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Red Princess
Red Princess
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4.7 (21 ratings)
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In the frigid north, the land of Almera is ruled by the Almeran Empire, a country which is led with an iron hand. A chance encounter within its capital leads a young traveler to meet the Imperial princess herself, who just so happens to save him from a pair of thugs. Thus, leaving him indebted to her as a consequence...

Beautiful Female Lead Early Romance First Love Inferiority Complex Introverted Protagonist Jealousy Male Protagonist Obsessive Love Possessive Characters Royalty Yandere
Table of Contents 53
Reviews 4
Table of Contents
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    Status: c12

    I think one of the things to emphasize in this story, is how great the character explanation and narrative is. Some just want to emphasize nonesense stuffs, but for me, this novel really deserves a spot on the top.

    First, the narration is so informative, full of details. Carefully explaining the characters perspective, surroundings, etc, which gives the reader far more imagination on what the characters is feeling.

    Second, the logic is present. The Chemistry within the characters, and the great dynamics of the environment that surrounds the characters gives the story much more flavor.

    Third, their roles, responsibilities and positions are highly evaluated. I don't agree with the first comment saying it is too fast of a development, I just think it is well balanced, especially for the possesive and unique personality of the princess. 

    Overall, a 5 star for me.

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    Status: c33: mine and mine forever

    Yandere romance focus. No harem. It story of love, madness, possessiveness, and obsession. The story focus around 2 main characters and their relationship; the red princess and male protagonist. So far, the amount of characters in this story could be count with fingers. 

    The story sets in an on going war. But, this is not the tactical and strategic war or kingdom building kind of story (not yet as chapter 33). There is a bit politics. Overall, this is like Romeo and Juliet, where their relationship is in conflict with their own country. But it is this kind of setting that ultimately pull them together closer as they find themselves quite lonely and isolated from the world around them. They slowly grew to become each other pillar of emotional support as they begin to dwell into each other mortal struggle and traumatic circumstances. 

    Albeit, the princess feelings are more strong and aggressive. Albeit, the love and oppressive behaviours is forced on the princess, with not much development and senses, and the relationship is quite rush. Albeit, this is expect from this kind of romantic story of 'irrational' love. But, there is enough supporting reasoning and psychological influences to support and balance their love. Albeit, if you turn off and numb your brain a little bit and give up some of common sense, this is enjoyable. 

    So, if you're a lonely person who are seeking irrational, unrealistic and unconditional love that doesn't in reality, then this hot and diabetic Yandere love fantasy romance is just the right intoxicant that will make your heart aches and vomit pure sugar, which will leave you more disappointed when you snap to reality and realise you still single and forever will be. Albeit, nothing personal. 

    Writing quality: 80/100

    Character development: 89/100

    World build: 67/100

    Romance: 111/100

    Overal, I will give this 131 watermelons out of 66 cubic-meter of sugar 

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    Status: chapter 8: tender comfort

    Interesting take on Yandere: anyone remember when Esdeath was asked if she had a reason to be a sadistic monster and she went "nah, just born like that"? Imagine she actually did have a reason for massacring people and the reason she becomes yandere is because she starts to use the "mc" (both are technically mcs, but since I'm comparing to AGK...) as her sole emotional support, the guy being incredibly weak against receiving good will for "free". Only problem seems to be that their relationship progresses way too fast (to be fair even the guy is confused by it).

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    Status: chapter 24

    The story is very good, it's a romantic one not, for now, a yandere one. She has an obsession for him, but it is not yet shown to the others, including the Male protagonist, except for her being clingy. The  romantic development, especially at the start, is way too rushed, in less than two days, with two or three conversations about their past in total... They are already in love and she has already lost it. By the way, the story is centered on the main protagonists, there are no secondary protagonists, helpers or other characters that could be considered important.

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