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Since I haven't posted any new chapters for a long while, I should explain why and post a preview of what I have been up to for this story instead.

The short version would be: I've been working on making this story into an actual game. To show some footage, I've made a small gameplay preview/trailer and uploaded it on YouTube. It takes about twenty minutes, if you are interested, do check it out! (I hope there's no issue with the link)

Of course, with me working on this project at the moment, I don't know when I'll be able to put up the next chapter. Hence why I decided to create this small info instead to take the time and explain it.

If you enjoy the story more than my newest project, I apologize! I'll still work on new chapters as well in the future.

If you decide to check out my gameplay trailer, then I appreciate it a lot that you're taking the time to do so and I hope you'll enjoy it!