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"Huhh Ahummm AAAHHHHH!!! *Huff* *Huff*"

Loud moaning sounds were echoing in the guestroom. 

Helen was standing on one leg, supporting her hands on the guest room's wall, Her other leg was on Max's shoulder making his position appear again between her legs. They were standing in this position while they were still connected from their genitalia. Even if Her vaginal entrance was blocked by Max's dick there was white sticky fluid trickling down from her standing legs. Making her look more arousing.

Helen was gasping for air, Her body was currently in a very sensitive state because she just climaxed. She forgot the count of how many times she had an orgasm but she don't resist this feeling at all. Each orgasm filled a void in her empty heart little by little. 

Now she is in euphoria. She doesn't have any worries about her children, husband, or even morals, For now, she just cares about pure pleasure. She threw herself in her carnal desire.

 Currently, she is not a mother, wife, or hero but just a woman. A woman who wanted to be loved. A woman who finally accepted her passions. A woman who is enchanted by lust. A woman who knows what she wants. A woman who is not afraid of Taboo.

"Let's take a 5-minute break."

Max's voice pulled her out of her euphoria. She looked at Max in confusion but before she could have time to think, A flood of exhaustion hit her. Her body doesn't even have the strength to stand,  She is not only physically exhausted but also exhausted mentally. Her thoughts were all over the place. Confusion overtook her mind.

This is because Max didn't hold back at all as he does for Grace and Hope. It's good that she also has superhuman stamina if not, she should have collapsed in exhaustion long ago. 

Seeing her condition Max scooped her up in his arms. He walked towards the bed but he hesitates to put her down on it. One can say the current bed is not in the ideal condition in the least. 

Max looked at the terrible condition of his bed. The bedsheet on it was torn from several places. The strong stench coming from the sheets. Which is a mixed odor of various body fluids and a strong scent of sex. The whole bed sheet was sticky covered with various body fluids like sweat, cum, squirt, etc. making a clean freak like Max disgusted but then he thought that they are completely naked right now and covered in the same things that coving the sheets*. So he didn't hesitate any more and let her lie down and he himself lay next to her side.


An awkward silence filled the room. No one speak a thing, Both were silently lying on the bed covered by their love fluids in the room which filled with their sex scent. 

"Drink this water to rehydrate yourself."

Max was the one who broke this silence. He handed her a water bottle in a nonchalant attitude. As if he was not responsible for turning this room upside down. 

*Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp* *Haa*

Helen didn't say anything but quickly grabbed the bottle given by Max and gulped it in one go. She was really thirsty. Her throat was dryer than the Sahara desert. He did indeed lose too much of her bodily fluids in their act, Which needs to be replenished.

After drinking water her mind started to calm down, she built up a little courage and turned to look at Max. Memories of the previous night keep repeating in her mind giving her mixed feelings that she doesn't understand. There was definitely guilt in those feelings, guilt that she betrayed Bob but there was also guilt for Max. She as an adult should know better. But there is an unfathomable amount of excitement. Of course, she chose to ignore it.

She hated that, why didn't she stop Max? Because after some time in between their actions, she comes back to her senses. The alcohol effect also faded away because of her superhuman metabolism but she still goes with the flow. She still throws herself in pleasure, Drowning herself in lust, She still acts and behaves like a drunk to continue their activities. 

She had a chance to stop right then and there yet she choose to continue doing it with Max, Fully knowing what she was doing, and yet she let lust overtake her actions, They fucked each other like an animal, and yet she enjoyed every second of it, What she hated even more than this is that not even for a second she thinks about Bob at all, She didn't think or care about his feelings, At that time like she forgot someone named Bob exists. She felt dirty and guilty for Bob but to her surprise, she didn't regret her actions at all.

"Why do I do this? I became an unfaithful wife. Why don't I even regret my actions? I should stop this right now and apologize to Bob and ask for forgiveness."

"But isn't the reason I do this because of Bob? If he doesn't refuse to sleep with me, will I do all this? I don't regret it because I was right. He doesn't give a shit about me at all, So why should I be faithful to him? I even begged him to sleep with me and yet he refused. So I did nothing wrong at all."

"But no matter how he treated me he was faithful to me, wasn't he? He is also the one who works his ass off to earn money for the family."

"But am I sure he was faithful to me? He did come back late at night, vanish and go out of reach for hours frequently and when he comes back he doesn't even care to elaborate where he was. Aren't these all signs of cheating?"

There were two voices arguing in her mind. One was telling her to repent while the other told her she didn't do anything wrong. It looks like a scene from a cartoon where there are two humanoid figures of an angel and a devil standing on her shoulder trying to convince her of their views.

While she was battling these two extremes, Max just lay beside her. He knows and at this point, he should just stand aside and let her come to her own conclusion, This way not only does he avoid all responsibility but can also manipulate upcoming events.

"Max, let's forget about what happened today, okay? I am sorry I was drunk and I made a mistake, But because of me you also have to suffer don't worry I try to make it for you just don't tell anyone about what happened today, Okay Max?"

As Maz expected she came to a conclusion on her own and didn't blame him, even try to console him. Her decision also inclined with Max's prediction. She didn't choose from the two options but decided to end it here and never talk about it again. This way she doesn't have to face the consequences of her actions. It's not that she is selfish but that as she is a hero, her moral index is too high. She couldn't tolerate injustice at all because of it, her subconscious doesn't allow her to accept she did something wrong. She rather runs away from this to face the fact that she did something wrong. The guilt she will feel if she accepts she is wrong might end up killing her.

"Why? Don't you like it? Aren't you are the one who begging me to fuck you more? Why now decided to change it? Why are you the only one deciding on it? Don't i have the right to say this?"

The heavenly actor emerged once again, Max babbled this in a little painful voice. He acted as if he didn't think before he said all this, Which not only did critical damage on Helen but also let Max maintain his good boy image.


Just as Max planned these words do inflict crit damage on her, The word "begging" once again reminded her of her shameless act of begging to be fucked like an in-heat slut. Quickly all sorts of emotions strike her, shame, guilt, humiliation, and excitement? She didn't think much of it and quickly shook  off this feeling and looked at Max's pain-filled face. 


The moment she saw the painful expression on his handsome face there was a sharp pain in her heart As if an arrow pierced through it. Everything like shame, guilt, dirty feelings for herself go away, Only the thought of consoling him remains in her mind. She wanted to hug him. She would  do anything to get rid of that painful expression on his face. In trance, she stretched her and hugged him in her arms and Max also buried his face in her bosom.

She didn't know why she did this and what implication her actions represented. All, she knows is that she doesn't want Max to be sad. When Max saw her actions there was a little smile on his face, He looked at her affection for him which was 210. She is second only to Takaki in affection for Max. 

Then why does she  not go crazy as Takaki you ask? Because a human being is not as simple as some stats claim  to be, They are complicated creatures, There are too many restrictions and rules they made for themselves. Even if stat data is 100 percent accurate, They still act differently.

 For example, when grace surpassed 90 level mark she threw herself in Max without any care but Hope at first resist a little but she still gives in the end, Takaki on other hand did completely the opposite, When her affection surpassed 200, She started to restraint herself from doing irrational things, Which was completely different from before and wrong according to data, She should have become more obsessed and possessive for Max but she didn't at least not front of Max. Ai was able to hide and pretend as if nothing happened, which according to data she couldn't able to do that, She should be crazily trying to get Max's attention, Kaguya also the same, Even her affection surpassed 90 she was still able to speak and say stuff like she hates Max, Which again according to stats impossible to happen and yet she does say it, Even if she didn't mean it but with obsession level affection she couldn't able to think that at all and yet she can say it from of Max.

In conclusion, human beings are too complicated to judge them by their stats, you can predict their next few actions by looking at their stats but at the end of the day, there will be no absolute. In intense emotions, people become unpredictable variables, That mere stats can't comprehend.

"Max, don't be sad, But what we did was wrong. I am a married woman and you are my daughter's friend and you are still a mino...*Sigh* What I am trying to say is that this is not good for both of us."

Helen felt unwilling in her heart to say all this, She even dare not to say word "minor" because if she really did say it,  she was afraid that she really couldn't take back what she said then, Even though this is what she was intended to do but she still couldn't gather enough courage to say it.

The back of her mind still has some unknown hope, she doesn't know what it is but she is still he still hoping Max will rebuttal to her. Giving reason to take back what she said, Show some resistance like he did now but to her dismay what she feared or "wished" happened.

"Okay, Aunty if that's what you want I will not pester you again."

Max agrees to her without any resistance at all, He takes his face out from her bosom and says with a slight smile on his face, Although a little reluctant still in his starry  eyes, But he didn't seem to be that sad.


Helen felt something break inside her, She doesn't know what broke but there was intense pain in her heart, She felt she lost something very important, there was panic appeared in her heart, She didn't expect him to agree to this quickly or she didn't expect him to agree at all,  Even if she wanted him to agree but she doesn't like the when she hears it. Tears filled her eyes but she held them back, her strong personality didn't allow her to cry in front of Max.  She didn't know why it was this painful to hear this from Max but she felt like she lost her soul. As if all hope was lost in her life, Life felt colorless to her.

"But can we do anal for last time, Helen?"


Helen already lost hope in her life but the moment she heard "but" from Max's mouth, All hope returned to her, colors again appear in her life, Like a Phoenix, she was reborn from her ashes into a new life. She didn't hear what Max said after "but", But she knows there is still hope to salvage the situation, She found that she didn't want to end what they were doing at all. 

"Huh, Don't you want to?"

After seeing that Helen didn't answer him, Max has to ask again because if he doesn't she will be lost in her thoughts for a long time.

"No No, Of course, I can do it, Just tell me what to do."

She didn't hear what he said at all but compared to eradicating their relationship any option is a better option.

"Okay then."

Just as he gets a green signal from her, He changed his position and comes between her legs. It seems like no matter what he does he always ends up between her legs but Max was not complaining. He held her legs and lifted them, raising her pelvis to a suitable height for entry.

"Max is a little gentle, it's a little swollen."

Helen didn't know what Max's intention was, She just thought he wanted to go for one more round.

"Don't worry, I will be careful."

Of course, Max knows she misunderstood his intentions but what is fun in clearing this by words if he can show it by actions. 

He looked at her hairless pussy and indeed it was a little swollen. After, all, Max's stamina was there even if she has a superpower, Her biology is still that of a normal human, Which means she still has the weaknesses of normal humans.

normal weaknesses of the human body.

He held his hot rod on her glistening pussy and coted his rod with her love nectar and then he slid his rod on her perineum and stopped on her pink asshole.

"AAHHHHHH!!! Mhumm! N-Not there it's dirty! MUHHHH!"

Before Helen understood Max's intentions, Max pushed his waist forward with enough strength. His whole hot rod engulfed inside her tiny asshole. A loud moaning voice mixed with pain escaped from her mouth, But what surprised Max more was what she said after the moan. That sentence clearly meant only one thing, She never tried anal which means he just take away her anal virginity.


Just to confirm Max's thoughts, there were new notifications that popped up on the system interface. Max thought that Violet will be the one he has to go for to complete the mission but her mom did that job for her.

"M-Max take-take it out, It's dirty down there."

Helen is not angry that Max is shoved in the wrong hole but is worried that he will be disgusted. That might be the dirtiest part in her body and now it was penetrated by Max. 

It is unrealistic to think that she didn't know about anal while living in the USA but don't forget the current timeline was in 2005, the internet was not developed and spread as it is now, only nerds and geeks use the internet in common people's minds. So knowledge is also scarce and hard to get especially about things like sex, Which used to be a taboo subject. Helen did hear about it but she never was comfortable with her previous boyfriend trying it and Bob did think it was dirty so she who was already in doubt about it didn't force it. Thats why she was able to preserve her anal virginity but now it's become cheap for Max.

"But I am enjoying it, aren't you also enjoying it, Helen? *Slam*"

Max didn't do what she said but asked her question in return, While he take back and shoved his dick again inside.

"AHHHHAAA! *Squirt* *Squirt*"

Helen was unprepared for Max this action, She wasn't able to handle pleasure, Her body arched, and she squirted her love nectar like a water fountain.

"*Huff* *Huff* Th-That was amazing, I never knew anal can be this pleasurable, Max"

Helen's chest heaving up and down, Her two small buns were also enjoying the ride, She never felt the sensation she felt now, It was a completely different experience from regular sex. 

"You don't see anything yet Helen."

As Max said he reached towards her two small melons while activating the "Tits master" skill.

To be continued...

(A/N: Sorry for the late update, I was reading other novels to improve my writing style, for a few more chapters you might see my writing style change a little, So bear with me for it. It was for me to improve both your reading experience and my writing experience. Google doc is way better than Grammarly guys, Why don't you suggest me before.

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