Chapter 361 — All Out Battle For The Association Vs Association Segment Championship!
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All Out Battle For The Association Vs Association Segment Championship!




"Mh, you learn fast. Good girl~. Ah, that one goes there, this one here... one's there, another of those here..." Yun Beishang was calmly instructing Kara as she placed and placed plates all over the extremely large table, they didn't even had to move as there was a little instrument that as long as it was placed on the table, they would be able to just place a plate on top of the table at any position to reach anywhere.

It was like a long ring with a width of at least half a meter were one could place drinks, forks, spoons, napkins, side-dishes and even up to 3 main dishes on them and once it moved as if in rotation all around the extremely long table, it would intelligently placed them according to the vocal instructions given.

But to Yun Beishang, even as Kara knew how the thing worked, he actually surprised the shit out of her by not even letting his voice be heard by the instrument, as he was at an all-time whispering on the already further than reddened ears of hers. On the other hand, there was also 'that' from which she felt as if he was transmitting some kind of 'curiosity' of a thing through her body into her mind and hands every time she placed a something on the table.

Like this, the machine was able to work properly and even better than she had ever seen; while at the same time, they didn't had to leave from their current position with their bodies sticking to one another, her bum against his crotch, and his muscular, manly chest against her delicate, wanting back.

Step, step, step, step.

"Oh, hey guys... huh? Who is that?" Suddenly, Ellie came to the scene at the Dining Room, to which she amiably looked at the pair of horny dogs be so friendly towards one another with a genial smile, but her usual quick wits and cleverness was all too present for that to be the only thing on her mind.

Suddenly, Ellie pointed to the left,where a sofa from the Living Room was place, a woman laid there naked and completely satisfied even. She had huge and very soft and permeable breasts with also having a huge area for both her areolas. Her skin was milky and her areolas were light coffee colored, it even made Ellie want to see Yun Beishang drinking from her.

Turning his head to Ellie while his waist never left Kara's, Yun Beishang looked at Ellie to his right, then at the woman before looking once again back at Ellie before saying aloud casually. "Oh, her? A maid's family big sister, she's heard about my household... she wants to be my maid now, too."

"Oh! So, another recruit, great! Oh my, let me see? There's some evidence of her interview having gone perfectly well... hmm, yummy; let me taste it!" Ellie exclaimed, she then took a good look with her eyes, as if she hadn't already sensed everything that's been happening on the Dining Room all this time and then lunged at the poor, but peacefully sleeping beauty's lower body.

"Ellie!" With a slow word coming out of his mouth, Yun Beishang made a pouty Ellie look at him with intense light in her eyes, he shook his head with a smile but at the same time not a smile. "Hehe, okay. I'll tell everyone to come at the Living Room to watch the last match, prepare yourself, because you only have for about 15 minutes to 'talk about life' like rabbits, okay? Enjoy yourselves~."

Step. Step... Step-hop-step, step, step.

With that, a warming-up Ellie gave Kara a pass as she began to breathe in total relief as her back hunched a little and her shoulders dropped. Having the life she previously had with her hubby, there were obvious times were some woman appeared and was completely shocked from the sight she saw at her home, such events cause trauma...

But now, seeing how someone that seemed to be as equal in status of the household as Natalia, the gentle; Kara now felt with the freedom to get into Yun Beishang's pants whenever possible. And unless her hubby was late at work, she would only then climb out of her bed to join Yun Beishang's for a little while at some points in time. Mn! With her thoughts and herself having gained confidence, Kara began dropping her pants. With it only halfway at her knees, she grabbed the this time no-longer-obstructing Yun Beishang and plunged him into herself at once.

"Grrruugh~!" Yun Beishang, at once, let out an impossible grunt as he felt as if he has just entered the most moistened lands in the existence while a clamping and clamminess made him give up the idea of going only one round, already coating himself in her canals at once before taking a short break of half a second without moving before unleashing his waist. Plates didn't stop being served though, and as Kara did as she was told, her trembling whole body delivered the plates all too slowly but with stable speed...



Rising Essence, above Main Kingdom where the first ever Global Tournament ever was being held, up to an unknown height.


The Order were already in position with their 'army' right before the border for about a few hundreds of meters away from it; on the other side, so was the players from the Sharpened Vanguard Hall.

At first, the Sharpened Vanguard Hall was ready to get kicked out of the finals at the semifinals of the Association vs Association segment; but now that the Black Lotus gave them this chance to further strengthen their Association's level at once, they were now working harder and more devotedly than even ants at a point of extinction and with the purpose of serving their colony.

With the Cold Dictator's soldiers working hard at creating the utmost of preparations when it came to items, ammunition of all kinds and whatnot, Diana and the Cold Dictator met at the border of each of their territories, which wasn't that close to start with.

With the Sharpened Vanguard Hall territory being actually in a close proximity overall to the territory of The Order, with both of them being at the North of the arena. They had a total of 30,000m of length for terrain onto themselves, but one that extended from the top right corner to the right center of the arena, as for their territory's width, it was pretty inconsistent, sometime it was about that of even 30,000m while other places of their territory was as small as about 2,000m to even 500m.

On the other territory, The Order had a very simple initial occupation of the arena instead. With their width on the left top corner of the arena all the way to the bottom left corner of the arena being that of 10,000 meters; while, naturally, its length was of about 50,000m. Which was, more than obviously, the entire side of the arena.

As for how did they communicated with each other as their only closes proximity between territories was that of a the utmost top northern side of the arena where the Sharpened Vanguard Hall had one of the few reaching out of their territory to the maximum of 30,000m in width.

Simple; using Mental Power. As Diana had 98 Mental Power, Palas also had some little tiny wee of Mental Power himself, which was known thanks to Yun Beishang's timely advice in case they both—parties—wanted to make their final battle a fun one by communicating into creating a system's contract before the battle even started.

Like this, even as they were about 20,000 meters away from each other, with Diana's perfect manipulation of both her Intent and Mental Power hidden stats, which not even those extremely rare people who also discovered their Mental Power hidden stat could ever compare to her even as she only had 98 of such a powerful Hidden Stat. As for her Intent hidden stat, she was brutally great at using it to the point that it became a very strong 'server' to use between such a long-range communication attempt.

Like this, Diana as one of the Ladies of The Order and Palas, the Sharpened Vanguard Hall's Cold Dictator; came to a consensus. With their main 'rule' implemented by the system's contract being that of not using any structure whatsoever, and to rely on only one's skills, equipment, items and weapons to fight it out however one wished to.

Following that, was the accordance of the use of as many MP and Stamina Restorative potions, without being able to use any other kind of potion, be it HP, HP Regeneration and CC removing potions. All had to be instead taken care of by the healers on both sides, nothing nor no one else. Lastly, there was the act of asking the system's AI if the battle could be started prior to the accorded time, which was given a clear green to, and the battle then was to start 2 minutes later instead of 30 minutes that were previously given as the finals of the Association vs Association segment!

To that, the crowd was anxiously waiting the start of the finals, while also barely understanding a feeling deep inside their fanatical hearts; and that was, the lamentation that this would end as soon as a victor was decided. There wasn't a best of 3, 5 or objectives to meet; only to kill!!

Once more, the Maidens and Ladies of The Order were all reunited to the front, as there were all 51 of them at the frontlines, obviously, with all of them separated into 3 segments within their smallish 'army'. As there were 3 Teams on their side once more, the Team#1 was composed by Estel as the Team Leader, 4 Otherworldly Markswomen Maidens, 7 Explosive Markswomen Maidens, 2 Seven Sins Knights Maidens; from which one of them was the one with the smallish buckler shield.

That was almost all of them, with their total Team#1's members being of 15, and that 'last' other person was the Fallen Archmage Maiden who has an exquisite manipulation expertise over the Blood Element and which has shocked the everything and everyone in this two worlds before as she popped off crazily and with utter great close-combat skills which should be impossible for any ordinary young girl such as her.

"Everyone, thank you~, follow me to victory! We'll gain that one-night alone with our Lord and make the other two Teams eat dust! And air! While we eat...ahe-cough, cough-kah-ehem... anyways, are you girls ready?" Estel felt cheerful, as she got emboldened by her own words alone, she almost slipped out such and quite the intimate thing that should not be publicly spoken; ah.

Then, Estel passed her eyes over to everyone on her Team, though hers was a Team with the second less members around, she was incredibly joyous with everyone who got on her side. Teams weren't decided by popularity or by one's status in the Peaceful Rain Household, but were instead brought to be by all members after discussing.

As Estel's eyes passed from every single one of the breathtakingly determined beautiful Maidens, when her eyes landed at the small buckler shield-wielding Seven Sins Knights, Sonia; Estel stopped the movements of her head as she gave her and everyone else looking at Estel a large smile. Then, Estel looked at the Fallen Archmage, and just like she did with Maiden Sonia, Estel flashed a large smile to Xueye.

The other Maidens looked at this quite obviously, but instead of growing even a bit of an iota with jealousy, they adoringly looked at the two MVPs of the previous few battles, in which the two of them also became much more noticeable by The Order's Lord and Ladies, let alone Maidens who aspired to be like them, so capable and fearless while carrying such strength and power for their Masters!

After a little while from this Global Tournament, it wouldn't be strange to see all Maidens flocking around Maiden Sonia and Maiden Xueye to train together and together become their Master's, Yun Beishang's, most capable and useful Maids while also keeping themselves more 'capable' of enduring him on bed.

Anyways, ahem-. Team#2 was now led by Yao Yao! Indeed, once again, just as her big sister Estel, Yao Yao has once again taken the mantle of the Team Leader. With only, though, a 'single' discrepancy onto the rest of her team; as it was only one person beside her. And yeah~, indeed, that one person was an all-smiley and mirthful Miriam who was with her shoulders to her front as her hands were holding each other to the front of her pelvis while brushing the sides of her body against Yao Yao.

To which Yao Yao, instead of growing embarrassed, responded merrily as she purred and crooned over at Miriam's head with her eyes closed into a beautifully relaxing crescent, totally ignoring the crowds around them on Main Kingdom and the viewership back on New Earth.

Of course, only them, Yao Yao and Miriam, knew that with their Mental Power, were consecutively having conversations onto how to take the 'first place' of The Order's competition to win their dear man all for themselves an entire night while doing so against the other two Teams. Their countenances were pure and friendly, emitting strong sismance, but their thoughts and wants were utterly depraved towards the same person. Same person who... could also heard them 'speak' and was the third and last person capable of hearing their conversation... Yun Beishang!

Team#3 had the most members of The Order in it, with Team#1 and Team#2 having taken a total of 17 members, only 34 remained to be the seemingly strongest of them all; Team#3. This time, it was led by Diana as she now became the Team Leader of Team#3, with Natalia as the Vice-Team Leader of Team#3.

Besides those two most cherished and 'first' Ladies; there were, obviously, the rest of the Ladies and even those maid Ladies on that Team#3. Composed along with Xiao Ruo, Cyn, Sammy, Sash, Itnia, Zi Fei and Yona. Then, there were the rest of the Maidens from all of The Order on the arena.

And as the largest Team, it naturally had to have a good frontline at the very last. With 10 sword-class Maidens, 4 spear-class Maidens, 2 Soul Pet Immortal Maidens, 1 Soul Bridge Maiden, 3 Elements Prodigy Maidens, 1 Otherworldly Elementalist Maiden, 3 Legendary Vanguard Archer Maidens and finally, 1 Ember Armament Maiden.

Together, Team#3 was the largest seen group and not just team within an Association group, that had the largest variety and, that was also the strongest ever seen of all of the first ever Global Tournament's Association vs Association segment held. And at the same time, the way in which they complemented each other on the basis of specialties and uniqueness of each member on the Team, especially from the Ladies and maid Ladies, was an even stronger way in knowing how much of a terrible force to face Team#3 was.

None of these teams had a single Dancing Phoenix or Entwining Dragon, and the reason could be easily guessed by anyone to being that of because of the fact that the incoming battle seemed to be a fast-paced one. But even then, wouldn't give up only 2 players' DPS or tanking properties for a few extra buffs be better than not having them?

In any case, that was all of what The Order could offer right now with the system's limitations and the limited amount of people participating. And though The Order had more than 100 members with some of them being NPCs, it was still nothing compared to the already either just a few hundreds of thousands before reaching the millionth mark of available member spots or already well beyond 'just' a million of members spots available.

On the other hand, even as the League was already at the Imperial level and basically had barely any need for more Honorary Experience to level up to the fourth level, still unknown to the gaming world of Rising Essence, their max member available spots were no more than 50,000, while they also had not a single spot for a single vassal unlike all the other types of Associations at at least their second level.

In a true battle, The Order was just so helpless... well, of course, that was only taking in consideration their impossibly small numbers. For as... there were still the few Hidden Classes among their ranks that could make unimaginable things, and even those without one were also able to do such things to the same level that made one wonder if Little Star's claims were even hiding something else, and something that was even more impactful than what sh'es been trying to relay to all players since long ago.

Now, the Sharpened Vanguard Hall also had some variety but, comparing to the Teams of The Order, it was much more simpler and also much more offensive, explosive and even kamikaze-like when considering what kind of man the Cold Dictator, Palas; was.

They didn't have a 'team' per se, but they were all indeed positioned to the front of their invisible barriers and grouped into a smallish 51-player group that could very well be taken as a raid for PvP. There were 4 Killing Vow players, 10 Keeper of Light Players, 3 Explosive Marksman players, 6 Otherworldly Marksman players, 2 spear-class players with long spears for both of them, 5 Ancient-level Being players, 3 Devil Constitution female players, 2 Fallen Archmage male players, 4 Prodigy Pilot players, 6 shockingly Celestial Invoker players, 5 Dimensional Architects and finally; the Cold Dictator himself.

They already had a total of 10 Keepers of Light, but with the additional 6 Celestial Invokers would give them even more the ability or capabilities to buy time for... whatever was needed. The Cold Dictator's methods weren't that unknown or mysterious anyways.