Chapter 40 (NSFW)
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After being discharged, Yin Hui was told to follow his brother and learn how to run and manage their family business. His mother gave him 2 weeks to recover his body completely.

He took the chance to stay in Bai Xing's apartment.

"…You should've stayed with your family."

Bai Xing was happy that Yin Hui wanted to be with him, but his family must've missed him more than what they showed outside.

"A one-week consecutive visit is enough for them," Yin Hui clung to Bai Xing as he unlocked his unit door, "Besides, they're so busy that they're rarely home. It doesn't change even after 7 years."

Bai Xing took off his shoes and wore his indoor slippers before giving Yin Hui one too.

He has just put down his bag when he was held from behind.

"You don't want me to stay with you?"

Yin Hui started kissing Bai Xing's neck, right below his right ear where he liked to mark the most. At Little Mermaid's world, that spot never lost Yin Hui's mark since he renewed it every morning.

As a result, Bai Xing became particularly sensitive over there. He shuddered once Yin Hui's lips touched it. His heart beat louder and increasingly faster.

"N-Not that…" he turned and kissed Yin Hui, "Of course…I want you to."

Yin Hui twirled his tongue with Bai Xing's as his hands slipped into Bai Xing's clothes and felt up his skin. It was smooth, tight, and felt incredibly good to touch.

He slithered up to Bai Xing's chest to find that his nipples were already hard.

"I've thought of this before," Yin Hui smirked, "Are you just really sensitive or are you actually a hidden pervert?"

"!?" Bai Xing was caught off guard by Yin Hui's question and reddened in fluster, "W-What do you mean…"

"I mean…" Yin Hui pressed Bai Xing's nipples with his thumb and rubbed them.

"Nnh…" Bai Xing twitched.

"I haven't started, but your nipples are already this hard," Yin Hui flicked them around, "They also got erect without me touching them when we rubbed each other off. As if demanding attention."

"Ah…D-Don't tease them…" Bai Xing moaned.

"Your words and your expression didn't match you know?" Yin Hui pulled up Bai Xing's shirt and showed him his quivering nipples, "Look how happy they are."

Bai Xing felt shameful from Yin Hui's words, "They're n-not…"

"If you say so," Yin Hui groped Bai Xing's chest without touching his nipples and licked the back of his ear, "Then I won't touch them."

Bai Xing lightly panted as they sucked each other's lips, but the lack of stimulation on that place gradually bothered him. Yin Hui was wantonly groping him, but his fingers didn't brush his erect bud at all. Not even close.

"H-Hui…" Bai Xing whimpered pitifully.

"Hmm…What is it?" Yin Hui's lips curved in amusement, enjoying Bai Xing's pleading look.

Bai Xing moved Yin Hui's fingers, "Touch…h-here."

Yin Hui chuckled, "Sit down on the table."

Bai Xing obediently sat down "…?"

Yin Hui stuck out his tongue and flicked Bai Xing's left nipple. He heard Bai Xing let out a small gasp and continued to press down on his chest while his other hand pinched and twisted Bai Xing's right one.

Bai Xing jerked back as Yin Hui sucked it and twirled it with his tongue. He clutched Yin Hui's hair as he gradually laid his back on the table.

He didn't know he could feel this good from his nipples. When he played with them himself if he had an urge to masturbate in the past, it felt comfortable, but it didn't give him this amount of pleasure.

Maybe he really is a pervert…

Yin Hui tended the right one with his mouth next. He could feel Bai Xing's member erection poking his abdomen. He grinded it down with his own.

"You got hard from your nipples being played?" Yin Hui spread Bai Xing's legs wider, "Should we see if you can cum from it?"

"Haa…Of course not…!" Bai Xing shoved Yin Hui's face away from his chest.

Yin Hui caught his wrist and licked his forefinger, "Then, what do you want me to do next, my Little Rabbit?"

"Huh…?" Bai Xing looked at Yin Hui in a daze.

"Where do you want me to touch you? Which part of you do you want me to pleasure?" Yin Hui kissed Bai Xing's palm and rubbed their crotch with a devious smile, "If you don't tell me, I won't know."

"Ugh…" Bai Xing twitched and held down his moan, "Please…"

"Please what?" Yin Hui felt Bai Xing's firm thigh up and down.

"I want to…go all the way with you," Bai Xing blushed furiously. He shamefully pressed his face to the table to hide his boiling face, "I…want you to make love to me."

Yin Hui froze. He has been holding himself back in the fairytale world since he wanted to have his first time with Bai Xing in reality. He also controlled his lust when they were in the hospital since he knew Bai Xing wasn't comfortable doing intimate things outside.

He planned to ask for his consent tonight, but he didn't think Bai Xing would beat him to it. Knowing that Bai Xing wanted him as much as he wanted him made his mind and heart go crazy.

Bai Xing yelped in surprise when his body was suddenly lifted up. He grabbed hold onto Yin Hui's shoulder to balance himself.

"I really can't handle surprises from you," Yin Hui dropped Bai Xing softly to his bed and gazed deeply at him, "I love you, Bai Xing."

Bai Xing didn't look away despite his shyness, "I love you too, Yin Hui."

Without further ado, Yin Hui took off Bai Xing's clothes as well as his. Bai Xing pulled open the drawer below his bed and took out a bottle of lube.

Yin Hui opened the cap and poured a generous amount to his hand and Bai Xing's crotch.

"Why do you have a lube with you?" Yin Hui raised an eyebrow as he lifted up Bai Xing's legs.

"…" Bai Xing turned pink, "For when I do it myself…"

Yin Hui smeared the lube to Bai Xing's rim and put a finger in, "Tell me, What do you usually do yourself?", he asked as he slowly prepped Bai Xing's rear, "Do you play with your nipples? Is that why they're so lewd?"

Bai Xing covered his face and nodded slightly. To have something up his ass felt weird and uncomfortable, but the thought of that something was Yun Hui's finger made him feel better.

Yin Hui kept talking and teasing Bai Xing to get his mind away from his discomfort. When he put in his second finger, he stroked Bai Xing's member to let him focus on pleasure instead and kissed him when he saw Bai Xing tearing up.

"You're doing great, Little Rabbit. It's supposed to be around…" Yin Hui felt around Bai Xing's inner wall and pressed a spot, "Here."

"Hnn!!" Bai Xing jolted from the sudden hit of stimulation.

Yin Hui grinned, "Found it."

Bai Xing moaned and panted as Yin Hui started attacking that particular spot every time he slid in his fingers. His stomach and hips tensed up from the waves of pleasure he has never experienced before. Yin Hui also controlled his stroke to match his fingers' nimble action.

"Ahn…Ah…H-Hui…! No…Ngh…I'm about to–"

He soon cum from Yin Hui's fingers and strokes.

Yin Hui kissed his forehead, "Beautiful."

He proceeded to take out a condom from his jacket pocket that he bought on the way there. He took his time putting it on, giving Bai Xing enough time to recover from his climax, and slicked it with lube.

He positioned Bai Xing on all fours and lined himself to Bai Xing's entrance. He noticed how Bai Xing tensed nervously when his tip touched his rim.

He caressed Bai Xing's back soothingly, "Do you trust me?"

Bai Xing nodded.

Yin Hui smiled in endearment and kissed Bai Xing's crown, "I'm putting it in."

Bai Xing gasped when he felt Yin Hui's tip inside of him. It didn't feel as foreign as Yin Hui's finger, but he felt stretched from the thickness.

Yin Hui groaned from the tightness. He could feel the hot wall contracting around him dangerously. He pressed Bai Xing's prostate a few times to relax the other before finally pushing all of it in. He clasped Bai Xing's hands on the bed and pressed their bodies close.

"It's all in."

Bai Xing exhaled a shaky breath. He could feel Yin Hui's shape snuggling and throbbing inside of him.

"Y-You can move now."

Yin Hui propped himself up and held Bai Xing's waist. He slid out half of his length and started moving his hips.

Bai Xing grasped the bed sheet, feeling extremely good. He could tell from Yin Hui's breathing and throbbing that he was also feeling good. The happiness only increased the pleasure coursing through his body.

Yin Hui proceeded at a slow pace to get Bai Xing used to it when Bai Xing caught his arm. His breathing stopped when Bai Xing looked back at him with pleading eyes stained with tears of pleasure.


Yin Hui snapped and took out his length until the tip. He buckled Bai Xing's thighs before slamming everything back in. Bai Xing screamed from the assault.

"You asked for it."

Yin Hui raised one of Bai Xing's legs to his shoulder and mercilessly pounded Bai Xing's ass, pouring all his pent-up lust and desire for the man under him, until both of them climaxed with vigor.

Bai Xing cried out from his second ejaculation and slumped to the bed with tears.

Yin Hui took off the condom and put on a new one, immediately starting the next round.

"You're not getting off the bed tomorrow, Naughty Rabbit."