Chapter 7 ─ Duke Redblade
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This chapter was a sample of how the sex scenes would be in my other novel, which I will do when I'm done with my two main novels, and little by little as I do the ones here, they will teach me how I should tell them.
The next chapter is the closing of arc 1 and we start arc 2 of the rest of the volume.
It's time to meet more characters from the game!

It was evening in the duchy.

The duke and his wife were having a romantic dinner as husband and wife.

"Well, how was it?"


They were both feeding each other with their own fingers.

"This is the best romantic dinner ever, honey!"

"Hahaha, it's not the best as there will be many more like this to come, my beloved."

The wife looked at him with moist loving eyes.

"Do you love me that much?"

"I would never trade this moment for anything in the world."

"My~, what a sweet husband you are."

"And you the most beautiful woman in the world."

A pink aura surrounded them as they approached.

The romantic moment was stopped by Reidel who came in kicking the door.

He turned on the light and the candles were still burning.

"Mother, father! Stop what you're doing right now! I have something important to announce!"

Rei's mother became annoyed and pouted.

"Moo! Rei-chan! You should learn that when mommy and daddy are together, it means they're giving each other love!"


"More important than that, father, sign this."

Rei walked over and placed a document on the table.

"What is it?"

With a cheek-to-cheek smile, Rei said.

"These are the papers with which you cede the territory and all its assets to me, your son!"

"From today I will be the new duke since you are obsolete!"

"... Huh? Sure."

The father signed the documents.



A meeting was taking place in the party room of the upgraded Redblade mansion.

In it, all the relatives of Rei's parents were present.

The reason was simple.

"Congratulations, new duke!"

They were celebrating the birth of the new lord of these lands.

Rei was being greeted by all his relatives.

"Congratulations, Reidel."

"To be so young and already be the new feudal lord."

"It seems a star has been born in the bosom of the main branch."

Everyone laughed even his own parents who drank champagne with vigor.

"Hahahahaha! And Rei made a face like he couldn't believe what I was saying."

"In truth, Rei-chan didn't know how to respond to something as obvious as that."

Their relatives asked why they gave him the title while he's still young.

The answer was.

"Everything in the territory for the past ten years is his doing, if that is not proof enough to know that the duchy will be safe in his hands, then I don't know what else to prove."

But everyone knew that there were hidden contents that they did not reveal.

"Finally we can have that long-awaited trip to the lake we always wanted to have, my husband!"

"Yes. I wanted to buy you a bathing suit so that your beautiful curves would highlight your loveliness."

Because it was obvious that his parents wanted to be together longer.

For that reason they unquestioningly handed over the territory to their son.

"I refuse to accept this!"

Everything was joy and laughter until someone shouted that.

Approaching with furious steps.

An attractive light-skinned boy with long shoulder-length black hair and blue eyes was standing near Rei.

Since he was taller than him, he was looking down on him from above.

"It's good to see you, Max."

This man was Reidel's cousin, Maximillian Redblade.

According to the game, during the pandemic Rei's mother gets sick, survives, but her body is very weak and she can't have any more children.

Then one day, seeing that Reidel from the game is unbearable, his father asks his distant relatives for permission to adopt his son as his spare in case something happens to the heir.

They agreed for a large sum of money.

Kurono thought as he saw Max's angry face.

(So finally one of the supporting characters who will help the protagonist made an appearance.)

(Sorry Max, I know that since you were a child you always wanted to be the main branch since you were smarter and more capable than Rei or his father, but that won't be possible anymore.)

(Rei has accomplished things that have surpassed what you were going to accomplish. Sorry, I would have liked you to be my puppet, but you can't seem to hear my voice.)

(What's worse, after the end of Rei, you became the next head of the Redblade and became a great ally for the war against the empire.)

Kurono regretted that Max was no longer his ally, but he didn't care since he had Rei on his side.

Max's face showed that he disliked this.

"I refuse to accept it."

"You refuse to accept what? Cousin."

"This farce!"

The good beat in the party room was muffled by the sudden declaration.

Max declared in front of everyone something unexpected.

"I'm sure everyone knows this, but in the capital, in the neighboring territories and especially our own knights, the Redblades are mocked. The main branch has been a laughing stock for decades and decades!"

No one objected, for it was true.

Any merchant who came to the Kingdom knew that trading with the Redblade was a waste of time.

Max continued to speak truths.

"I don't say it as a sign of rebellion! I say it as a sign that it's time for a change!"

"We must prove that the Redblade family is no joke!"

"Our rank may be counts compared to the main branch, but my resentment is for this bumpkin's behavior!"

Max pointed at Rei who was blowing bubbles with his juice.

He realized they were talking about him and said a clever reply.

"Mine? I didn't do anything to you, don't you have mental problems? If you do I think you should go to a doctor, I don't think my instant healing can cure mental illness."

Max took Rei's serious response as a mockery of his answer.

"It's because of that attitude that I say this person is not suitable to be the next duke! Just look at him, he's a joke as a feudal lord!"

He said that while Rei nibbled on a rice cracker in a childish manner. The relatives said nothing, but they seemed to agree that Rei didn't seem fit to rule a fiefdom.

So, Max decided to pull out his ace up his sleeve.

"That's why, if you all would give me the chance, I would show you what I am capable of handling─"

"Show what?"

His monologue was interrupted by Rose, who had been for a while now serving drinks to everyone, and at the drop of a hat stood behind Max, pointing an earring from her ear at his neck.

"Hey, what do you think you do to a nobleman?"

"That should almost be my line, what do you think you're doing trying to smear the young master?"

"Were you trying to be you, the new feudal lord?"

"You dare compare yourself to someone who's been single-handedly improving the territory for ten years?"


"Who do you think all the luxuries that both your parents and others in this place have enjoyed without knowing where they came from came from?"

"Do you think they were gifts from the capital or that the main branch spent without measuring the cost?"

"Well no, at once let me tell them all."

Rose removed her earring from Max's neck and then with a smile turned to look at everyone in the room.

"Dear Redblade family members, I regret to report that all the luxuries you have such as better kitchen equipment, crops, bathrooms and even the electrical power you use, is the work and grace of the young master."

Rose said pointing at Rei in a way to make him look more important than anyone else.

But Rei wasn't paying attention to her, just swirled the contents of his glass uninterested.

"Everything was created by him, he, who was blessed by god. There is no man who is more capable of doing this than him."

"You want proof?"

Rose approached Rei and after showing reverence said.

"I am sorry to disturb young master, but these ignorant people do not know the wonders of his powers. Please teach them a small part of it."

"... Good."

Rei raised his hand and a magic circle glowed on the ground.

"This is it?"

Max said after watching as a freshly sculpted water fountain came out of the magic circle.

 Rose spoke again.

"You could see it, couldn't you? This is the young master's power."

"There is no man more capable than him in being able to run not only this territory, but on an economic level the duchy is making millions in annual revenue from the sale of what he creates."

"Can any of you do that?"

"Can any of you replicate a single thing in this place?"

"Do any of you think you can take this territory into the next century?"

"I think not only can't you. You don't have the brain mass to do it either!"

Rose said making a weird expression, which involved one of her eyebrows being raised and the other not.

"Unless you can do one tenth as much as what my Master does! Don't you dare say stupid things again!"


Rei stopped Rose after placing a hand on her shoulder.

He then turned to his familiars after raising his gaze.

His red eyes looked at them as if they were all insects.

"If you guys want to take the duke's position from me, fine... but─"

Magical power began to permeate the atmosphere, causing the chandeliers and tables to shake.

Rei's angry expression grew scarier every time she spoke.

"You know that's rebellion, right?"

"If you want my position, you'll have to kill me."

"Which is tantamount to a war between families."

"And believe me. I wouldn't hesitate to kill all of you."

The shaking stopped as Rei picked up his glass from a table again.

"With that said continue with the celebration, the food will go to waste later."

"Oh and Max."

Max was a little startled at being called suddenly, Rei looked at him blankly.

"We'll see you at the academy."



"Was all that drama really necessary?"

Rei and Rose were outside the mansion watching the moon from an inflatable bed.

"Of course it was! They didn't think you'd make a good duke."

"Who cares what those idiots think. I invited them just to show them the formality of meeting upon meeting the new feudal lord."


"No buts... more important."

Rei turned and saw Rose face to face.

"The first part of what I told you that day came true."

Rose's eyes moistened slightly.

"It certainly turned out to be true."

"You doubted me?"

"Only that over the years, that day seems to me only a vague memory now."

"I no longer have any interest in my homeland. After all, my uncle will end up dead any day now when the republic decides to invade them."

"That's bad for me. I wanted to bring you your uncle's head as a souvenir."

"What a nasty souvenir that would be. You should learn some little manners first."


Rei positioned himself on top of Rose. Their faces were getting closer and closer.

"I don't need anyone to tell me what to do. I do whatever I damn well please."

"That's childish thinking again. Like when you told me you would take over the palace."

Rei showed slight embarrassment at the memory of that.

"I-I thought back then that it would be nice to be the king of a country."

"But the administration of fiefdoms, collecting taxes, chatting with the other nobles and a lot of things that would take a lot of time out of your life was what discouraged that, wasn't it?"


"I got it right, fufufu."

"Shut up."

At that moment, Rei violently placed his lips on Rose's.

It was their first kiss.

They stayed like that for a while, savoring the feel of each other's saliva.

Touching their tongues, teeth, the inside of their mouths.

At the end they parted, forming a bridge of saliva.

"Why did you wait so many years for it?"

"At this age I'm legally an adult, which means I can do things as an adult, like for example... take you as my wife."

Rose blushed heavily at those wonderful words.

"I'm an elf, this country still doesn't accept other races as citizens, only servants."

"Who the fuck cares about the law. If I want you to be mine, you will be mine."

"Just accept it and leave all the problems in my hands."

"I'll kill everyone who tries to make you not mine."


Rose smiled at hearing herself being called Rei's official woman.

But she knew she would only be a mistress, but as long as she was by his side, she didn't care about that.

"For that reason Rose."


"Let me do it to you tonight."

"... Master pervert."

"... Be gentle."

"I'll try."

"That answer you shouldn't say, I'll give you lessons in sensitivity with women."

The two stood up, and went straight to their room.

Rei ordered that no one disturb him and activated a silence sealing spell so that no one would hear what happens inside, and even activated several traps in cases of sent assassins.

On that night, the two will reach adulthood.


After arriving in the room carrying Rose, the first thing Rei did after laying her down on the bed affectionately was...

"Huh? Rei, what are you doing?"

"Wait! I want to see!"

"No fair! Reiiiiiiiii!"

He hid Kurono in a drawer of his nightstand and activated an anti-sound spell so he wouldn't hear.

After locking it, he began to undress.

Starting with his tie, followed by the buttons of his shirt.

Rose watched her beloved undress, her heart was racing, she was starting to sweat fast.




He took off his shirt and Rose could observe even without light that toned male body.

Next came his shoes and finally his pants.

Rei was left in his underwear.

Rose's eyes focused on one place.

She wanted to grab him when he was not up yet.

But Rei stopped her as he pounced on her and they started kissing.




Rose let out adorable sounds of satisfaction, Rei withdrew her tongue and with a tug, ripped off the buttons of her uniform.

Making her large breasts jump in response.

Rei's face plunged into them.

The red bra was slowly kissed down to the skin.

Where Rei used her teeth to slide it down.

After pulling the bra down, Rose covered herself in embarrassment.

Her pink nipples were exposed.

The excitement as well as the embarrassment was mixed in the same feeling.

Without any hesitation, Rei said.

"They look like ice cream, the white part around is soft while the center looks like a pink cherry."

That compliment made Rose excited as well, her nipples became stiff and Rei just like a dog, lunged at them.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~! ❤"

The right nipple was bitten like a cherry.

Rei's tongue engulfed on it as if it was the tastiest thing in the world.

Then without lifting it her face, she moved on to the next one, licking Rose's body.

Again she nibbled on the remaining nipple in such a way that Rose was beginning to moan, she covered her mouth so she couldn't hear it, but the saliva seeping out and her eyes rolling back showed how sensitive she was.

Rei with both hands cupped her breasts and began to massage them.

As if in a musical rhythm, Rose's breasts rose and fell, both nipples were touched or the mass around them thrashed wildly.

In a merciless attack, Rei sucked both nipples.

Rose could take no more and screamed out what her heart held in.

"Harder! Bite them harder pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Bite them harder please!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ❤"

Rose's back arched a little as she climaxed, orgasm.

"Aah... aah... it felt... so good."

Her eyes showed true happiness, but Rei wasn't finished.

"What are you talking about? Now it's your turn."

She pointed to a large bulge in her underwear.

Rose's hand grasped that large tube with delight.

"Yes. It's time for it to be my turn to enjoy giving you pleasure."

She said as she morbidly moved her hand. Rei was blushing a little, but hid it after quickly lying down on the bed.

Rose with a cheek to cheek smile placed her face next to that bulge.

"I still remember when we bathed together, it was very small, but it looks like it grew a lot. Thank you so much."

"Don't talk funny and hurry up."

"Okay. ❤"

With a single tug, Rose pulled down Rei's underwear.

There in front of her, a large, invigorating male specimen greeted her. Rose could understand why Rei's mother enjoyed spending a lot of time with her husband.

"I see. Women are naturally attracted to them, it's a pity that many men use them to hurt them. Not being popular with women must be horrible."

"What are you talking about?"

"Nothing~. To eat~."

Slowly opening her mouth, Rose began to push the virile member inside her.

The breath and moisture from her mouth was felt by Rei's body.

She reached halfway in, and Rose felt the tip touch her throat.

But she didn't care and went all the way straight to the end.

It was Rei now who felt an electricity in her back.

"This is... very good..."

He said trying to resist the wave of pleasure Rose's mouth was generating.

Her eyes widened in response of being choked, but she didn't care, she stayed like that for a while, and when she felt like she couldn't breathe, she withdrew it immediately.


"Sorry... it was too big for my throat, but..."

Her angry gaze shifted to the rocket pointing skyward.

"I'm going to eat you one of these days, you'll see, I won't let you win."

She said as drool fell from the corners of her mouth.

"Rose, I want to put it in already."

"Yeah... I got in a really good mood, I want to have it inside me."

Rose laid down facing Rei spreading her legs a little.

Rei delicately pulled back her skirt leaving her underwear wet.

In the same loving way, the underwear was removed and Rose's hand quickly covered that special place.

"Remove your hand."

"... It's embarrassing, even so."

"You put my manhood in your mouth and you say like this."

"Don't compare that thing to this delicate thing please."

"I'm sorry. Take your hand away please."

"... Be gentle."

Timidly Rose removed her hands, which revealed a beautiful unopened bud.

The lips were so pink they looked like they were glued together by delicate hands.

A bean protruded, which began to harden.

Rei lifted Rose's legs and pulled his body closer to hers.

Rose felt her heart racing.

"My first night with my beloved Master. I feel like I will die of happiness."

"Rose, just rubbing it feels too good."

"No doubt. ❤"

Rei's phallus rubbed against those lips and that bean in a way that a sloshing sound was heard.

"Shit, my head is spinning, I want to put it in myself."

"Just... a little more time... and it'll be ready."

The bud was beginning to open, and the special nectar was pouring out as its petals welcomed her.

"Rose... now!"

With a sincere smile.

"Yes. You can shove it all the way in straight to the end."

"Got it, Rose!"

"With this."

The phallus slowly began to enter.

A light wall was at the entrance, Rei did a little straining.

"You are completely my woman!"


And smashed that wall, being wrapped in a nice sticky sheet.

"Master made me his woman! The happiness I feel now is beyond description! Master, don't control yourself and go at your own pace!"

"That was going to be it!"

With her legs and ass in the air, Rei had Rose's body at her disposal.

He rhythmically moved his hips, having total command of her.

"Aah, my head is spinning!"

"Haah, I'm not interested in anything more than this right now!"

"Master, it's coming to the end!"

Rei's manhood struggling against indescribable wetness, using all his strength he reached the end of the baby chamber.

After pulling out and back in a little at a time, Rei was starting to get used to it.

"This feels so good... no wonder my parents always end up making noise."

"Rose, from now on I want to do this daily."

"Aah... I... I think I'll become an idiot if I get these daily onslaughts... although I wouldn't mind being an idiot."

"That's bad... every three days then."

"Whenever you want... just... aah... don't stop please."

For a while now Rose's expression and vocabulary was not what one would expect from a maid or attendant.

But in intimacy it gave her to be the same as a cheap slut.

Rei had been in the same position for a while, because of his good physique, he could enjoy this without fatigue.

"Rose... I think I'm going to finish now."

"Inside... I want it inside."

"That's what I was thinking of doing."

"Get ready to sire my children!"

Rei increased the pace, Rose's hair and breasts heaving wildly.

"I will. I'll have all your children, give me my babies. ❤"

"Rose, here it comes!"

Rei's body could take no more and in a burst with no way to dodge, Rose's baby chamber was flooded.

"Take it all, Roseeee!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm going to be a mommy, that makes me so happy!"

Both Rei, who arched his back from releasing all his essence inside Rose, who was holding her head, with an expression of insane joy, climaxed together.

After being in the same position for a while, Rei collapsed on top of Rose. Who affectionately embraced him.

"Good job, my beloved Master."

She could still move.

So she carried Rei who fell asleep to the pillow where as if they were the only lovers in the world, they slept together to show that they belonged to each other.



Rei finally woke up.

The sun rose, his eyes looked in all directions to understand what happened yesterday, but after observing Rose who was sleeping peacefully on his chest, and her large breasts resting on his belly, he remembered.

"So I did it, huh."

"First step to being a true Cheat Lord."

"Becoming a duke."

He said that as his hand caressed Rose's large breast.

He was touching it as if it were a pillow and his fingers twisted her nipple.

Rose still asleep showed that she liked that.

"The second step is to take over the capital... no, no, the capital is king's place and I don't want to be one. Much trouble."

"... How about taking over the economy? That's good for my territory, isn't it?"

"Yes, that's what I'll do. I'll take control of the economy, how clever you are Rei."

"I'm counting on you to accomplish that, Kurono."

Rei's fist moved to indicate to his "god" that it was kept in the drawer since last night.

But that "god" thought otherwise.

"Damn you Rei!"

"When you take me out I swear I'll blow you up when you go to activate any spell!"

"Mark my words, you damned villain!"

The prologue of the game was long over, the first chapter of the story would soon begin, and with it. The arrival of the other characters.