Chapter 39: I don’t know how to drive!
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The driver, who calls himself Dante, drove the car towards the school. Sorcha still holds the knife pointed to his neck. She no longer has the time to think about who wants to plot against her father. Right now, she needs to think about how to get through this safely.

The people in the car that's been following them is probably now feeling that there's something wrong. This car would definitely not arrive at the school, she thought and became worried.

She has long wanted to just push the driver out the car, but the problem is, she does not know how to drive! Another thing is, she really wants to teach these bastards a lesson for wanting to harm his father. Though, she is also aware that she can't fight them alone, making her become more indecisive.

Calling using her phone, is not a good idea as well. These people are obviously prepared. Who knows if it is tapped? That would only make the guys hasten their moves to get her.

She looked outside the car, and estimates that it should be no lesser than fifteen minutes before it arrive at the school. She gritted her teeth and said right after the car turned, "Stop!"

The driver was reluctant to follow her order, but he still stopped the car. Sorcha hit the back of his neck, making him lose consciousness. All her actions were done swiftly.

When she became sure that the guy has really blacked out, she opened the door and ran fast. Not towards the school, because the people following them would probably think that they're going there. So she ran in another direction.

The place she's currently at is an abandoned lot. There where broken houses, were only a few tattered walls remained. The grass was as high as her hips, and there were a lot of trees scattered around as well. Choosing to run towards a place with plenty of people might be a better choice, but she didn't want to implicate innocent civilians into this.

She ran naturally, as if running quickly pose no difficulty for her. She looked behind her, and saw the people from afar stopped as well and went near her car to check her out. When they saw the unconscious driver, they instantly guessed that their plans have gone wrong. They looked around looking for her, but she's already hiding from them.

Apparently, not all of them are foolish to think that she ran towards the school. They grouped themselves separately and started looking for her. 

She calmed herself, and continued to run while avoiding them. At least, the good news is that, if there'd ever be a confrontation, she would not face all of them at once.

She inhaled deeply, and hid behind a tree. She knows she can't run away from them, but she's hoping that she could at least outwit them.