48. Violet The Super Stalker
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The moment Max's hands touched her breasts, The waves of pleasure bombarded her. She lost her sanity. What taboo? What immoral? nothing matters to her now. The only thing that matters is to be ravaged by Max.

*Pat* *Pat* *Pat*

Max didn't let her have a moment at all, He started ramming his hard hot cock inside her tiny asshole. There was only the rhythmic sound of flesh hitting and Helen's moaning remained in the room.


*Squirt* *Squirt*

In a few seconds, she cummed again, spraying her love juices all over the Max. Her ass tightens, clenching his dick in her ass.

"ARGHH! I am cumming in your ass, Helen."

Max grunted, Because of her ass clenching he also reached to his peak and was ready to release his load inside her ass.


Helen yelled these words, Normally she will not act like this but X⁴ pleasure really too much for her to handle. At this moment she is only going on by her instincts. Her brain stopped thinking long ago. She was drowning in pleasure, She was in pure bliss.

"Here I go then, Argrr!!"

Max didn't hold back and released his hot lava-like semen inside her tight ass.

*Spurt!* *Spurt!*


A surprisingly large amount of semen filled Helen's voluptuous ass. Helen also cum as Max filled her insides. 

"*Huff* *Huff* Th-th was amazing, I never fel..."

Helen wasn't even able to say one sentence properly before she passed out in exhaustion. Still, there was a satisfied smile on her tiered sleeping face.


Max also got off and lay beside her. When pull out his now little soft cock from her tiny asshole, the cum started to drip down from her pink slit staining the already soiled sheets.

"*Huff* System buy me a stamina recovery pill."

Max asked the system to buy pills not for him but for Helen. This pill can recover 70 percent of stamina upon consumption, regardless of your power level but it still sells for only 100 NP, You know why? Because to recover stamina this pill will put consumers into an induced coma for a time. Duration is depending on how much stamina is needed to recover. It can be a few minutes to hundreds of generations and the worst part is there is no nutrition or protection. This means once consumed it will make them more vulnerable, and in a battle that will be a death sentence.

But this is the reason he chose this pill. Max,  put the pill in his mouth. The moment it entered his mouth it turned into a liquid. This, liquid contains strong vitality. Max, didn't waste a second. He kissed Helen and put this liquid in her mouth. 

The moment liquid entered her mouth, the tiredness on her face reduced a lot. Her, breath became stable as if she was in deep sleep. 

"She should be in a coma for at least 1 hour."

Max looked at her like this and knew that the pill worked fine and she should be in an unconscious state for a while. Then he tried to wake her up but to no avail. After finding that was really unconscious, Max bent down and dragged someone from under his bed.

"This girl really knows how to use her invisibility powers."

Max looked at sleeping Violet. He already knows that she was there when he entered in the room with Helen but that's what he wanted to exploit the effect of the "Mother fucker" multiplier. He is confident that she is asleep and will not wake up in the middle of their intercourse, Why you ask? Simple because gaining sympathy is not the only reason Max goes into the kitchen to help Helen.

Although God-level cooking urges Max to cook, that doesn't mean he can't control those urges. When Max got t into the kitchen he already had a plan in his mind. He distracts Helen with his sad backstory and when she lets her guard down he sprinkles the sleeping powder on fried vegetables. 

This medicine does not have any side effects, This powder is used for patients with extreme insomnia in his advanced medical knowledge. This is a God-given gift for the people who suffer from extreme insomnia but if a normal person takes it will make them pass out in deep sleep.

 The stuff needed to make it is also not that rare. He just buys ingredients from the system for less than 10 NP because he knows the formula, He just makes it himself. The only problem with this powder is that it has close to no effects on women older than 30. That's why Helen does not fall asleep, This is the also reason Max knows that they will not wake until 10 AM because he was the one who gave them medicine, So he also knows how long this medicine lasts.

"Let's go, first take you to your room before the effect of the medicine wears off."

Max quickly put his clothes back on, Then picked up the sleeping beauty and carried her into her room. Everyone in the house is still asleep so he doesn't have to worry about others catching him. 

"Here you go, you are a little super stalker."

Max lay her on her bed. He has to admit that she is a little good-looking, Although the only reason Max comes to this world is because of Mrs.Incredible and Mirage but Violet also has her advantage, She might be the only one in the family who knows how to use their power for themselves. Invisibility skill is really good for stalking, most suitable for someone like her.

"Meet me at the terrace of our school— Max."

Max didn't leave after putting her here but got a sticky note and wrote this message on it. Then,  he stuck that on her forehead before leaving the room. 

"guahh hahaha"

When Max comes out of her room, He hears childish laughter in the hallway, Max quickly becomes alert and hides his presence with a cat stance before going ahead to investigate the source of the sound. This act looks cowardly but this will give him a strategic advantage of surprise and first strike.

"So it's you, little guy."

When Max saw who was the one making those noises, he relaxed his nerves but did not let his guard down. It was jack-jack who woke up because he might be hungry.

"Hahaha guhhahah"

After Max stopped hiding his presence Jack-Jack noticed Max and quickly crawled towards him. He is not considered a mission target so title effects are not weaker on him. "Children's Hero" already brought his affection for Max to 89 points.

"Are you hungry?"

Max bent down and picked him in his arms. He then goes into the dining room. He first puts a Jack-Jack on the high chair, Then he himself goes into the kitchen. Jack-Jack should be hungry after all. Normally he had breakfast at 7 AM but because of Max, it's past 8.30 AM, Which is too much delay for children of his age.

"So what can a 1-year-old child eat?"

Max gets into the kitchen and this question pops up in his mind but as soon as this question appears the answer also pops-out in his mind. God-level skill is not a joke, anything related to food can be answered by this skill, from nutrition to suitability for a person to straight-up chemical bonds, even you can answer the quantum mechanics of the food and can use or change it to make it better. Yeah, this skill has the power to change or replace quantum structure to change food quality. This is the horror of the god-level skill. The only reason Max can't use it to its full potential is because of his lack of divinity.

"So for breakfast 1 egg or iron-fortified cereal will be ideal for it."

Max scratched off all the other options that appeared in his mind and quickly selected 2 that are available at this time. He stretched his arm, Which stretched more than 3 meters, opened the cabinet, and took out the cereal box. Then retrieve his hand back. He now possesses the power of an elastic body, "Sex-Copy" skill did its job spectacularly.

"Here Jack-Jack eat.."

Max put cereal then milk in the bowl. He is not some psycho to put milk first. Then put the bowl in front of Jack-Jack.


He just looked up at Max without touching the bowl, This action is self-explanatory.

"Do you want me to feed you?"

Max asked, Which Jack-Jack replied in a nod. Max doesn't think Jac-Jack can understand what he is saying, He might want Max to feed him as Helen does. 

"Okay then, I still have time. Say ahhh!"

Max looked at the time, He still has more than 1 hour before everyone will wake up. So Max sat on the seat and started feeding Jack-Jack. Although Max is deemed a villain by the world his heart still retains some empathy. He can't let the child starve, No when he is the reason why he was starving. 

"Fell asleep right after eating? Pretty good life you are living, little guy, Even I feel envious."

After Max has finished feeding Jack-Jack, he dozes off right on the table. Making him say these words. He does feel envious of him, He does not have to care about anything just eats and sleeps and what's more envious is that unlike other kids he was also born with superpowers. Which makes him nearly unbeatable And here Max has to do monkey jumps to get those.

Seeing him sleeping on the chair, Max gently picked him up so as not to wake him and put it in his cradle, Then he returned to the guest room he was staying in. 

"How much NP needed to clean all this?"

Max looked at the mess that Helen and him made. There, was not a single place in this room that they didn't do it on, Their bodily fluid was all over the place, every corner had some evidence of their lust. At first glance, it was not the job of a single person to clean it. 

[Because the host made a lot of progress, the system will do it at the discount price of 200 NP.]

The system said in its sweet voice and gives its answer to Max. It was discounted because last time 100NP needed to just clean a car interior. 

"Ok do it."

Max didn't shy away from the price, He also understands that he has to spend NP to make progress. If he cleans himself there is always a chance of leaving something behind but with system cleaning there will be no such a possibility.

The moment Max's voice fell, 200 NP was deducted and the room became clean the next second. There was not even a trace of a speck of dust in the whole room. If this room was in the cartoon it would be twinkling because of the cleanness of the room. The strong smell of Sex also go away, The system even changed bedsheets for him. 

"She looks impeccable in this state."

Max looked at the sleeping Helen on the bed, She was still naked without any piece of cloth covering her. She has the dangerous temptation in this state, Max just wanted to ravage her again but has to hold back because she still needs time to wake up.

"Let's make something to eat."

Max exited the room and walked into the kitchen again.

(A/N: Sorry for the late update guys. Also, current god-level skill is like having luxury cars without fuel in it. Although still better than other cars but not even able to perform the fraction of a thing they suppose to make for. Also, I know normal students are not allowed to the terrace but who are we talking about here, Both violet and Max are not normal students.

Like always thanks for reading and have a nice day😁.)