Chapter 31: Cramming
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After a fast shower, Sorcha hurriedly put on her school uniform. She picked up her bag, took a book out, and glanced on the mirror quickly. Upon seeing herself presentable, she nodded in satisfaction and then ran to the dining area.

She grabbed a piece of bread, took a sip on the milk beside, and said with a full mouth, "Mom, dad, I need to leave early today." 

"Dear eat slowly!" Aria said to her daughter.

"Sorry mom, I really need to go!" She said.

She glanced at the half full glass of milk and decided to take one last gulp from the glass, then ran fastly to the car.

She opened the book she is holding, and skimmed through it while eating the bread. Today, is the first day of exams. Because her time is cut half from her training, she can only spend a shorter time to review. She is not worried though, she's confident about herself. Even before in her past life, she already have a photographic memory. Even if it isn't as miraculous as remembering everything, atleast she could remember most of what she had read.

After a long ride, Sorcha finally was able to arrive in school. It seems she is earlier for about thirty minutes. She put another book on her table, and crammed. Skimming through the books, and checking out her notes sometimes, she stayed like that until all her classmates arrived. 

"Look, she probably didn't study at home. Just reading her books right now." A girl whispered to her seatmate.

"She's probably too lazy. It's not like we do not have a weekend to review." Another girl whispered.

Sorcha can actually hear them, but she chose to just ignore them. She's too old, to bother with childish students.

"Hey you! So what if she's just reviewing right now!" Rica suddenly shouted and confronted the two girls. Putting both of her hands on her hips.

"What? We didn't say anything wrong. Isn't she really cramming right now?" The girl retorted with raised eyebrows.

"You!! It's fine if it's Sorcha because she's intelligent already! But if it's you, I bet even if you study for a year, that brain of yours will still remain as big as a pea!" She angrily said.

"Hmph!" The two girls just snorted and ignored Rica.

Sorcha sighed upon seeing her friend, and felt moved, "Rica, it's fine." She said.

"Ah! I just hate people who have nothing else to do but speak ill of others!" Rica harrumphed.

Luke then arrived, and was able to hear everything. 

"Sorcha, don't mind them. But are you really only able to study right now?" He asked worriedly. Edmund also worriedly looked at Sorcha.

"Yes. But don't worry, I'll be fine." She replied while smiling at them.

"Hmph! Too arrogant." The girl a while ago blurted out.

"Hey you pig!" Rica shouted once again. Luke and Edmund also glared at the girl, then, looked again at Sorcha.

"Goodluck to us! I trust that you'd be able to pass the tests easily." Luke said to her.

"Mm." Sorcha nodded to reassure her friends.

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