Chapter 7 – Battle for dominance
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Spencer and the humongous reptilian creature could be seen roaring, running at each other, charging headfirst. The ground was trembling from the weight behind their reckless assault.

Spencer began to increase his speed, building momentum, planting his feet, and jumping towards the creature.

While Spencer launched himself at the beast, time seemed to have slowed down as they got closer to each other.

The pressure building until it finally reached the boiling point.


Colliding, the two generated a miniature shockwave on impact, both bouncing back to catch their balance from the collision.

Both contenders began showing signs of being disoriented from the initial charge.

Due to Spencer's smaller size, if he did not have his current level of strength, he would have been at a great disadvantage.

The creature was visibly shocked, it did not expect that this small fragile bipedal creature would push it back, being used to easily killing its prey.

This small, weak creature, however, despite it being many times smaller than itself, managed to push it back. This was not something it could easily process.

"What's wrong? Never had a REAL FIGHT BEFORE?!" Spencer exclaimed, raising his voice in anger, causing an echo.

As if the creature could understand him, it ran at Spencer with its jaws agape, flashing its fangs, charging for a second attempt.

Watching as the creature rushed towards him, Spencer braced himself, planting his right leg to the back, and bending his left, effectively sinking his feet into the soil.


The creature stretched its neck, attempting to bite down on Spencer. Seeing this, he further tightened his hold on the ground, holding his hands in position to catch the creature in its charge.


Colliding for the second time, Spencer held the edges of the creature's jaws open. Not letting up in its charge, the dinosaur continued pushing Spencer back, causing his feet to further dig into the ground, displacing the soil.


Spencer's body started to strain under the incredible pressure. Noticing this, he contorted his body beyond normal means, redirecting the creature's force away from him, causing its head to plummet into the ground next to him.

The dinosaur quickly recovered and lashed its teeth against its mortal enemy. Spencer evaded the creature by performing a double back handspring, launching himself into the air.


This eventually proved to be a mistake, as the creature wasted no time in spinning around, swinging its tail at Spencer, effectively swatting him out of the air.

This sent him flying violently into the trees, snapping several of them in half.

"That's it! That's what I want… GIVE ME MORE!" - Spencer was visibly excited, grinning from ear to ear without restraint.

He picked himself up at incredible speeds, grabbing one of the fallen trees with his right hand, reaching back and hurling it at the creature.

Seeing this, the beast barely managed to dodge by shifting its mass to its left.

Noticing its unstable manner of dodging, Spencer stomped his feet. Taking in a deep breath, he then ran in a zigzag towards it, trying to disorient the creature.

Getting close enough, Spencer grabbed a handful of sand, chucking it at the creature's eyes. He then jumped, cocking his fist back as he launched himself forward.

The fraction of a second in which this all happened felt like several minutes as Spencer arrived close to the creature's face.

Despite it not being able to see correctly thanks to the sand in its eyes, the beast opened its jaws in the direction of Spencer's trajectory. Seeing this, Spencer quickly reacted by using his tail to pierce the neck of the creature, pulling himself away from its jaws before they could snap shut.

Landing only a few feet away from the beast, Spencer immediately rushed at it, slamming himself into its hind legs, throwing it off balance, tipping it sideways. This created a new opportunity for him.

Noticing this chance, Spencer jumped to the side of its face. As it was off-balance, cocking his fist back for a second time.


Spencer slammed his fist against the creature's lower jaw, making its head fling back.

AS the creature's head was coming back down, Spencer contorted his body, twisting it while tensing his steel cable like muscles to build up pressure behind his fist.

Noticing the creature's head coming back down, he released the pressure he was building up, untwisting his body.


Punching the beast with his accumulated energy, Spencer tightly clenched his fist, sinking into the side of the creature's jaw, causing its head to forcefully jerk sideways.


The immense force drove the creature's face into the earth with a loud thud, almost knocking it into unconsciousness.

Not wanting it to recover, Spencer sunk both his feet into the ground, running at the still disoriented beast.

The creature, gaining back some level of cognition during this time, noticed Spencer charging towards it. To retaliate it used its hind legs while still on its side, kicking Spencer away from it.

Spencer had placed his arms up to defend himself. Despite this, he was still launched a great distance into some more trees by the beast.

"What's with you and the trees?" Spencer asked, picking himself up from the new trails of broken foliage.

The creature ignoring his taunts got back up and ran at Spencer.

"Dude, this is just getting repetitive…" he sighed.

Watching as it got closer, Spener extended his claws and replicated the creature's course of attack.

As the two ran at each other, Spencer, when he got close enough, pivoted to the creature's left, slashing at its Achilles tendon, causing its left leg to drop. He then simultaneously spun around and sliced its other leg, crippling it.


The creature fell to the floor unable to move any more.

Spencer walked up to the head of the creature, grinning like a madman.

As he did, the beast opened its massive jaws as a last attempt at retaliation.

Already anticipating this, Spencer quickly grabbed the edges of the creature's mouth.

"I think that's enough of that." He exclaimed as he tensed his muscles.


The splattering of blood could be heard, as he then proceeded to tear off the beast's lower jaw.


He threw it to the side as if it was a piece of used tissue.

The creature began to squirm, obviously in pain, but unable to make a sound, consequent to its lack of lower jaw.

Spencer then placed his dominant hand on the beast's face, leaning over, looking it in the eyes.

"Remember me, asshole?"

The beast's eyes filled with fear. It couldn't understand Spencer, it began pleading with its eyes, hoping Spencer would not kill it.

Seeing this, Spencer made up his mind.

"An eye for an eye!"


Spencer then stabbed the roof of the creature's mouth, piercing the brain, ending its reign, killing it instantly.

"Well, that's that.." he exclaimed as he removed his claws from the carcass.

"Let's see what I will get from you!"

Saying this, Spencer began to absorb the massive beast. Its body liquified and fused with Spencer's mass.


In doing so, Spencer noticed something was wrong, his body didn't change as he expected it to, he stayed relatively the same.

However, after a few moments of inactivity, this observation quickly changed.

"AAAAAHHH!" Spencer began screaming from the sudden surge of pain he was experiencing.

His body was giving off a golden hue, releasing a blinding light in all directions, he felt as if each of his cells were on fire, becoming stronger as if changing into something else entirely.

He began convulsing, his body growing and shrinking in size as his pupils vanished.

His body became heavier in an instant, the sudden shifts in weight causing the soil under Spencer's feet to cave in, creating a small crater.

Spencer felt as if his skin was being torn off his body, his nerves firing nothing but pain signals.

He stopped screaming, as the immense pain his body felt eventually knocked him out, he slipped into unconsciousness.


Falling back, the crater increased in size.

Spencer could be seen laying in the crater, his body increasing in density, glowing and rapidly changing, making itself stronger down to its very cells, becoming many times more efficient than it was before.