Chapter 22
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Kichirou and Jun very rarely left the house together, but when they did, it was usually a once-a-week outing for food or such. During all of these times, they unknowingly had a third person added to their group. Watching and following from a safe distance was always Natsuki. He would try to change his appearance every time so that he would not be found out. This behaviour went on for a long two months, the stalker waiting for the time when he could best start his plan. 

Natsuki would record the days that Kichirou was locked up in the house due to his heat. He began to predict when those heats would come, and from there, the plan took several steps farther to completion. He noticed that every time Kichirou received his heat, it would usually happen sometime during the afternoons. Surprisingly, it seemed that they always started near the same time every month. It was like clockwork. Natsuki could simply follow the moon to predict Kichirou’s cycle. 

This would be the main factor to Natsuki’s plan. 

“Ren,” Kichirou called into Cupid's Den. Ren had begun to work at this club along with Jun because the both of them claimed they needed money. Jun was seriously working there for the money as a runner. He wanted to be able to help Kichirou pay the bills, and he figured if he wanted to go to college, then he should save up his own money and not rely on Kichirou. Although he didn't seem like it, Jun was very serious toward Kichirou. He wanted to be the least amount of a nuisance possible, even if that meant doing nothing but working when he wasn’t at school. 

Kichirou supported his decision, it wasn't like he could do anything about it once Jun made up his mind anyway. And, to him, Jun looked like he was having fun. He joked with his co-workers and laughed with the customers. It seemed like these days had been the happiest for Jun. He was showing his true self to more and more people, not hiding within anymore. 

Ren, on the other hand, had other motives for working at Cupid’s Den. When he first met Hayato, the two had a good laugh since, if someone called at Hayato, both of them would answer. From that moment on, everyone just called him Ren. He wanted to stay close to Jun, to make sure this young blood wouldn’t do anything to his friends. As he worked here though, Ren realized that he actually liked getting away from the children and working with adults. He was working as a host, so he met with all of the people who wanted to buy his time. He was even able to meet a lot of potential partners through this job. However, every time he met with someone, Hayato and Rei, those two psychics, would always shake their heads, telling him they hadn’t met his fated one yet. 

Ren believed in the two’s powers after hearing all the testimonials and seeing it the first time he had worked there. According to Rei, even though Ren thought that Koutarou was his fated, he would be unable to tell where Ren’s string went. All he knew was that he could see the string trailing away from him, that meant that he had met his fated one, but he or she was not close enough for Rei to say exactly who it was. 

 On one particular night, Kichirou went to go pick up both Ren and Jun after their shift. Even then, from among the shadows, Natsuki was watching. However, this time, his silhouette was caught by Ren. Suspicious, Ren watched out for this figure for the next couple weeks. He noticed that the figure was only there when Kichirou was. This made him angry that his friend was being preyed on. After Kichirou and Jun went home for the night, Ren decided he would do something about it. So, as he stalked the stalker, he found out that it was Natsuki. Of course he knew who he was. They were co-workers, after all. 

The next day, Ren confronted Natsuki at school. 

 “Natsuki-sensei, can I talk to you?” Ren called out as he walked down the hall. Natsuki stopped and looked behind him. He knew that Ren was a friend of Kichirou’s and he figured this conversation may be able to help him. But first, he needed to know why the other teacher had seeked him out. 

“What do you need?” He responded briskly. Ren and him moved to a corner of the hall where the students never usually came. Both of the teachers stood staring at each other until Ren began to talk.

“I was just wondering…” Ren paused, “how long you’ve been trailing Kichirou for?”

Natsuki’s eyes narrowed and his heartbeat quickened. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve watched you stalk them for the last two weeks.”

“You’ve got the wrong person.”

“No, I don't. I know it’s you.”

“So what if it is?” His hands were on his hip, a light smile on his face. Natsuki was beginning to piss Ren off. 

“I just ask for you to stop.” He said through gritted teeth. 

Natsuki chuckled in his heart. How could he stop? Today was finally the day that all of his plans would come into effect. This was the worse time to stop anything. But he smiled at Ren anyway.

“Alright,” he muttered, “I will stop.”

“Are you telling the truth?” Wasn’t this answer always the one that was replied to with a lie the most?

“Always.” He grinned maliciously before leaving the room. Ren stood in the middle of the room with a confused look on his face. He had a really bad feeling about this. He pulled out his phone so he could call Kichirou and let him know what was going on, but his phone went to voicemail immediately. He must be in class, Ren thought. I’ll try later. 

But, that later never came because as soon as school let out, Kichirou and Jun went to the movies where they both turned off their phones. Ren would never had known that his bad feeling would turn into some far, far worse.