Chapter 33 – Recordings
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April talked about a secret room under the throne before, she might have it here too.

I'll ignore the unknown guy, I guess people have a social life without me.

Stepping back into the throne room made me realise how obvious the 'secret' room is. Only thing it misses is a sign 'secret room entrance here!'.

There's a button on the back of the throne, it's blue, just like everything else. It has some marks on it to show it has been used before, so I guess April actually uses it.

Well, let's press the button and see what happens. A small part of the the throne opens and shows a ladder going down, it's really small. Do I have to go in there? It's okay, there's no monsters here. April wouldn't do that, right?

I shiver as I try to collect my courage. Here goes nothing.

Step for step I climb down, careful to not slip. Not that it would hurt me in here, but my heart can't handle that at the moment. Falling isn't something I have good experiences with, so I rather avoid it.

Soon enough I reach the bottom. It's good to be alive.

The room is completely white, with all kinds of white desks and equipment. There's containers full of weird liquids and other stuff, I've never seen something like that.

On one of the desks there's something that looks like a phone, April uses one too?

I pick up the phone, so how do you use this? The front lights up and shows a picture of a cat. Sophie had a picture of a person there, so maybe it's something they can choose?

At the bottom of the picture there's a bar with text on it. It says "Slide to unlock" with an arrow pointing to the right. It's in the language I know, maybe Sophie's phone says the same thing?

From what I saw you touch the front with your fingers, and then stuff happens. So let's slide this to the right.

Some letters appear at the bottom of the screen. The top reads "Type password to unlock. Hint: Colour name." how odd.

Am I supposed to write a name with these letters at the bottom? The hint says it's a colour name, is it yellow? Like her eyes at the end?

As I touch the y, a dot appears below the top text. I guess I filled it in? An OK stands next to the dot.

I'll write the rest, all the letters are there. Should I touch the OK now? I got nothing to lose.

Bzzt. Ah, the phone reads "Wrong password, two attempts remaining." I guess there is something to lose now.

I don't know any other colour names, right? Or would she mean my name? That's worth a try.

OK. There we go, it unlocked. Why would she pick my name though?

This time the picture behind is the sky. It's a pretty picture, I can see why she would like it.

There's a lot of smaller pictures on the sky, contained in little see through squares. Below them there's a text, I guess it says what it is.




"Diary stuff."


What would happen if I touch one of those squares? 

The square starts to fill the phone, making the pictures inside bigger. Each picture has text under it as well. I think I touched "Research.", so this should be filled with that? 




"Find It."


"Sound Recorder." 

"Flash Light." 


I don't know what half of the stuff is. Make that bigger actually, I know like two.

I accidentally touch part of the square, and it shrinks again. That's easy to get rid off, really convenient. 

Now the next square. I think that should be fun.

The pictures here are really colourful.


"Guess The Image."

"Guitar 3: Last String."

These make even less sense. Considering April named it Fun, I might try it later.

I'm not sure what recordings are, but I'm about to find out.

Hmm, all these have dates on them. Starting from 12-04-2020. They seem to be daily, the last one is at 24-07-2024. Sophie said it was the 23th yesterday, so that's today right? So April was here today…

Did I just miss her? Can I even run into her here? Oh well.

I'm really curious as to what those dates mean, so I'll tap the first one.

April's face appears on the phone! How did she get there?! She has the bright yellow eyes from before, they're not glowing now though. 

"Well, day one. Another restart, surprisingly it's still the same world. I might run into myself here, nah let's not do that," April starts talking, it's not towards me, and it seems to be in the past. It's really odd magic, kinda like that video Sophie showed me before.

"But that's off topic, I need to keep this pure facts only. I got diary to complain in, so I can keep everything sorted. I'm so smart," April scratches her head with a slight laugh, it seems kind of awkward.

"So, fact is, I'm still on Aliv. The old me should be like six here, I guess. That means I know future events, which is great actually. If only I was interested in lottery numbers," This time April laughs with a bit more confidence. 

"I know where Blue is in fourteen years, and I won't be there. I don't remember meeting my future self early on, just at the end. No use changing that, wouldn't want to know what happened to myself anyway," April smiles. She knows where I am in the future? Oh wait, is it because I'll meet the 'old' April then? I wonder though, is it from her dreams?

"Another fact, the others are still alive. I'll try contacting them, they might be walking around on this world too. It might not be the same country, I did start in Neskan again though, so I expect Blue to be in Espia.

"White definitely isn't from this world, I talked to her about it before. Apparently her planet was called 'Earth' and she was born in 1996. She met Blue when she was twelve, it makes me feel old. Although it means at one point Blue switches to 'Earth', I hope I'll get to see that." All this talk is confusing me, who's White? And I met her? I guess I'll see it in the future… 

"Green was quite useless for info, I didn't expect anything else. He had no interest for dates or names. He doesn't even know his age, he just doesn't care. When I asked him about his previous life he answered me it was much better in that form than two paw form. I don't think he's a human, or well, not mentally.

"I'm thinking he's either a cat or a dog, it would explain his playfulness and how he loves cuddling. It could be other things too, I don't know a lot about other animals though. I hope he's a cat, I love cats. I know so many people who would pay for a cute kid with cat ears and a tail, we could get rich from that." April has a slight blush on her face. Green, animal? Kid with cat ears? I hope there's clues later on, cause I don't know what it's about.

"Amaranth, hereby called Amy, seems to be from a far future. She talked about robots replacing most human jobs, hoverboards, and more cool stuff. Not this world either, her planet is called Beganod. It's a mouth full, I wonder which idiot came up with that.

"The reason she could help White before was because she studied health. But with the backwards healthcare in the old times, it's a first time for her.

"Since she met Blue without a mask and not us, she didn't actually recognise us at first. The point she did recognise Blue, she felt like we'd hurt her enough. I can't blame her though, it's been pretty hectic." Amaranth? What's that? Couldn't she use easy words?

"Apple actually is amazing, I knew she was smart and strong before, just didn't realise how much. She's probably the one who's the furthest back in the past. At least I haven't met any cavemen or anything.

"Apple comes from a war torn period, she's the only one with fighting experience. Something about village being slaughtered by bandits and her crossdressing to be accepted into the army. Quite the story, she met Blue when she became the youngest general ever.

"Like I said, amazing. If I ever need a tactic for whatever reason, I know who to find. I can't imagi- oh, off topic," April sheepishly smiles.

"Now then, Orange. He actually hates his colour, and tries to hide it with contacts. He comes from the same place as Amy, with some talking they realised they were old neighbours. Quite the coincidence, since most of us don't seem to be close.

"Orange programmed robots, Amy said he also was a suspected criminal for a lot of hacking crimes. It seems that he's pretty dedicated once he starts something. He won't stop until he has all the info he needs or finished the project," April says while holding her chin with her hand.

"Neither him or Amy gave info about dates or where they met Blue. They might have met her together, or maybe the neighbour thing and meeting Blue is a total coincidence.

"We'll get that info soon enough. Anyway last but not least, Pink. She's an original, no new body or anything. She met Blue the same time we met her.

"She's a stubborn child, that's for sure. But she's also really curious and creative. She won't stop making odd things that are supposed to make things easier," April says, then stays silent for a while. She has her usual gentle smile, she hasn't changed one bit.

"That should be it for now, I'll make other vids later. Although I need to do it as soon as possible, before I forget everything. Well, bye," April waves and the phones goes black.

I'm on my phone and it's 2:30 am. I'll keep it short so good night.

Anyways, see a mistake? Idk.