusing on those stupid girls she felt the thick head pressing on her entrance while her folds slowly were pulled apart by the mounting pressure. Her entrance slowly squirting against him in excitement with that being all the Camtaur needed before powerfully thrusting. It didn’t take much for that plump onyx cunt to accept it’s time had come; letting the monster in to destroy it.

Just like that pleasure flooded in from her flower making her quiver entire body. Midas easily accommodated the penis once more thanks to her natural biology - it didn’t make it any less pleasurable though as she let out a long moan. Pleasantly surprised by how easy it was for her to adapt to his size after a bit of pushing Lord Flaming Tiger took that moan as a challenge.

He wasted absolutely no time as he stepped forward to quickly put all the weight of his horse torso behind one more thrust. The powerful result caused a powerful wave of pleasure to flow through her body as his cock head slammed against her womb all in one - a wave of pussy juice flowing around his cock as she climaxed with gritted teeth. Her hands which were still around his penis clutched it harder making him let out a growl.

Even as her waist clearly bulged out to support his sudden actions he didn’t let up as he continued using all his weight while grinding against her uterus. As could be expected with a sloppy pop he reached the deepest depths of her pussy then used that sexual organ more like a cock hat. Continuing to thrust faster and further all the while her head reeled out with lips parted in a constant moan while unwittingly making sure that his penis never spent a single moment unlubed as he bred her like he’s never done before.

It was hard for people's gaze not to turn to the pair since the camtaur soon reached balls deep resulting in balls larger than a fist constantly slap against her large ass cheeks. A constant uninterrupted yet powerful pounding made them hit with such force that she quickly developed a clear bruise of his ballsack. Those fat pussy lips of hers had already turned two shades darker with them only becoming more swollen behind the second.

That old man didn’t care about that pair though as he bit his bottom lip before reaching between his legs to grab both Imbiza’s udders before powerfully tugging them back through in front of him. At the powerful tug Imbiza couldn’t help but let out a double shot of rich golden caramel milk while moaning into his quivering sphincter. Her lips already wrapped around his doughnut while her tongue entered between that to deepen her slutty french kiss.

The man continued to pull her breasts to actually pull the girl across the floor till those massive tits were safely between his legs. His already oozing cock and shriveled nuts sat upon those caramel filled sacks yet he wasn’t satisfied by that. Leaning forward he forcibly pulled those breasts apart to let his privates fall between them - after that he followed through by closing the milk mountains around his chest.

Using those fat nipples like joycons to continue controlling her breasts. Moving around aggressively to make them grind against his privates which actually didn’t last long due to him soon giving in to the sensations. Groaning out with letting out a surprising amount of ball batter between those tits as he pulled out.

Her hands meanwhile moved around to pull that sluts head from his ass which resulted in her first kiss ending with a *OOOCH~!*. Revealing her sticky face with countless rogue white hairs all over but especially concentrated on her large lips as well as between/behind them. Even with nothing to kiss her mouth refused to stop its actions as her forked tongue continued to lash around with hungry vigor while she remained on her knees. Cum & caramel milk slowly dripped down from between her breasts and twin udders.

“Heh, you look good like that so let’s leave you like that hahaha!” <Old Man>

They weren’t the only pair to finish up since she finally took the chance to look towards their undisputed ruler who was having a much rougher time. Unlike how he may have bred his previous lovers he truly went all out with Midas. His cock buried deep inside her as every single thrust was done with the full force of his heavy body making it surprising that Midas hadn’t collapsed yet.

Didn’t take long for him to do one last thrust with a long groan as load after load shot into Midas’ accommodating womb causing it to quickly bloat. Her own penis passage clenching around his as she quivered while cumming once more upon his abusive penis. It took a good few minutes for him to finish up, leaving the serpent with a noticeably bloated womb which she clutched with her hands while letting out a long grown as he pulled out.

In the background, as if marking the end of this successful auction, Jingye Dai simply spoke one line.

“Don’t worry; we’ll give you a plug large enough on the house.” <Jingye Dai>