Chapter 46
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Third Person


If anyone was to attempt to destroy any type of his powers, it should only be him!

Seeing the rock golem with chains around its wrists and neck, which was different to the rock golems on Gorde, it was obvious that this particular rock golem was being enslaved, whereas the one upon Gorde had been let free to do as it pleased.

One put his hand up and produced an extremely large explosive, elemental bomb and shook his head to the idiot warlocks that were close by to the rock golem!

It was understandable why so many of them were busy and so close to this rock golem, as they had to produce enough magic to enslave such a large summoned golem, so now they were unable to do anything else...But, it would come in handy for One to get rid of them all, which was hopefully in one quick sweep!

The problem was, he couldn’t kill the warlocks, well he could but he wouldn’t be able to get his magic back, so, One needed to aim his explosive elemental bomb higher.


All he needed was a huge elemental, explosive ball and he should be able to pick up the scraps and move on!

It sounded like a good plan!

Yet…Being so fixated upon the huge rock golem and warlocks, everyone had not thought about where the Shifter’s were…And suddenly, they were heard, making noises upon the steep slope of the mountain…

Holding the big elemental, explosive ball in his hands, One saw the Shifters of the opposing side go to finish racing up the mountain yet…It really was steep and one of them did end up falling, after not paying enough attention or getting impatient...

Sighing, One then used air under his feet and flew towards the huge rock golem and threw the elemental ball at it when he got closer.


With a huge explosion, making those close by feel the shaking of the earth, the dust cloud covered a large amount of the area and One quickly turned to his father, “The other Shifter’s are coming up the mountain, go and help the old Alpha!”

Damien quickly turned, not able to see these Shifters, and turned back to One, who was now racing down towards the Warlocks, that were now completely covered by a big dust cloud…

The big rock golem, that had reached to half of their height on the mountain, seemed to have somewhat disappeared, making Damien think that it was gone and that his…Son…Should be fine to continue to fight on his own.

Seeing the obvious extra power that ‘One’ had, Damien could only hope that he’d stay safe because they’d need all the help that they could get with the opposing Shifters as, it was it was two half packs against five or so, and that was a guess…

Nonetheless, Damien will venture to have a talk to his…Son…Later, about this power of his!

Without another word Damien led his pack back up the mountain, to a fight that was bound to happen within just a minute or two.


They had never thought that the Shifter’s would exert themselves so much, especially when the steepness of the mountain could be very harmful! But upon thinking of Owen and how little he thought upon others, Damien was not surprised...The problem was, it was not what they had thought would happen at all!

They only had themselves, with no other prepared defenses and the numbers of Shifter’s on the Owen’s side was showing more and more numbers as the seconds ticked by…

Now, not only from below them, but from the other side of the mountains, where they would have had to spend a lot more hours to detour around, there were Shifters racing towards them all there as well!

Quickly, Alpha Lorez got the women and children to go behind his fighters, up on higher land, yet there really wasn't much room to do much else with two sides closing in on them...

The only other way, was to have the women and children start to go down the mountain in the opposite direction as the opposing Shifters but again, there was a fight not too far away with the warlocks, so how could they guarantee their safety?


One still felt irritated that he was still unable to call out the magic from the Warlocks!

When he had been reborn back into a warlock, it had been a lot easier, even though it was a pain as well, but this time, there was nothing at all!

Too much time had passed, and the magic had forgotten who owned it! Who had brought it into being in the first place!

Putting up and earth barrier around one warlock, One then put a water barrier over himself to stop a fire spell and with a deep breath, One tried the catch the fire magic with his bare hands!

Groaning to not only the heat of the fire, but that of the spell wanting to be released, One held onto it firmer…

“I am your master!” One stated firmly, then used his own elemental fire, to grab onto the fire magic better and pulled it into himself…


With just a water barrier, and being busy upon taking in some magic, One did not defend against a curse and found himself unable to stop from moving away from them, making it harder to take in the magic now.

Upon another curse being casted upon him, One then found himself weakening, in which his water barrier disappeared and he fell to the ground.

“Dammit! Come to me!” One yelled in pure rage!

Finally, the magic from one warlock had finally been completely absorbed into him, so One used that magic to counter an attack, while he blocked off another warlock with metal.

“You think you know how to use this magic! Uh!?” Getting into this fight and feeling infuriated that his magic was being used against himself, One got even more determined to steal it all back!

Grabbing onto the spell that was weakening him, One frowned as it disappeared from his grasp.

In a rage, One yelled out, releasing a deep amount of elemental power and another cloud of dust formed!


Letting out a breath in anguish, One then flew directly to a warlock and used a chain spell on them, then placed his hands upon the chain itself to steal the warlock magic from them.

Even though a lot of his attention was to obtain the magic back, One was still able to block a spell from reaching him, using elemental power, as he continued to enhance his magic by stealing from the warlock.

It was at this time that the rock golem that had not disappeared, but instead broken into two rock golems, lost it’s ‘chains’, as the warlocks dismissed the rock golem to put their full attention upon the enemy that they were never ready for!

They had come to take part in killing Shifter’s and perhaps even all of them, depending on how things went, but…Just one of them were giving them such a hard time!


This…Was only the beginning, as…It became obvious to the Warlocks, upon what this Alpha man was doing too! He wasn’t just attacking and using powers…No, he was doing something else that took them completely by surprise!

Seeing that one of their members now did not possess any type of magic in the slightest, they all started to panic!


They didn’t care about abandoning the Shifters and the ‘war’ between them! Nothing else mattered more then staying the most powerful beings on the planet! If they lost their powers, then what have they been working on for so long!?

After all that time of finding a weak spot and getting the Shifter’s to fight amongst themselves, how could that become nothing!?

They needed to get away from here and get back to their continent of Tental! They could wait it out, hope for many of them to die and reap all the benefits afterwards but what was the use if they don’t run now and lose all their powers!?

Sadly for them though, One was not going to finish absorbing the magic until the last ‘Warlock’ had been drained!



On the other hand, Damien and Alpha Lorez were fighting a losing battle.

They were outnumbered and cornered!

Shifters had come from below, who now were crowding upon the landing, and there was the other side, where the mountains continued on…

Growls were made, yet it was hard for anyone to start making the first move, as no one really wanted to hurt another Shifter…

Not only did Owen’s side want The Watcher’s Pack to concede and state their loss, but even Alpha Lorez started to feel like it was there was no other option!


Damien reached the landing and rammed himself into one of the Shifter’s near the landing, making the fall against another Shifter closer to the edge of the slope and a few of them fell down the mountain, letting out yelps nearly all the way down…


“Uh! Alpha Rendall, I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” A voice stated.

A naked Beta Owen came out from a few wolves, from the mountain side area, and Damien shifted, walking away from the opposing wolves not far from him. “Beta Owen.”

It was now, that not only Damien, but Alpha Lorez saw that Beta Owen was holding a silver knife to a girl’s throat.

“I suggest you all to comply by admitting defeat…Otherwise…” Beta Owen made the girl in his arms let out a pained yelp and he looked back in pure arrogance.

Alpha Lorez narrowed his eyes, even though he didn’t know this girl, he was sure that she would be someone that they probably should save!

Silence overcame the area and ‘His Majesty’s’ forces became even more entrapped…

 “Tilda?” The Queen asked, from her high place behind Alpha Lorez, and she was looking at the girl.

“My…” The girl tried to speak but wasn’t able to utter another word.

“You know her, my Queen?” Alpha Lorez asked.

The Queen looked briefly at Alpha Lorez, and stated, “She helps look after Chance.”


Alpha Lorez frowned and wondered if there was a way to save themselves, yet alone a maid that they shouldn’t have left behind just so this situation could not have happened…

“How should I say it? This girl isn’t just Chance’s maid…She is what would be His Majesty’s, Ethan’s full-blooded sister. Now let me talk to him! Where is the almighty King that deceives every Shifter here!” Beta Owen stated, looking around quickly but not letting the girl out of his grasp.

Again, overwhelming silence entered the area and Alpha Lorez swallowed to the information.

Another heir?

How is that possible!

Damien sighed, he knew that if Ethan were really here and able to think and speak, he’d probably want to save this so-called sister that he probably never knew he had but…

“How can we trust that she is His Majesty’s sister?” Damien asked, really feeling like this was a trap.

“Want to try it? Don’t believe me? I have no care for her, if she were to fall down this slope for instance, why should I care?” Beta Owen stated, yet he did not seem to see a few of Shifter’s look at him in pure astonishment.

Some Shifter’s really started to believe at this moment, that Beta Owen was indeed someone that they should not have let have this much power!

How could he talk about a potential royal like this!?

…Many could not remember ever reading or hearing the Sollace blood line being treated so harshly!


Damien took a breath in, trying to think quickly upon the situation and really wished he could get proof upon the girl really being royalty first, before blindly trying to save this girl and putting everyone at risk!

“Where is he!?” Beta Owen yelled out once again, angry that no one had said anything and that Ethan, the brat, wasn’t making himself known!

Damien eyed the metal thing, still there upon the land and frowned…

If Ethan were really here…

But…He is here, he’s just in a really hard encased, metal…Object…

“Three seconds…” Beta Owen started, but Damien interrupted, “He is here…”

Beta Owen changed before everyone’s eyes! He gained a greedy smile and his eyes showed elated happiness, “Where? Get him here! Let us all get to the bottom of this and stop this silly war that he started!”