Chapter 38: Out on a leisurely trip
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"What did you forget? Can't it wait for tomorrow?" The driver asked impatiently.

"It is some paperwork my teacher wants me to accomplish for him, and I need to finish it today. Can we go back?" Sorcha said, pretending nothing's wrong.

The driver turned silent before saying, "I'm sorry young miss. I also need to do this."

He didn't turn the car, but he directed it towards the near, empty sidewalk.

Sorcha calmed her mind. When the driver was about to stop the car, she suddenly launched onto him, making the driver be caught unprepared. She is holding a knife in her left hand, while her right arm is wrapping his neck.

She whispered, "drive back." Her voice, though still have a hint of childishness, seemed matured and cold. She's looking at the front, and at the side mirror. Her calm appearance made her look as if she's not pointing a knife to threaten someone, but out on a leisurely trip instead.

"You're still green girl. Can you really use that knife of yours?" He asked, his actions only made her think that he's buying for time.

She smirked and pressed the knife harder to his neck. A bloody line appeared there and spread through the metal knife.

"Don't test me." She said coldly.

The driver gnashed his teeth. "Since when did you notice?"

Sorcha looked at him as if she's looking at an idiot. "From the beginning. Stop dawdling and just drive back to my school."

He has no other changes choice but to steer the wheel and do what she wanted. Though he's still skeptical whether the girl could hurt him, he has a hunch that if he didn't follow her instructions now he'd definitely regret it. 

While the car is driving back to the school, Sorcha asked, "what are your plans?"

She isn't hoping for him to say anything, but atleast it'd be better to get some things out of his mouth.

Like what she thought, he just kept silent. But what she didn't expect is that he would actually say something after a while.

"We do not plan to harm you." He said.

Sorcha felt that he's saying the truth, but she still didn't trust him. 

"Really, now?" She asked.

"We only wanted to use you against your father." He answered.

Now, she definitely couldn't remain unperturbed. These guys are definitely after his father. They even wanted to use her to threaten him. She instantly felt mad. The car temperature which is already low, became even colder.