Chapter 30: Sparring
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Sorcha woke up on a Monday morning, feeling her entire body ache. She stretched out her back, creating cracking sounds that make her release a sigh of satisfaction.

Yesterday was so fun for her, yet has tolled too much of energy. Uncle David and her, spent the whole day training physical combat. 

Her uncle was surprised on how well she performed on the first day. She can actually exchange blows with him without losing too badly. She took advantage of her previous life experience, making her a step ahead to anyone on this world. 

Her combat style, is using her flexibility to make up for her deficiency in strength. Of course her strength before was really high compared to majority, but in this life, she's just above average. Her uncle is a veteran, even with all her experiences, she couldn't defeat him with her current fourteen year old body.

Uncle David is someone who would reproach, if you make mistakes. But he is also not stingy in giving praises. He repeatedly gave her words of approval especially on her unusual fighting style and fast footwork, while they are sparring. He also said that her reaction speed is topnotch in the military. His praises made her happy and proud at the same time. Still, she didn't let it get into her head. She knows that there's still a long path ahead of her.

She changed her pajamas into black exercise clothes after washing her face. Then she left her room and met up with her uncle, who ordered her to jog around their mansion.

While jogging, she also added shadow boxing. It is something she learned from David. Boxing is a simplified style of her previous world's martial arts. Jabs, upper cuts, hooks, etc. are simple yet effective techniques in brawling which she feels rather useful.

She felt her forehead dripping in sweat, when she's almost finished running. That alone proves that her training is definitely being paid off. Before, she can already feel her body drenched in sweat when she has only covered half of the entire distance.

She smiled, then ran faster towards the mansion's gate, where David is already waiting for her while carrying a bottle of water and a towel.

She wiped away her sweat, then drank all the water in that bottle.

"Thank you uncle!" She said sweetly.


After Sorcha left for school, David went to meet with Anthony. He sat on a chair facing him.

"Sorcha is too talented in combat." David reported.

Anthony raised one of his brows. "Ha, she could actually make you praise her this much. How good can she be?" He asked.

"Too good. She can definitely rank in top, if she's given more training." David said passionately.

"Haha! I just know my daughter is talented." Anthony exclaimed. "Older brother, just tell me if you need any assistance in grooming her. Even if I'm busy, I can still find some time for her. And even if I can't, I can always ask other excellent people to teach her."

"Okay. But for now, I think I'm still enough. I'll observe her first. If I am no longer able to teach her anything, I will tell you." David answered after thinking for a while.

"Good! Then I will rely on you!" Anthony said.


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