Prologue (Part 2)
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"Huff! Huff!" I was running through the forest in ragamuffin clothes, trying to reach the end with all the little breath I had.

I somehow managed to escape but the situation was too dire to let me enjoy my newfound freedom.

[I, Damian von Roxx, was an heir to the fallen Roxx Family. We were a countryside noble house governing a small territory over a population of 10,000 when we suddenly fell from power.

We were backed into a corner when someone started a fire and burned down the mansion.

That's when the memories of my past life flooded in, when hell was breaking loose at me.

I ran at that time but got caught by those bandits. They made me do all their chores and used me as their punching bag for two months.]

Even in my previous life, I died young at 17. But now, I won't let myself limited by petty bandits. I'll live far longer life.

It was raining too heavily. And it was hard to even walk on this damp soil, much less run. And perhaps the only reason was running like this was because of the rain. I didn't spot a single beast till my way here. Maybe they were all hiding in their caves and what not.

When I looked ahead, I saw person like figure moving across the forest. I took out my sword and half unsheathed it. I hid behind a broken tree and crouched down making as little sound as possible. I tried to get a closer look at that figure, peeking up from the tree.

Ah! It was an old man looking like he was at the end of his life. His long, white hair and beard were speaking his age.

An old man in the middle of a forest is clearly suspicious. What is he searching for?

I thought not bothering him was the best choice.

I stood up and silently took a step.

*click crackle

I gritted my teeth and looked down. My brows furrowed as I realized this cliché development. It was a small twig.

I instantly looked behind. That old man was not there. [Fwooo...] Sighing with relief and looked straight ready to walk ahead.

"Waaa!" The old man was standing in front of me. I fell on my butt. And looked up at his face. "Wha-wha-whad d-do you...." Words didn't leave my mouth. With a smirk he placed his hand over my head and began chanting something.

I was astonished at his gesture when within a second a bright light engulfed me. I was scared to death, my mouth wide open and my eyes almost popping out.

"You damned old maaaa-....." I shouted at the top of my my body went through spaghettification.