Chapter 41 (END)
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Bai Xing's eyebrows tightened when the sunlight fell on his face. He wanted to turn and buried his face to the pillow, but then felt his sore body complaining. He groaned from his protesting waist and opened his puffy eyes.

He was instantly greeted with Yin Hui's glowing face and loving eyes. He could practically see hearts in them.

"Good morning, Little Rabbit," Yin Hui combed through Bai Xing's hair, "Your sleeping face is as amazing as always."

Bai Xing, "…"

This was definitely the first time he wanted to punch Yin Hui's smug face. He felt like a train wreck. Not a good morning at all.

Yin Hui was too brutal for their first time! His body was bent and lifted the way he never imagined his body was capable to. They did it on the bed, table, chair, window, and almost at every inch of his bedroom. He didn't let him go even after he was squeezed dry and made him dry orgasmed.

Why did they start doing it at daylight? He should've restrained this pervert until night. He dug his own grave.

His throat was dry and even his jaw was sore. He refused to talk to Yin Hui. He pulled the blanket up to cover his head and block Yin Hui.

"I'm sorry, you were just so cute yesterday I couldn't help myself," Yin Hui massaged Bai Xing's waist, "Your moans, the way you cried my name, how you beg me to stop while in ecstasy…Just recalling it turns on my instinct to mate with y–umph!"

Bai Xing smacked Yin Hui with a pillow to stop his sinful mouth.

Yin Hui laughed without remorse. He got off the bed and carried Bai Xing in his arms along with the blanket.

"It's past 1 in the afternoon. I already made lunch."

"…?" Bai Xing peaked out curiously.

Yin Hui can cook?

He has never seen him cook in the past. His housekeeper did all the cooking. In the fairytale world he also never cooked.

He then saw a familiar set of food on the table. 2 bowls of chicken soup and 2 plates of fruit tart with 2 glasses of hot tea.

"I copied what you did. It looks decent, right?" Yin Hui placed Bai Xing down on the chair with a pillow on the backrest that he prepared earlier. He handed him the tea, "Your throat must be sore from all the screaming and crying, right?"

Bai Xing glared at Yin Hui and wanted to smack the cup away, but of course, he couldn't. He accepted it resentfully.

He then tried a spoon of the chicken soup and was surprised of it exactly tasted like his own. There was a saying that food tastes different depending on the cook even if they follow the same recipe, but this was a perfect copy.

Yin Hui's lips curved proudly seeing Bai Xing's amazed reaction, "How is it?"


Bai Xing refused to answer. That question could only be counted as rhetorical coming out of Yin Hui's mouth.

As he ate, the blanket slipped down, exposing his upper body. His torso, arms, shoulders, and necks were littered with bite marks and hickeys that practically bruised his skin. His nipples were as swollen as his lips. He was totally wrecked and eaten.

Yin Hui slowly ate his meal as he enjoyed the view in front of him with satisfaction.

After Bai Xing finished his meal and his tea, he opened his mouth, "I…want to apologize to you."

Yin Hui saw the genuine guilt in Bai Xing's expression and frowned, "For what?"

"…For suddenly leaving you 7 years ago."

Yin Hui touched Bai Xing's hand reassuringly, "What matter is that you're here with me now."

"But…" Bai Xing lowered his head, "What I did was wrong. I should've at least said goodbye to you or left a message to explain. After everything you did for me."

Yin Hui smiled helplessly, "It'll be a lie if I said I wasn't heartbroken when you left me. But it wasn't your fault. It was mine for not being dependable enough for you,"

"After I regained my memory and recalled your story in Agrabah, I was very happy to know how precious I am to you. But at the same time, I was mad at myself for not noticing your inner struggle back then. I also apologize."

Bai Xing shook his head, "It's not your–mnh."

Yin Hui sealed his mouth with a kiss and caressed his cheek, "This will go to an endless loop of us blaming ourselves. Let's conclude that event right now with this kiss and live happily ever after, okay?"

Bai Xing faintly smiled and nodded.

Yin Hui pinched his cheeks irresistibly, "You make me want to eat you when you smile, so be careful."


Bai Xing's eyebrow twitched and shoved Yin Hui's face away. He learned his lesson. He wasn't going to go digging graves any time soon.

They spent their day lazing around on the couch watching movies. Bai Xing didn't like going outside much and he was too sore to do so anyway.

It was then he realized something.

"Hui, how long did you spend inside the fairytale world?"

"Hmm…" Yin Hui played with Bai Xing's fingers as if counting, "I can't say for sure. I hopped from world to world so I couldn't keep track of the days. But it felt very very very long. I think I met around 10 other helpers excluding you."

Bai Xing wasn't surprised. He realized when he checked the date once his arms were treated that only 5 days has passed in the real world. That means time was faster in the fairytale world.

Yin Hui was in there for 7 years reality time, but it could be three or even four times longer than that in the fairytale world.

And even after that long, his heart still instinctively remembered him when they met.

"Bai Xing…?" Yin Hui was stunned to see Bai Xing suddenly crying and wiped them away, "What's wrong?"

Bai Xing turned and tightly hugged Yin Hui, burying his face into his chest. What did he do to deserve Yin Hui?

"I love you."

"…" Yin Hui could more or less guess what was on Bai Xing's mind. He embraced him back and kissed his hair, "I know. I love you too."

At night, Bai Xing remembered about the job he accepted before he got transferred away by M. It has long passed its due, but he needed to inform his client and apologize. When he got to his computer he saw an unknown yet familiar suitcase next to his desk.


It was then he remembered that it was the same suitcase he was carrying in the last world for some reason.

How can it be here? Is it M's doing?

He sat down and opened the suitcase. Inside, there were 2 white gift boxes wrapped with golden ribbons. On top of each one was a silver envelope. One was addressed to him and the other to Yin Hui.

He opened the one for him and read it. M wrote a thank you letter for his help. He said that these were his wedding gifts for them since he couldn't come when they got married later.

"What is that?" Yin Hui entered the room after finishing washing the dishes.

"Gifts and letters from M." Bai Xing gave Yin Hui his letter.

Yin Hui raised an eyebrow and opened it.

'Dear Mr. Yin,

I know it wasn't the best method, but I fulfilled my end of our deal. I promised to grant your wish if you helped me after all. Well, I just brought Mr. Bai to you. Technically, you granted your wish yourself.

With all my helpers gone, you're the only one I can hold my promise to. I thought X managed to kill you after he successfully corrupted your last world. I'm glad to know you're alive.

Mr. Bai is a good person. I understand why you wished him to be happy. Without needing me to warn you, I trust you'll treat him well.

I hope you like my wedding gifts for you.


Your friend,


Yin Hui put the letter back into its envelope. M was as thoughtful as always.

He looked up to see Bai Xing standing there, wearing a gorgeous white cloak with shimmering silver embroidery. He turned and swayed the fabric around, dazzling Yin Hui with his happy smile.

Yin Hui opened the other box to find a complete set of majestic wedding suit in the same color. He took out the suit and wore it. It fit perfectly well on his body.

Bai Xing was still admiring how mesmerizing the wedding cloak M gifted him when his waist was suddenly caught. He looked at Yin Hui's grin in apprehension.

"Well then, my Rabbit Bride, shall we have our wedding night right now?"

"!!!" Bai Xing paled.

No thank you!!

--The End--

Hello! Thank you for reading '[QT] You Are My Fairytale' until the end! I hope you guys enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was a really fun experience for me since I love fairytales myself and have thought of making a story like this for a long time. My favorite fairytale until now is still Cinderella from the Grimm's version and a story called Thousandfurs also from Grimm. What about you guys? Do you have any favorite fairytales?

I'm starting a new BL book titled '[QT] Marrying My Master in Another World'. I hope you can love it as much as '[QT] You Are My Fairytale'!