1. Meeting With God (Edited)
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In the dead of night, The whole world was asleep but there is still the noise of angrily cursing coming from the bedroom of an ordinary looking household.

In the bedroom, a tall 21-year old boy is reading something on his mobile and cursing angrily while the phone is still connected to the charger.

"WTF wrong with this guy how suddenly he becomes so arrogant and dumb? It started pretty good." 

He is cursing while still reading on the mobile. His name is Max Winchester he is like an everyday ordinary guy nothing special except he likes to read novels and watch anime, H anime(his favorite ones) and by the way, He still is single virgin not because he is ugly, I mean he is not handsome either but his looks ok and there were some girls also liked him but he doesn't have confidence in himself to speak with people especially because of his childhood trauma, So he indulging himself in the novel world to hide from reality.

He is now reading a novel that he hated yet loved at this time. The name of this novel was <My Beautiful teacher>. This is a simple chinese urban cultivation type of brain dead nobel.The only reason Max reading this novel because of the harem of protagonist is huge that can satisfy all the readers no matter what their preference is, From cute next door neighbor to mature milf beauty to princess of kingdom to hot police officer to school girl who's rack is so big that her nickname is cow to petite legal loli, Even virgin widow was added to his harem. There was only one thing that was common in all of them was that they were all virgins. Which is cool for a while but can get boring pretty quickly.

At this moment while the teenager was still angrily cursing looking at his mobile, It accidentally slipped from his hands and dropped on the ground. When he went to pick it up, He suddenly got electrocuted. The only thing before him blacking out thinking was that he still hasn't read enough novels yet.

"Huh, where am I? Where is this place?" Max said why looking but to his disappointment, he can't see anything other than white all-around just white.

"Am I in heaven?" Max started to remember what happened before he woke up.

"No not yet" voice comes from out of nowhere and can't even tell the place where the voice is coming from like someone talking into his brain.

"WHAT? WHO ARE YOU COME FRONT OF ME TO TALK. YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH" Because of fear Max start yelling whatever comes into his mind 

Think about how afraid you can be, If you suddenly someone talks to you in a strange place, While no figure of the speaker is seen in sight.

"But you are already dead you can't die again" 

An illusionary figure appears in front of Max. That figure doesn't have any characteristics of men or women. It's voice also was neutral but has an amazing charm that attracted everyone's attention and smooths their emotions.

"So I am dead? If so, then you might be God. Right? And If not in heaven, where are we?" Because of the voice of the figure, Max's emotions calmed down and started to figure out the situation he was in.

"Yes, you are dead and I am the being that your people call a God and this place is a port of void. Here it decided, ``Where decease will go on for their next journey" Figure answered Max in the same neutral voice.

"So what's gonna happen to me?"He asked while maintaining a calm face looking straight at the figure. Like he was not talking about his death but some trivial matters.

"Oh, you don't seem to be affected by the news about your death. Mind telling me why?" The figure asked Max while looking at him with interest in its non-existing eye.

"It doesn't affect me because there is nothing worth in that life from childhood to adulthood, It's just plain without anything special, I can't even remember when the last time I felt genuinely happy there except when reading a novels, Maybe my only regret is that I didn't read enough novels"


"It's that bad? If so, Sorry about that, It's kind of my fault, So how about I grant you three wishes." The God(figure) said to Max with an unexpected caring voice then it changed to neutral.

'It's a trap, It's a trap, It's a trap' 

Max said in his mind while looking at God.

"No it is not a trap but in exchange, you have to do a "little" thing for me" When God said this it sounded like a pedo giving candy to a child.

Max is startled when God answers him like he read his mind but then thinking that he is God, He recovers his composer.

"What is the thing that even God can't do? And how can I do it even if you can't do that?" Max asked questions to God. He sounds a little disrespectful because he still blames him for the misery of life.

"No there's nothing I can't do but I also have to follow the rules to maintain balance in this world"

God responds to Max question 

"Even God also has to follow the rules? Who is stopping you from breaking those rules to do that thing?" Max bombarded God with his questions

"I am not the only God in this vast omniverse, There are others present, We stop each other from breaking those rules. Also things you have to do are not only requested by me but there are other God's too requested. Also you don't worry, We are not asking for you to do it for free, I and they are also going to give some rewards for doing it" God answered all Max's questions patiently.

"What!! There is other Gods too? And they want me to do the same thing for them." Max started to digest the knowledge that he had just gained and ponder about what decision is to make for God requ- no God's requests.

"What thing I have to do anyway?" Max asked before making any decisions 

Hearing Max question this time God no longer answered in that caring/neutral voice but a voice of pure hatred 

"Make Chao Qin life miserable "


"WHAT!? WHO!?" 

Max react like this because he is very familiar with this name, It is the name of his fav/hated novel (My beautiful teacher) Protagonist 

"Yes, it's him," God said without hiding his hatred in his voice.

"Why?" Max is confused why God hated Chao so much. He acknowledged that in the latter part it became worse and worse but in the start, it was one of the best novels.

"You read it right? So you also know how that novel treats anyone except MC country's gods and others treated like trash. How weak they make us, So weak that one of the 7 kings of hell contract was broken by a mere mortal. Are we that weak? The only reason we did not destroy that whole world is because of our friendship between east and west gods"

"What world? That was simply a novel, don't take that seriously" Max says while trying to calm God and himself try to understand. What he is saying in his mind.

 'What world? It's just a novel created by the author of these gods that are petty.'

"You don't understand, the imagination of the peoples has already existed in this vast omniverse and has their own God depending on how powerful they were meant to be when they created/imaginate."

"Really? Means those novels, Anime, and __"

Max excited and started asking questions but stopped in midway

"Yes even those H Anime world"/God answered to the Max unasked question 

"So I can also go those worlds" This might be the first time Max this genuinely happy in a long time and started to imagine his upcoming adventures 

stay tuned the for next one

(A/N: There will be a big difference between original and this novel)