Start of the Surprise (1)
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(If I wrote a novel, will you read it?)


Hearing the system prompt ringing in his ear, Ye Fei comfortably smiled.

His experience value has grown very rapidly!

Ye Fei was well aware that the gain in experience value was the result of Su Qingzhu. 300 experience points were awarded to his account in the blink of an eye.

The key part, however, was Su Qingzhu's subtle changes.

Her feelings for Ye Fei gradually piled up, and her attitude towards him has changed from initial indifference to her current gentleness.

She raised her head and looked at Ye Fei, the two of them intertwined, and looked to see the traces of affection in their eyes.

In front of other men, she was distant but in front of Ye Fei, the ice barriers melted, and it was no longer cold but she became more feminine and more attractive than before.

Su Qingzhu's dancing was gradually getting better, and the dance moves in the song showcased her long legs.

The sight was beautiful.

Ye Fei looked and admired the beauty that only he could see.

Su Qingzhu was swept by Ye Fei's fiery eyes. Although her heartbeat speeded up, her dance movements didn't stop, and the song ended soon after.

After the dance, Su Qingzhu was obviously relieved, and then said, "I’ll change clothes first." 

Wearing this uniform made her feel very uncomfortable, it wasn’t her usual attire.

However, Ye Fei grabbed her hand and held her: "What? It’s over so soon?.”

Su Qingzhu looked at Ye Fei and took the initiative to quickly touch his face, "This is my limit, okay?.”

Ye Fei continued to laugh, “That's it?.”

With that, he held Su Qingzhu with his arm, and closed the door of the room with the other hand.

Su Qingzhu seemed to feel something, her cheeks flushed even more.

He moved further, causing Su Qingzhu's body to tremble, and her long eyelashes shaked slightly, showing her inner tension.

She understood what Ye Fei was doing.

For a brief time, Su Qingzhu only felt the breath of her lover. Ye Fei was also nervous and at a loss when he saw Su Qingzhu's autumn eyes.

At this time, Su Qingzhu faintly knew Ye Fei's purpose. She saw the man’s intent, suppressed the shame in her heart, and whispered gently, “Ye Fei, it's not convenient for me today."

Ye Fei was quickly startled, seeing Su Qingzhu's hand clutching her dress and her body trembling slightly. 

He understood what Su Qingzhu meant by inconvenience. It seems that Su Qingzhu’s period is coming soon.

It's really unfortunate.

It seemed that his godly support was only a waste. Originally, he wanted to take advantage of it.

But, although it was unfortunate, Su Qingzhu soon whispered softly, "Wait until it’s over.”

When Ye Fei heard that, his heart shook, and Su Qingzhu lowered her head with a sweet grin, and the corners of Ye Fei's mouth formed a sheepish smile.

Her performance perfectly captured a woman in love. She had to conjure up a lot of bravery to say this, and Ye Fei was proud of her for it.

He held her little soft hand and didn't say much.

It was only a few days away, there’s no hurry.

Briefly, Su Qingzhu buried her head on Ye Fei’s shoulders, leaning against him, feeling the warmth of the moment, her heart filled with perplexed emotions.

At this time, Grandpa Su walked in and was pleased to see Ye Fei and Su Qingzhu standing together, the two were exceptionally matched.

With Ye Fei here, he felt relieved. Even if he’s gone in the future, his granddaughter will have someone to rely on.

Grandpa Su left the two to their own business and left.

Ending the display of affection, Ye Fei dined on food cooked and served by Su Qingzhu.

The atmosphere was pleasant, and the ambience warm.

After eating, Ye Fei didn't stay in the Su's house for a long time, because he had another important thing to do.

It was that Luo Weiyu's leg injury has recovered very well. 

She was going to be discharged from the hospital today!

In a private hospital in Yanjing, be it unnecessary or not, the hospital is the property of the Ye family, which gave Ye Fei the opportunity to let Luo Weiyu recuperate here.

Two o'clock in the afternoon.

Ye Fei drove his Bentley to the hospital, parked at the appropriate spot, and went straight to the intensive care unit.

Inside, Ye Fei saw Luo Weiyu.

She was dressed in a white dress with a tiny beige coat draped over her shoulders, a pair of light canvas shoes on her feet, and her legs were fair and straight.

Luo Weiyu's hair is jet-black and her cheeks are moist and moving. Her eyes are as bright as stars, and her eyelashes are long and dense.

Because it was the afternoon, the sunlight from outside the hospital window shone on her face, causing Luo Weiyu's body to be stained with a second layer of faint brilliance.

Sure enough, she was a sunshine girl.

When Luo Weiyu saw Ye Fei, her eyes flashed with joy and the pair of dimples on her face formed a smile that was pure and sweet, "You’re here!.”

"Yes, I came to pick you up.” He alway felt very relaxed when he saw Luo Weiyu.

He couldn’t put it into words but it felt like unspeakable comfort and warmth.

"Oh, okay." Luo Weiyu got up, fixed her clothing, and walked to Ye Fei's side.

Although her leg injury has basically healed, she’s still unable to exercise vigorously or walk too fast.

Ye Fei turned to face Luo Weiyu. Almost everyday, he had come to acupuncture and apply medicine for her. The scars on Luo Weiyu's legs were all being cured by the Bingji Jade Bee Powder, causing her legs to turn jade-white, and all of the lengthy scars had vanished and reverted to their previous state.


It was because of this precisely that Luo Weiyu dared to wear a skirt.

Since the car accident, she has almost never worn skirts, only wearing loose trousers, but now she’s become more confident, with a smile on the corners of her mouth.

She looked into Ye Fei's gaze, showing clear admiration.

"Then, let's go back to the flower shop first?" Luo Weiyu cheerfully said.

"Okay." Ye Fei nodded, "Let's go."

"Wait!." Luo Weiyu shouted quietly and joyfully walked to the window sill and picked up the pot of orchids that accompanied her journey in the hospital.

Ye Fei’s heart melted and he immediately smiled.

Then, they went downstairs side by side, soon arriving where Ye Fei’s car was.

With a lovely grin, he gently placed Luo Weiyu in the co-pilot seat, who was clutching an orchid.

Soon, Ye Fei drove to Yangzi Street.

It was still the same small road.

In the corner of Yangzi Street, Luo Weiyu noticed her small flower shop, and then her eyes became slightly bright.

Her small flower shop has been renovated, and the exterior walls and small courtyard have changed, and the exterior walls have turned into a promising light blue and the yard is made of a fence to enclose it, making it seem like a typical flower shop in high-end areas.

Luo Weiyu quickly rubbed her eyes, then spoke with disbelief, “You remodeled it?.”

"Yeah, I told you last time. I’ll let my people decorate and change it, but don’t worry I did the design, so how do you feel about it?”, Ye Fei inquired with a curious expression.

Luo Weiyu’s eyebrows shifted and a gentle smile with shallow dimples appeared, as she replied enthusiastically, "I like it very much!.”

She looked around carefully, intaking the changes of her shop.

Every corner of the flower shop emanated different kinds of warmth, and there were traces of Ye Fei's participation in the design of every detail.

This made Luo Weiyu’s heart feel immense care.

The flowers in the shop were carefully watered and also arranged as they were when she was hospitalized, it looked unchanged, yet it felt different.

Well, the good thing for sure was that the flower shop is in good shape allowing Luo Weiyu to be relieved.

"Where should we go next?" Luo Weiyu carefully put the orchid in place, then looked at Ye Fei with a smile and a look of expectancy on her face.

After all, the sun is still warm in the afternoon, and there’s plenty of time, enough for Ye Fei and Luo Weiyu to go to other places.

"Mhm, let’s go to my house. I have a yard and planted a lot of flowers, so let's go take a look together." Ye Fei smiled. 

He actually had mentioned this before, however there was still one more thing he forgot…

But, Luo Weiyu's heart felt sweet at the thought of Ye Fei still remembering the agreement between the two.


Soon after, Ye Fei took Luo Weiyu to his private villa.

Although the villa was not as good as that of Bai Yu’s, it was still a luxurious manor.

Ye Fei's private residence is situated in the nexus between the suburbs and the city. The front and rear gardens, which cover several thousand square meters, are fitted with private swimming pools.

The garden, on the other hand, is full with vibrant plants and flowers.

When she saw the garden in front of her, Luo Weiyu was taken aback.

Although she knew that Ye Fei had a lot of money, and looking at the villa and garden, Luo Weiyu potientaly guessed that Ye Fei’s status is special.

As Luo Weiyu was being shocked, Ye Fei grabbed her weak and boneless hand and guided her into the villa yard.

The corner of Ye Fei’s mouth rose, "Don't be nervous, I’ll take you to see the flowers first."

Luo Weiyu felt Ye Fei's thoughtfulness, and her heart was even warmer.

The two went to the garden hand in hand.

"This is the peony, lily, tulip, rose, orchid. Well, obviously the orchid is my Luo Weiyu’s favorite so I planted more of it.”

The orchids are cut and nurtured in wonderful flower pots, and all types of orchids are blossoming and looking stunning.

Luo Weiyu was pleased when she observed the several types of orchids. She rubbed her eyes, knelt, and watched intently.

The orchids were in a variety of positions.

Ye Fei instructed Ji Yun'er, his personal butler, to find these types for him.

There are several rare orchid kinds among them, with prices that are absolutely inconceivable to contemplate.

For example, the rare varieties of “Su Guan He Ding" and "Datang Fengyu” used to cost millions, however the orchid prices now went back to normal.

The Su Guan He Ding orchid is verdant and waxy, with distinct meridians, pavilions like a beautiful girl, and fragrant pale yellow petals.

Luo Weiyu's favorite plants are orchids, and there’s many different varieties of them in Ye Fei’s garden that pique her curiosity and gentleness.

Ye Fei's face was full of joy when he saw Luo Weiyu. He couldn't help but smile. In fact, the surprise Ye Fei wanted to bring to her had just begun.