Chapter 29: I win
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These past two weeks, Marion was tasked to join a lot of operations in the military. Although, it was all small matters and wasn't considered as highly dangerous, he still find it problematic to write a lot of reports. It isn't that he doesn't like doing his job. It is just, he couldn't concentrate because his thoughts are all in a mess these days.

Today, when he's finally able to get a day off, his friend Ryan came for a visit. It was a normal thing for him to visit if he's not busy, but today, his younger brother keeps on complaining about how he feels really bored. So, Ryan suggested that Luke should invite his classmates to come over. Marion's ears perked up upon hearing that. He hasn't seen a certain little girl for two weeks, and he's been itching to see her this time. So he allowed Luke to call his friends, even though he actually hates it when it is too crowded and noisy.

His brother invited three kids. The girl named Rica was the first to arrive, followed by Edmund. The last one to come is Sorcha.

When she finally came, his heart couldn't help but speed up a bit. He wanted to go near her but he controlled his self not to be impulsive. He couldn't show that he's interested in a little girl. He crossed in his heart.

"Little sis, wanna play with me too?" Ryan asked her.

"No thanks big brother." She replied politely.

"Since when did you two get close? Even calling each other little sis and big bro?" Luke on the side commented.

"I was asked by her father to come to their house to tutor Sorcha before. We became closer then." Ryan patiently explained.

'This little girl, I was only away for a few weeks and she's already calling someone else big brother!' Marion thought to his self, feeling a bit sour. 'What's worse is that, she hasn't even bothered to look at me!'

Marion stood up and walked towards them, he lifted Luke out of his seat and challenged his friend to a game.

He arranged the chess pieces back together, then said, "Let's play."

Marion chose the black pieces while Ryan chose white. Their game lasted for about fifteen minutes, as the other four kids in the room watch them while doing nonsensical chatting.

The game may look simple and relaxed from how they look. But, Marion actually took the game seriously. He didn't like the feeling of losing to anyone, especially in front of the girl. 

"Checkmate" He said to his friend. "I win."

"Haha, I really couldn't win against you." Ryan spoke jokingly.

Marion didn't answer his friend, but he's feeling quite smug right now. He glanced at the reaction of Sorcha, but he felt as if cold water was splashed towards him. 

The girl didn't have any reaction! She didn't even say a single congratulations. He was instantly disappointed. He stood up, and left the room. No longer glancing at anyone.

Around five in the afternoon, he noticed that the visitors has started to leave. He immediately walked towards Sorcha's car to wait for her.

When he finally saw the girl, he looked at her seriously, then said, "Call me BIG BROTHER" he even emphasized the words big brother, then left without waiting for her reply.

Sorcha just looked at the poor guy, as if looking at a crazy person. 

While he was walking away he said to himself, 'Why do I always lose my mind everytime I am near her?!'

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