52. Mirage’s Memory’s 18+
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A scene of her lips interlocking with his appeared in her mind. They both were trying to dominate each other and get the upper hand but Mirage quickly realized that she was way out of her league. His skilled agile tongue quickly slid through the gap between her teeth and violated her mouth. She didn't even have a chance to fight back.

"Huhhh ummm *Huff* *Huff*"

Max totally dominates her. Unlike others, he does not show her any mercy. His every action was rough with a clear intention to subdue her. With his actions, Mirage also started to moan in pleasure. Max's hands also start to wander all over her body.


Max breaks their kiss when she was close to passout in suffocation. Even though she was gasping for air, He didn't give her any time to stabilize her condition. He rudely grabbed her one-piece dress and tore it from her body. Just has a cover of dress lifted from her body, her brownness enchanting body exposed in front of Max's eyes.*

Her moderate size mounds were barely covered by her extremely revealing bra. Her pleasure cave also has only had one thread of cloth covering its entrance. 


Max gulped seeing this scene. Mirage body radiating lots of seductive aura. Her curved lips invited him to taste it, Her one uplifted eyebrow saying things that can't be said by words. Look in Her green eyes ignited falls of desire in him. Her brownness chocolate-colored body just begging to be devoured. Her two mounds of little exposed pink cherries tempting him to take a bite. Her love juice dripping glistening pleasure cave suggesting him explore deep within it.

After seeing her in that condition Max didn't hold back at all, He quickly made her lie down on the park beach, While doing that he pulled out his big veiny manhood and without missing a moment slid his whole manhood deep inside her womanhood hitting her cervix making her cum in an instant. Her close to nonexistent panties didn't restrict any of his actions at all.

"AAHHH*Grasp* Wa-Warn...M-Me be..fore do..ing Th..that.Uhmm."

Mirage was startled by his actions and wanted to complain but her voice was breaking and she wasn't able to say a single word properly because she just cum but Max didn't wait for her to recover at all and started moving his hips making her cum again. She had two orgasms back to back in less than 30 seconds, stripping away any strength to complain.

*Pat* *Pat* *Pat* *Slap* *Pat*

Max started to speed up his actions. The sound of bare flesh hitting each other reverberated in that isolated place. Mirage started to drown in pleasure. Lust started to take over her thinking ability. Her vision is blurring out. A thick cloud of lust was visible in her eye. She even forgets the motive behind her having sex with Max. At this moment she just wanted to enjoy the experience of getting ravaged by the man in front of her.


She couldn't handle his skills at all and cummed again. Because she was trying to hold back her orgasm, this one she felt even more extreme. She was close to losing consciousness because of pleasure but his constant thrusting didn't let her pass out.

*Pat* *Pat* *Pat*

After roughly 10 minutes, Mirage completely gave up on trying to dominate Max. After experiencing countless orgasms in the spam of these minutes her body does not have enough energy to do anything other than lie down and enjoy the pleasure.

"Agrrr...Cumming...* Spurt!*Hahh..Hahh.."

"No..Not.Not inside... Ahhhh!!!"

Max also reached his limit and released his hot seeds in her vagina. Mirage didn't want him to cum inside her but it was too late and she didn't have any energy to refuse. Just as Max's hot semen enters inside her that immediately triggers another orgasm. Her inner walls directly clenched around Max's dick refusing to let go. Max also enjoy the feeling he got from it.

Max looked at the Mirage who huffing after this intense intercourse. Her silver short hair stuck onto her sweaty face, Her brownness skin glistening because of a layer of sweat on her body. Her eyes were closed and her rose petals like red lips slightly opened because of her huffing. 

At this moment she looked very vulnerable. Seeing her like this Max's heart softened a little and he felt pity for her. Max didn't know about her childhood because that wasn't mentioned in the movie but he can guess after all which child's dream is to become an internationally wanted spy/assassin? She had a story and that will not be a good one but he quickly recovered himself. At this moment it's not a time to show pity or he will be the one who has to suffer.

'Sorry, I will make up with you later for this.'

Max thought and immediately took action. He pulls her from the beach and makes her kneel in front of him. Anyway, he can be a little rough after all she seduced him with the intention to kill him.

"What?! Don't tell me Internationally renowned Mirage tried this early? But I am not satisfied yet, So bare with me."

When Max pulls her down and makes her kneel in front of him. Mirage stared at him in annoyance and complaint, But Max directly shut her protests down. Max's words not only indicate that she was in no place to complain and once again reminded her that she was his captive but also challenged her ego.

"I..Am not that easily tried, People I have been with say I am a very wild woman.....Both Man and Women."

So she also shot back and made sure to highlight the last words. She didn't know why she did it. Maybe to tease him, make him jealous or just try to prove herself in front of him but whatever the reason was these words were still out of her character to say.

"Oh, Let me see that then, Come on, clean this up."

"Wait It's not gonna fit..*Gag* *Cough* *Gag*

Max didn't know why he felt irritated after she mentioned other people, He already knows about her other "relationships" and he actually didn't mind it, after all, it was necessary for her job, If it was for just pleasure then he indeed will not even touch her shadow but that couldn't stop flaring his aggressiveness. 

He grabbed her head and shoved his big dick in her small mouth despite her little protest. His dick directly entered her esophagus. 

*Cough* *Gag* Cough*

Because Max didn't give her any time to prepare and suddenly shoved his dick in her mouth triggered an intense gag reflex, Her head moved back out of physical instinct but Max didn't let her do that, He held her head in place and pushed his dick further in her throat. 

*Cough* *Cough*Mhhhh....*Cough*

Mirage's physical instincts were urging her to back away. Because her esophagus was filled by his dick, The mechanism that was meant to protect the body turned against her. The epiglottis that was meant to prevent choking while eating was the reason she wasn't able to breathe. The feeling of suffocation once again started to take over her. Her mind began to go blank but there was not an ounce of fear in her heart. 

Although his actions were rough and felt cruel without caring about her well-being from a 3rd person's perspective , as the person who is experiencing it can tell that he was being very careful. His actions indeed make her uncomfortable but not even once did it hurt her. Her instinct and experience as an assassin also confirm her assumption that he was holding back and only using action to dominate her, not to hurt her. 

This touched her heart, Even the person in front of her in the technical sense assaulting her but his caring actions were something that she can't get enough of. For the first time in her life, she felt like a human. For the first time someone treated them like a human, Showing genuine care for her without any ulterior motive. She didn't think Max has any ulterior motive because he didn't need to be sure who has the power of mind-reading and didn't have to do anything like this to get something from her.

*Cough* *Cough* *Huff* *Huff* *Huff*

Just as she thought the moment it was being unbearable for her and was on the brink of passing out her, he pulled out his dick from her mouth and let her recover for some time before again shoving in it but this time she was ready and she handled gracefully and even started to show the tricks to please and tease Max.

———Approx. 2 hours later———

After tossing and enjoying every position except anal they can out here. The Man and woman who were lost in lust moments ago now sit on the park bench in each other's embrace. If someone didn't know their past and saw them like this they might be misunderstood that they were loving a couple other than a woman who was plotting to kill another and the man was the one who abducted her.

"Do you have any questions?"

Max saw that even after some time Mirage asked anything and was just lying in his embrace. He had to be the one who bore the sin of breaking the tranquility of this romantic scene.

"About what?"

She replied in a tone that was as if she was really confused. While still lying in his embrace.

"About why I did what I did and what I want? Don't you wanna know my motives?"

Max asked her in the same not caring tone as if the person who is talking about not himself. He was more interested in playing with her silver silk thread-like hair.

"Do you want to tell me? Or is there something you want me to do?"

She still asked in that uncaring tone. While enjoying his fingers playing with her hair.

"Not really.....It's just I wanted you to do me a favor."

Max said in a very gentle tone this time. His fingers were also momentarily stopped but once again they started playing with her hair.

"....What do you want me to do?"

This time Max felt her grip tighten around his body and her body also trembled a little. There was little disappointment and fear was mixed in her voice. She felt disappointed that the gentleness he had shown was just for show and he wanted her to do something more serious that even he can't do. The fear because she was afraid she would never get to feel that gentle care feeling again even if that was just to deceive her.

"Just inform me when you deliver that parcel to that fatty."

He said in a very gentle way and caressed her back with his big yet soft hands to soothe her emotions.

"That's it?!"

She asked in a very astonished voice. When she felt a gentle touch on her back she was ready to do whatever he wanted even of that means betraying her boss as long as he give her this kind of gentle treatment from time to time even if it was fake but to her surprise, he just wanted her to tell him time when she drop the package.  

This information is not that hard to get even for a normal person, not to mention top hackers and sure with mind-reading powers. This seems really like a favor you ask from a friend. Her worry and fear also dissipated. Although she was still confused about why Max asked her to do this but she was not stupid enough to ask that question If Max wanted to tell her he tell her without her needing to ask him.

"Okay, I will inform you as soon as I deliver the parcel to that fatty."

Mirage resultantly left his embrace and walked towards her car but there was a happy smile hanging on her rosy lips. 

"It's really convenient that you had an extra pair of dresses, I wonder why you had them?"

Max also walked with her toward her car. When she sat in the driving seat he asked her in a teasing and not well hidden jealous tone.

"Well, that...Because I often had to stay outdoors to keep an eye on a target, So it's more convenient to have an extra pair of clothes in hand...Also, you can never tell when you need an extra pair for example..."

She was at first a little hesitant to say it but after sensing jealousy in Max's voice she had to say it does not misunderstand her. She also decided to tease him, So while saying the last line her eyes looked at her torn dress that was lying on the ground.

"Okay have a safe driver...be careful."

Max knows the reason for her dress; he just wanted to tease her and lighten the mood. After he was successful, he was ready to leave.

"Hey wait, take this with you. I will notify you when I do my job."

Seeing him turning away without even giving his number Mirage quickly shouted to stop him and handed him a black keypad phone like a famous brand of blackberry. This phone looks normal other than a fact if we ignore that there is no brand name marked on it. But Max knows this phone is ahead of its time, It didn't need a local signal tower. It's directly connected to the private satellite network. So there is no fear of someone tapping on it. Not to mention its durability and battery life was military-grade and were also EMP proof. There might be other functions in it that Max had to look into later.

"Okay thank you, Now go on it's late. Don't worry, I know the shortcut from here and I can manage it."

Max turned around and jumped past the guard rail of the scenic viewpoint. This time Mirage didn't say anything, If it was someone else she might be worried but Max as super has a body that can handle even the direct impact of this low height jump not to mention as skilled personnel who was better than her knows what he was doing. So after Max faded away from her sight she also started a car and went away.

*Buzzzz* *Buzzzz* *Buzzzz* 

——— Flashback ended———

The sound of the Phone pulls out Mirage from her thoughts. When she looked at who was calling there was an unknowingly huge smile approved on her face enhancing her beauty even more.

(A/N : Thank you for waiting and reading. I am not gonna shamelessly defend Kate update with some excuse. Just wanted to say Sorry for the late update.

* According to wiki her skin was in grayess in color so I changed it to brown.

*Why did her personality change in mid-course? Simple she is like a takaki who was deprived of any kind of affection and when Max just gives a slight of care and shows affection they will do anything to keep getting that. I mentioned the physiology of this in the Takaki chapter, So not gonna explain it again to waste both your and my time.

*Also why that sudden reaction? Simple Max charm already put her affection for him in between 60-70 and after plus 5 Add after cumming it gave the affection boost that made her addicted to that feeling.

(I will try to upload next chapter soon))