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(Sorry for the delayed update, I had to finish translating the other novels.)


On the grand mountain, the small motorcycle went down the mountain happily.

Bai Yueling looked at the four-wheeled machine that occasionally whizzed past, and asked lightly: "This is the car you spoke of?.”

"Yes, the room inside and speed is better. It's simply that the cost will be several times greater, despite the fact that it is the most frequent way of transportation in modern civilization. With a full tank of petrol, it can go hundreds of kilometers in a single trip."

Jiang Qiao smiled and tentatively asked, “How does it compare to a monk’s cultivation technique?”

“Just setting foot on the road, the little monks from the temples are far inferior. The monks who can wield swords or fly by borrowing objects can only compare with them in terms of speed, and their endurance is far less.”

Fairy Bai couldn't help but admire: "It's quite astonishing how science and technology can benefit both the country and the people."

As a modern person, Jiang Qiao felt inexplicably proud.

The motorbike proceeded to gallop at a pace near to the right railing. The fairy's big sleeve Luo shirt was blown by the strong wind, and the cuff was fluttering, creating a lovely scene.

When he turned a corner, there was a sudden overtaking of a car into his lane resulting in Jiang Qiao fiercely pressing the brakes, however under the inertia, Bai Yueling’s body slammed forward heavily.

Suddenly, Jiang Qiao's body was inexplicably stiff, but he didn't dare to think about it, and he began scolding the driver who overtook them on the curve.

"Did you do it on purpose?" Bai Yueling leaned back, separated the distance between them, and asked coldly.

"Ah? What do you mean?" Jiang Qiao asked knowingly, holding the handle intently without turning his head.

"I said just now, if you dare to touch me, I will electrocute you!"

"I didn't touch you, I didn't turn around, eh? Could it be that you touched me?"

Bai Yueling's breath stagnated, her indifferent little face was slightly red, and she snorted softly: "Hmph, What... Of course not!"

Even so, I still want to shock you!

Well, let's do it when we get back home.

Jiang Qiao exhaled a sigh of unbridled joy. He was terrified that Fairy Bai may abruptly discharge while he was driving. He didn't know if the electric motorbike would explode or not, but a car crash would be unavoidable.

However, she was so soft…..

Bai Yueling didn't say a word to him along the way. 

After about half an hour, the motorcycle had entered the city.

Jiang Qiao was terrified of seeing the uncle from the traffic police in the city, who said he would have to pay a fine of 200 yuan at most, but it would be worse if they were brought to jail since Fairy Bai isn't listed as a citizen in the computer database!

(T/L: 200 yuan = $30)

Soon after, the motorcycle was parked in the non-motor vehicle parking space, so he began to take Fairy Bai into the city to go shopping. There were cars coming and going on the highway, and the stream was endless, and the sidewalks were also crowded with people.

Bai Yueling looked at the high-rise buildings around, and the signs of the small shops were flashing with brilliant lights. This modern city full of technology was indeed very different from what she imagined.

It is a unique thriving period in which people dress brightly and have wonderful personalities, live well, and are unconcerned about food and clothing.

However, the one drawback is clearly evident. She just examined the air with her eyes and discovered a plethora of pollutants.

It was no wonder that the mortals in this world look all red since their essence has long been corrupted by the poison.

Their Qi and blood have degraded, and even a few tens of pounds of lightweight weaponry can’t be carried by them.

Looking at the vast majority of people, they smoked those poisonous cigarettes, and their eyes were all bloodshot.

Additionally, a specific person in the crowd, there was a bald guy, his cheeks were pale, his internal desires were unadjusted, and his own essence was entirely vanished.

 Bai Yueling shook her head and sighed lightly; Each one of them was a short-lived appearance.

There is no spiritual energy to nourish, and there are very few people who’ll live long. The mortals in this world quickly decay as soon as they reach their middle stage of life.

"Why are you sighing suddenly?" Jiang Qiao curiously asked.

She raised her hand and pointed everywhere with a serious facade, "This place is full of poisonous miasma, and even the car you are talking about is emitting a lot of poisonous smoke. This world is not brimming with wisdom but is equivalent to purgatory!.”

It was the first time Jiang Qiao, who had lived in this city his entire life, heard that he was in purgatory.

 "Actually... The combination of this smog is the inevitable development of modern cities, and it is unavoidable." He pondered for a moment and answered.

"The inevitable development of modern cities?" Bai Yueling's eyes widened.

"Yes, development requires resources, which will destroy the environment, pollute rivers, and cut down forests. Therefore, most countries in the world develop first and then govern. At least the current environment is much better than before."

"Don't you object to it ? Humans in this mortal world die at the age of seventy or eighty, wouldn't they cry out in grief?" Fairy Bai asked back.

She then considered the spiritual veins in the world; if the spiritual veins are depleted, the mountains and rivers will be shattered, as is the practice of fishing when the lake is dry, which is not suggested.

"What's the problem? The environment is either excellent or terrible, and it cannot be consumed as food. The reality is the present income. Furthermore, only when the country is affluent and strong will it be able to be properly governed." Jiang Qiao added.

Soon after, Bai Yueling thought deeply.

Jiang Qiao smiled and didn't explain any further. This was a shock between two different cultures. Fairy Bai’s brain would be able to figure it out soon.

Almost every person who passed by looked at Bai Yueling. She had a distant demeanor, wore a veil, and dressed in antique garb, making her look like a fairy stepping out of a painting, which is quite appealing.

Bai Yueling was not used to such a scene, so she leaned against Jiang Qiao subconsciously.

Seeing this, Jiang Qiao said in a low voice: "If you want to integrate completely, the first thing you need to do is get rid of your immortal aura."

"Help me then." Bai Yueling stared into his eyes.

"Well, for sure." Jiang Qiao smiled slightly.

Jiang Qiao suddenly raised his finger and pointed to the surveillance camera on the traffic light post at the intersection ahead: "Look, that is surveillance equipment, such cameras can be said to be ubiquitous in our world, and countless cameras gather together to form a skynet. The foundation for maintaining social stability."

Bai Yueling nodded slightly, and just looked around at random, and found that many small shops have these so-called cameras under their eaves.

Jiang Qiao said just now that modern people can see the difference in her at a glance. Now that she is being photographed by so many cameras, doesn't it mean that the entire network will soon know as well?

Will an official come to arrest her?

Will she be an enemy of this country?

She lowered her head inexplicably nervous.

"What are you doing?" Jiang Qiao looked at her suspiciously.

“Is it possible that my cover has been blown?.”


“But, the cameras up there caught my figure?.”

Jiang Qiao suddenly laughed when he saw her serious expression and patiently explained:

 "These cameras will only work when you violate the law. So for now, no one will care about you, don't worry."