Chapter 47
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The maid was gazing at Yang but soon stopped and started writing into her book while she walked around the area. She was walking around Yang, and soon she flipped a page and stopped walking because she was right in front of Yang.

Maid: Alright, let's see how things have been altered.

The maid moved closer to Yang and was looking into his left eye. She drew closer and closer until there were only a few centimetres between their heads. She then proceeded to his other eye and observed taht as well. After she was done, she started writing again while she stepped away.

Maid: Pathetic... Now let's see the alteration.

The maid touched Yang's chest with her pen. The core within Yang's chest started glowing so brightly that its shape was visible through Yang's skin. The maid drew her pen back, and the light vanished, and quickly jotted down something, then placed the pen inside the book and closed it.

Maid: This is unusual. No one has ever managed to do that; no one in the uncountable number of alternative lines has ever managed this... not even the original one! Turning a punishment into a plundering?! You are quite a monster... Yang!
???: Monster? Are you sure about that... Perhaps you meant to say that he is greater than me?

The maid quickly turned around to see a man standing not far from the door-sized door she came through. The man had a shiny light blue robe; also, the man was wearing a plain white mask covering his entire face, except for his eyes which were dark blue.

Maid: No, sir! I would never! I just meant that...
Man: You meant what? I think I do know MYSELF pretty well without you telling me.
Maid: Yes, I apologise, sir!
Man: ...
Maid: Sir, would you mind telling me why you came here?
Man: Because this one is different, he seems to be missing something that everyone else has, but has something that the others do not! I just can't figure out what it is... yet.
Maid: Sir, this one managed to gain something during a punishment; I don't think this is normal!
Man: No, this means he is different; he can learn and gain from the most difficult situations as well, even if those situations were not meant to kill him! We should push him further a bit.
Maid: Sir, I don't think taht would be a great idea!
Man: Yes, you are right... let's push him beyond his boundaries! Have him break his limits!
Maid: Sir! I think he will...
Man: 20CO-LE20! You are in no position to talk about what I do... after all, I DO know who I am and WHAT I CAN do! It seems you forgot about that. Don't forget that you are easily replaceable; there are millions of you where you came from!
20CO-LE20: I understand, sir! I am terribly sorry!
Man: Good.
20CO-LE20: But sir, what if he fails?
Man: If he can't beat his most powerful and dangerous enemy, himself, then he was another failure. Now go and do your job!
20CO-LE20: Yes, sir!

The man and the maid walked back to the portal they used, and once they went through it, the gate itself vanished, and time started going again.