Chapter 34: Angry bunny
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Sorcha woke up full of energy. She was able to rest early yesterday. 

After her usual training in the morning, she hurriedly prepared for school. 

Like yesterday, she was earlier than everyone in the class to arrive. She browsed her books again, the subject being English.

She removed the hair that fell down on her face, and concentrated on reading. But when the room started to get crowded, she was again greeted by ridicule from her classmates. 

"Look, still doing the same." The girls whispered. "Tsk, and she still has the guts to strut her face."

"Right, once the results are out, she'd realize that she didn't have the right to be so proud."

Edmund upon entering the classroom heard that. His face turned red in anger. He disliked hearing someone else talking bad about his friend. Among them, he's probably the one who can relate most in being bullied. He felt singled out, but that was before he met Sorcha. 

He didn't know where he get the confidence, when he suddenly smashed his hand on the table loudly. 

*BANG* The desk was shaken, and it produced a startling sound.

"SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!!" He bellowed, making the girls feel scared. They instantly closed their mouths and avoided them.

He breathed loudly, still feeling mad. He wanted to rush towards them, but a sudden touch on his shoulder made him return to his sanity. He immediately stopped, and turned stiff. Now, his red face didn't come from being angry, but from shame.

Sorcha sighed. She was the one who held his shoulders. She didn't expect, that the first one to lose his temper would be this cute and quiet kid.

"It's fine. You shouldn't mind them." She said. 

"I.. I'm sorry." He said in a barely audible voice.

"No. Thank you for doing that." Sorcha smiled. She was actually happy. She had found something interesting about Edmund. He may appear harmless like a bunny, but he'd bare fangs if you've hit his bottom line. 

Edmund's face couldn't be any redder. He felt his face heat up. He didn't regret what he did, since because of that he finally felt that he's useful. 

"Un." He bobbed his head, happily.

Sorcha looked at his hand, which is a bit red. "Does it hurt?" She asked. Then she held his hand and rubbed it.

Edmund stiffed once again. "N-No.." he shook his head. 

"After the class, you should apply some ice on it." Sorcha said. 

"I.. um.. I will" Edmund answered.