Chapter 7: Tiny Heart
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Rira Adagiri isn't a morning person or a person who could be called a role model if one follows her day to day lifestyle because she isn't the so-called talented types but she is one of those hard-working type people who does everything to stay at the top. Is her thirst for staying at the top, fuels her to strive in this competitive world? If you ask directly to her then you might not get much of an answer from her. Maybe she will blush while ignoring your question but she will not deny the fact she isn't a talented person.

As a daughter of Adagiri Clan Head, She has to shoulder a lot of responsibility and there are many restrictions to her personal life and life choices but the biggest one for her perspective which involves her fragile tiny heart. She isn't a person who could give up easily or in her own words 'Evening the Odds'.

A transparent line climbed down on the beautiful sleeping cheek of the young girl, She softly erases the line of tear which drops down from her half-opened eyes. She slowly rises from the bed but with a small mutter to herself-

"Today too...I couldn't grab the red thread..."

It's been long time since Rira having morning dream about the red thread connected to the person who she loves dearly but afraid to admit in her day to day life for many reasons, in this dream she tries hard to stretch toward the thread to cling upon a hope they could become one, No matter How much she tries to grab the thread, the thread keeps on fluttering away from her. She does know the red thread which she desperately stretching toward will never end up reaching toward that person in real life but she isn't a hopeless person, She had made up her mind a long time ago to give her best until the end.

With a gentle slap on her cheek, Rira gets ready for her school. Her giving best starts with preparing herself properly for her dearly person, She is born beautifully and 10 out of 10 people find her cute, Still, that doesn't mean she will not take time preparing a little bit extra for her dearly person. She doesn't want any other man apart from the person who sits inside her little heart to watch her best face and she does make the one of a kind expression in front of this said person. If someone asks her 'Is it, love?' The immediate answer will be 'No, it isn't' because fate is a cruel thing in the world of elites and the life of the elites are decided on the day they are born, this fact is also well known to Rira, She is bound to marry someone other than this person in later in life but She still want to experience as many things possible in this small-time which is left for her.

While getting dressed, Rira pulled open one of the wardrobe drawers and hold softly in her hand a hair clip, it is just ordinary girl hair clip, no, it is not that normal hair clip for Rira as it's filled with a lot of memory of past and the clip is given by her dearest person. She treasures it more than anything because of futile love which might end up separately in the future, Still, she wants to treasure it till the end of her life. She always does, she tug a chain on a hair clip to make it a necklace so that she can wear it lock inside her school uniform close by her heart. Is she shy about displaying the treasure of her life in front of the world then the answer is YES, she is and also she is afraid of losing the last bit of freedom which she has with this said person.

Touching the necklace on her neck, Her face formed a small radiant smile in front of the mirror As if warmness of her loved one is still present and transmitting toward her.

"What should I demand today? Hehe~"

A playful giggle leaked from her mouth while thinking some rather interesting plans but it turns into grim after remembering yesterday.

"Need to take care of Yashira first. I don't think it will be hard to fight against her with my current team."

After muttering to herself, Rira press a button on a remote place on the tabletop, the remote is for calling personal maid inside of her house.


"May I come in?"

"Yeah, come in Ninen-San."

A lady in her mid 20s set foot inside the Rira's room, the girl is wearing a typical black and white maid uniform with skirt stretching below her knee joint.

"Ninen-San? What happened?"

While tilting her small head little bit toward the left side, Rira inquired Ninen who is standing still with her mouth open-

"Ojou-sama, Please you need to understand that we maid sole duty is to attend every need of you-"


While keeping her composure, Ninen made a somewhat tiny bit glare toward Rira who she is servicing her for many years.

"Ojou-sama this isn't funny anymore. You have been calling me after getting dressed."

"Don't Puff your face Ninen-San."

"I'm not p...puffing my face. By the way, What happened to you Ojou-sama? Tomorrow after returning to house, you didn't ate with Madam and called it a day soon after."

"Ehhh!!! I'm the same as usual you know."

"Ojou-sama, Did anything weigh-"

"Oh my! Are you saying I gained weight...Oh no, I need to measure it right now!!"

"Ojou-sama...Please Wait-"

With that Rira quickly ran toward weight machine to measure her weight.

"Ninen-San you scared me there. See I didn't gain any weigh. If I remove my uniform maybe the reading will be 2 or 3 kg less."

"Haa...For your kind information, your uniform doesn't weight that much and I was saying If anything weighs on you please share it and-"

"Anyway Today I will leave earlier than normal time and I might return home pretty late."

"Ojou-sama, I know you went to Aito-sama's house but you need to understand Adagiri Clan conflicts with Aito-sama mother's clan. I would advise not to go their freely."

"You know Aito is my brother and also if I don't stay in touch with him then the conflict will grow more and more to the point of beyond repair."

"Ojou-sama, You better think properly about your visit might not only start problem between those clans but also Aito-sama and you too."


With a disturbed face, Rira asks her maid the reason behind the wording to which Ninen as calmly as she can be, She answered with a look of a person who understands the situation pretty well.

"You might not know this but Madam also sends some spy to Kazuhei house."


"Remember this Madam will not sit quietly if you keep on going to Kazuhei House. For now, Madam doesn't think Aito-sama as a threat but if you keep on the attention toward this matter then sooner or later Madam will do something."

"What can I do!? I can't talk to my brother properly at school because of the different classes we are allotted and I can't openly contact him in school too!!"

"Ojou-sama, you need to discard those feeling before it gets stronger."

"Ehh!! I don't a..any f...eeling!!!"

"I wonder."

"Anyway today I have other thing to handle. So I ain't going to that place. Are you happy now!? Hmph!!"

After their conversation, Rira had breakfast alone in her room and left her home as fast as she can to school. Today might be a normal day for any student but for Rira it is her challenge day with Yashira Kiho and this is the first club game after reopening of school for Rira's club. And also somewhere this day was the trigger point for KING....!!!