60. Watching “Movie” (Light R-18)
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'Finally, She takes her first step towards her total  fall.'

Max saw all of Helen's actions through his geass. She at times hid above his closet top using her superpower of elasticity.

"System, Upgrade Lust Aura skill."

For the first time, he decided to upgrade his skill. After all, it costs too much NP but after upgrading it also becomes very strong.

[Ding! 5 million NP is deducted. The Lust Aura skill is being upgraded...

The upgrade is complete...

Lust Domain : This is the domain of lust. As long as someone is in the range they can be targeted and overwhelmed with lust.

There are virtually no limits to choose a target, As long as they are below the creation ranks, It will affect the being.

(Note : Effect will not be reduced if target multiple beings, As long as they are in the range it will affect the fullest of the limit.  

Current limit : 300 lust.)]

'It's really the worst 5 million NP.'

Although Max pretty much-emptied half of his current savings, this can be considered as an investment. With this skill he can earn back all the NP in a matter of a few days.

'How much time is remaining until I can submit the side mission of taking the virginity?'

After upgrading the skill. Max asked about the side mission, Although in its system suggesting on to make him bend but that mission still had some good stuff. Also, he already completed the ask by taking anal virginity of Helen, So there is no need not to receive the rewards, right?

[Ding! A new side mission is released.

Task:  Take someone's virginity. (Note: Gender doesn't matter)


• Geass can't be used on the targeted person until the task is complete.

• Targeted person's affection for the host is not exceeded 100%.

•Targeted person can be more than one.

• Once the value of affection of any one target exceeds 100, Then the task will end and rewards will be deposited in the inventory.

(Note: This mission has the opportunity to unlock other multipliers)

Time: 05:30:49 minutes 

(Note: It's up to the host when to end the mission to get the best of it.)

Rewards : 

•50 stats points

• Golden gun protection 

Penalty:  You will lose your virginity.]

'There is still time."

Max thought of it, as the strange suggestions of the system were ignored by him. 

After doing this, He with a smirk on his face entered the hall. Today he will lay the first foundation for the mother-daughter duo.


Inside the guest room, Max was waiting, Waiting for that little stalker to come. He already set up the DVD player and T.V. set. 

Some time later black figure sneakily entered his room. After vigilantly looking around making sure no one saw her, closed the door behind her back.

"Why are you being so sneaky, Vi?"

Max was dumbfounded looking at Violet's actions. It's good to be sneaky but what about this many actions? If someone saw her like this they would confirm that she was up to something bad. It is better to walk confidently, So even if someone saw her she can make any excuse on the spot, This is her home after all.

"Kya~!! Y-You scared me to death, Max."

Hearing the sudden voice, Violet was startled. She was like a cat and jumped back in surprise but seeing it was Max, She calmed down and complained to him in the wrong voice.

"Come here."

Seeing her wronged look, his heart missed a beat. She just likes her mother and has an inherent charm.

He opened his right hand and indicated for her to come and sit next to him.

Violet though a little shy quickly came and snuggled in his arms. She after today's events is not as hesitant as she was before.

"Let's watch the movie now, It should be a romantic movie."

Max picked up the remote and handed that to Volite.

"Huh!? What does `` Max'' mean? Didn't you read the synopsis before buying?"

Violet was confused hearing their uncertain tone of Max.

"No, I did. After all, All my attention was on somewhere else. The Picture on the Cd case looked good, So I bought it."

Max answered her but he jokingly looked at Violet and then shifted his eyes downward toward an undesirable place. 

"Th-That...Okay, let's watch the movie."

Violet was first stunned, then her face turned red, visible to the naked eye. She didn't know how to answer him, So she quickly changed the subject and pressed the play button on the remote.

"You look cute, When you become embarrassed, Vi."

Max said these words in a very charming voice, After saying he landed a quick kiss on her red rosy cheeks. 

This action was a killer move for someone like her. Her brain for a moment stopped working, In that she didn't even see what kinda movie was playing on the tv screen.

"No...Not fair, You can't tease me like this Max, My heart can't handle it." 

Violet's heart was beating fast, Her eyes became watery and her voice too became trembling, This is an effect a mere kiss on lips had on her.

Or to say this is the effect of a mere kiss from Max had on her, She was already obsessed with him and with Max's charm. There is no way she can resist his actions.

"Uhh, Yes!!! Yes, mother!!! Eat my pussy thoroughly, *Huff* Yes!! Yes!! Lick all the semen of my boyfriend out of it. Mummy Yes!! I am coming...I am COMING!!! Drink it all of it MOM!!!"

Sudden voice breaks Violet's trance, She hurriedly looks up just to see on the TV screen playing JAV, A Japanese Adult Video.

Now on the screen was a butt naked younger woman lying on her back, While another butt-naked older woman was eating her, While pumped from the back with another man.

This was not a normal one but a threesome. She didn't understand the language they spoke but there were subtitles, So she understood that it was a threesome between mother, daughter, and her boyfriend.

Her heart started to calm down and sped up again. Her face became hot, and She started feeling feverish. Her body felt like thousands of ants were crawling on it. 

Words Max said in the store unconsciously appeared in her mind, Her nether region quickly became very wet that She had to clamp her legs together. She had an urge to rub that place but she controlled herself. To stop those sneaky fingers from reaching down there, She held the spreadsheet tightly.

"You okay Vi? Are you getting excited? Is it because of the video or are you thinking something shameful *Bite*"

Max whispered in her ears and slowly nibbled her ear. 

Of course, He had a backhand behind her in this condition, He already used Lust Domain on her. After all, it is impossible to have this big reaction, Just by watching porn.

"Huhh mumm.." 

"Th-That N-No, Wh-What kind of Mo-vie is this? Let's...Let's watch something else."

Violet's body was trembling, At this moment her body was very sensitive, The nibbling action of Max nearly took her soul. A soft moan escaped from her cherry lips, Her voice shaking, She was not able to speak words without stammering. 

That look was so tempting it was a crime, Her moans softened anyone's bones. Her half-opened lips looked enchanting that anyone who saw them wanted to take a bite.

"No need."

"What- Kya~!!!"

Violet wanted to change the cd but Max suddenly picked her up and lay on the bed. Because of this sudden action, a shirk of surprise escaped from her mouth  

"*Huff* *Huff* M-Max."

After realizing what Max did, Her breathing quickened, Her misty eyes started Max with expectations, fear, and desire.

Have to say, Max never thought that this little goblin could be this enchanting. At the moment she spoke his name with that shaky voice, He felt his blood boiling.

The male chicken of his long since protested and tried to escape from its bounds to explore the unexplored caves.

"You little enchantress."

"Th-Tha wait Mumm mumm."

Max said these words and stopped holding back. He goes on top of her and before he would say something captured her cherry juicy lips in his slender cold one. He locked her in a kiss so only some mummers and moans escaped from her mouth.

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Or I abandoned this book? 

So both of the answers are no. I just focused on my other books.

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