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Seeing Violet in this condition Max shook his head and again picked her up in a princess hug. He was ready to exit the store but not before picking up two CDs from the side rack.

"Pack these two."

Max said it to the cashier and paid the price for it. In the strange and envious eyes of a cashier, he carried Violet out of the store 

'System submit the mission.'

[Ding! Side Mission is submitted...

Checking if requirements are met...

Target affection is 85...

Use of trickery and deceit... 

No use of passive skills...

All requirements are met, Reward is distributed... 

Congratulations for His gaining the epic-level title of God of head pats...

God of head pats : As the name suggests, the host is the god of head pats. He has the power to calm any being simply by head patting, and because this is an epic level title there are no restrictions on its power below creations ranked beings. 

Epic rank also brings out another effect, Hosts not only can calm any being but if used on the opposite sex, It will give short 1 hour 100+ affection boast and 10+ permanent added affection.

(Cool down of 1 day for each being used on.)

It's detected that the host overfilled his task, System adding additional rewards...

Congratulations host for gaining new skills Devil's Whisper.

Devil's Whisper:  This skill is a passive skill, Any time the host whispers of doing something taboo or indecent things to a woman, She will become more willing to do those things, The more taboo and indecent those things are, The more prominent the effect of this skill will be 

(Note : If a woman is young, the pure minded virgin effect will be multiplied 2 times).]

'Hum, Not too bad rewards for side missions, But i am more interested in finding rewards for the main mission.'

Max is long used to the overpowered things that come out of the system, So now his appetite grows bigger. If the side mission has this big reward then he can just imagine the reward for the main world mission.

So in the thought of this, he and Violet reached the Parr house. This time Violet came back to her senses and quickly entered the house first to prevent anyone from seeing them together. She didn't want her parents to find out about them. If they do, they will surely throw Max out or at least she thinks so.

Max watches as Violet hurriedly enters the house but doesn't follow as he senses someone was looking at him and he has a pretty good idea who that person might be.

After waiting for some time Max also entered the house with a sly smile on his face.

"Where did the two of you go? Are you trying to play with Violet's feelings? Didn't matter, don't let me see the two of you together again."

Helen in one breath omitted all this out. She didn't know why when she got a call from the high school regarding the absence of Violet. She didn't worry about her but checked if she was with Max through her connections.

The mere thought of them together boils her emotions but to her horror that emotion was not of a rage but a jealousy. She was jealous of her own daughter, thinking that if Max got with a young girl like Violet, He will lose interest in her. 

"Are you jealous "Aunty"? "

Max decided to speed up the process of conquering this Parr twin star, So he decided to go on offense. He has to tame them in 2 weeks.

"Wh-Why aunt- I mean jealous, I as her mother have a right to be concerned about her."

The word aunty pierced her heart. She regretted why she had to say that to him. Why can't she just keep her mouth shut but sadly there is no medicine for regret medicine. In shutting, she answered him.

"Huh? Are not jealous, Hey I thought I had one more chance with you if you were jealous but now *Sigh*."

Max acted as if he was sad and quickly slipped into his bedroom without giving Helen a chance to speak as if he was embarrassed by what he said.

"Max Wait- That's not what I mean."

Helen's intestine was green with regrets. She blamed herself. Why can't she be more honest about her feelings? Now she even lost the last chance.

"No No I can't let that happen, After all...That. Yes, Yes he needs me to give the love he never received."

Well...It's one thing to say and it's another thing to do. Even though she wanted to be honest about her feelings, She still needed time to accept that decision.

Though regretful, She still goes to cook dinner.  

Time flew by quickly and dinner time also came. All the members of the household were seated the same way they were before, The only problem was below the table.

Max felt something rubbing his leg. In surprise, he looked ahead just to see a sly smile of Violet. She didn't know where to pick this trick.

Helen by side was fed up with their feeding her dog food. She was this close to Max and already on them immediately saw what was happening below. She can't even scold them as Bob was seated in front of her, So in annoyance, she tried to kick Max's leg but he agilely dodge it.

"Why is food today so salty? Yesterday was good food but today you didn't even try Helen."

Bob suddenly complained, Today he spent all-day roaming various parks all to spend time and barely eat anything thinking at home he will eat good food, So to stop spending extra money he didn't eat much.

'What a good guy, He even willingly sent his wife to me, I swear I will vote for you in the annual best cuck husband list.'

Max gives a thumbs-up to this guy. He does not see the dissatisfaction of his wife and even says stuff like this.

Like Max guessed, Helen's body trembled in rage. Before she didn't bother to think stuff like this because of her love for him but now that love is pretty much gone, This affected her more. The little respect she had for him was also gone.

"It's because salt became cheaper. In the future you should expect things made with salt like salted water, salted boiled water, salted cold water etc. Didn't that look appetizing?"

Helen, who was already annoyed by the relationship between Max and Violet, decided to throw out her pent-up rage at Bob. She sarcastically commented fully knowing he didn't know how to cook. If she didn't cook, the Whole family would die hungry.

"What you mean- Fuck it I am done eating."

Bob, who was already annoyed because lost his job , can't see the change in his wife and in rage, he just leaves food and goes to his bedroom to sleep.

"What you are looking at, eat and go back to your rooms."

Helen didn't care about Bob's outburst, She sternly remained with her childrens to eat and not stare at her. 

Violet and Dash also eat quickly and go into their room as they didn't want to receive the end of their mothers warth, But not before Violet gives a look to Max.

This look obviously fell into Helen's eyes but then she realized if all of them leave now then she can spend some alone time with Max, So she didn't bother to say anything.

"Everyone is gone, Aunty, Should we do it?"

Max seeing everyone is gone come directly to Helen and pinch her chin between his slender fingers. He changed his personality to an aggressive one.

"Th-That here is bad, We should go somewhere else."

Helen was stunned at first but then became ecstatic. Her body started to get feverishly hot. It's just day passed but her urge makes it weeks, She dying experiences that feeling again.

"What are you talking about, Aunty? Where did we go to do dishes?"

Max again changed his personality. He was doing both offense and defense tricks of guerrilla tactics. This way he can take away every sense of security of Helen and let her stay on edge, So at right moment he with simple push achieve his goal.

"Dishes? Oh yeah dishes, humm that's what i thought, Let's go do it quickly."

There is no limit to Helen's disappointment. Her nether region was wanting to be explored but she has to control that urge. She can't come in front of Max as bitch in heat, This only gat disgust of him.

Oblivious to her, If she comes out bitch in heat no one's more happy than Max, After he didn't have to do all this gymnastics to get both mother and daughter.

Max didn't say much and started helping her take care of dishes like before. The only problem today was that consciously or unconsciously Helen got close to Max, While her top got wet making him see her sexy black bra from her wet white shirt.

How much he wanted to fuck here right now and then but he has to hold back, He has to hold back for the greater good. The fruit of his patients will be tasting both mother and daughter together.

So he didn't do anything to her in that span. When they were done with the dishes, and he was just about to bid her farewell, an evil idea came to his mind. 

He got behind her and slid her short brown hair from her neck. He put his chin on her white shoulders and whispered in her ears.

"Later in the night, Violet will be coming into my room to watch a "Movie", I will now go outside to check the bike, No one will know if someone sneaked into my room and remained hidden there to watch us watching a''Movie ``.''

After Max said this he left her and really went outside. He created a perfect plan in his mind that he needs to put into action today.

Helen just stood still without knowing what she was thinking.

"No i have to stop them from making a mistake, They are little young, If something happens to them, No i as mother has to to see what they are doing, That's why i am doing this."

Helen as a righteous hero can't do things like this which are against her principles but she is able to create valid reasons for her to do things. This is the beginning of her fall.

So Helen without further ado sneak into Max's room.

Outside Max had a big grin as he watched her actions through his Geass.

(A/N : As you know I am alive and this story is not dropped. I am just focusing on my other book " I became Karna with a million times crit system". 

There is also other reason that my saved draft got deleted by some reason, So that also take away my motivation to right this book.

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