Out Of The Jail (Part 2)
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Chapter 89: Out Of The Jail (Part 2)

I slowly went with Baston and Reimi to the 5th room on the right of the basement, which was the jail. I got in and noticed that the atmosphere, the light, the environment of the jail room didn't as good as I wanted. 

I was a bit mad when Sir Rigen was staying in this dirty place, he was even starved with his subordinates here, the straw that was placed on the floor seemed very dirty, maybe the guards and Baston didn't replace the new ones yet. Some blood...eww! The blood on the floor seemed very dried, maybe the blood come from the dead rebels.

"Baston, why did you let Sir Rigen live in a very bad place like this?" - I was holding the plate that has the meals, I was squeezing the plate very tight...I must calm down! Must calm down!

"Your Highness! This jail room is the cleanest room that I could provide for Sir Rigen and two ladies Sarah and Shizuka, this lowly jail keeper will do my best to provide another one better in a short time." - Maybe the time this man didn't have things to do so he has ignored to clean the rooms

I saw that the jail room has a wooden cage but the cage itself looked to be old, it was wide to carry many people there, Sir Rigen was now sitting on the straw with his face kept looking at the space as if he was very depressed.

About the subordinates behind him, one was kneeling on the straw and was patting the one that lay on her thighs, which seemed like for some reason. I was very jealous to see this scene when Sir Rigen was staying in the cage with his subordinates but all girls.

(Ahh! Onakagasuita! (Hungry!) Ahh!) - The subordinate that was lying on her older sister's thighs named Sarah as I could remember, she was complaining while rubbing her belly

I didn't have any problems with that girl, she was cute and I also have a friendship with her but the thing that made me hate her was...many things!

Her hair was brown ponytail, it looked so attractive as if she made her hair like that to seduce Sir Rigen!!! About her boobs! Arrggh! Those fats on those boobs! How did they be so big, her boobs were the biggest size of boobs that I have ever seen in my life!

I was wondering if Sir Rigen love my boobs or not, my boobs were not small but they were not as big as Sarah or Reimi...but wait! Why did I put my servant on this list? I was also cautious about her if she dare to steal Sir Rigen away from me???

I wanted to stay in that cage with Sir Rigen, just only two of us and then I will...make love with him! Though I didn't know how to do it...maybe Sir Rigen will teach me...but wait!

If he knows to teach me about make love then that means Sir Rigen has already had the one for him to do, so that will be his woman or...ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Maybe I should calm down! Yeah! I should calm down! Sir Rigen didn't do anything yet, maybe I have jealous so much, he didn't have any special relationship with any girls yet!

According to Reimi's information when she got to Swei town to tell Sir Rigen to return to me but he refused. Sir Rigen said he has no lovers, no wives in his homeland so that meant I would be able to target him, haah! Haah!

Ahh! I can't wait for the day I show my love to Sir Rigen, haah! Ah! Maybe I should stop thinking an-

"Shera, I mean Princess! What are you doing here?" - Ah! That voice! Sir Rigen called me by my name! Ahh! Ahh!

"Ah, Sir Rigen!" - Ah! Why did my face so red right now??? Ahh! Sir Rigen!

"Ah, ranchi! (lunch!)" - The girl named Sarah seemed very hungry, she stood up and then rushed to the pillars of the cage, raised her right hand out to reach the plate with her drools kept coming out from her mouth

"I came here to give you and subordinates the lunch, Sir Rigen! Hehe!" - I was wondering where was the place to put the food in

Oh! I found a small corner that was exposed down on the floor of the wooden cage, enough for me to put the plate in. Maybe I should apologize to Sir Rigen first when the lunch he and his subordinates was about to eat was very badly made. 

"Ah, Sir Rigen, Sarah, Hatano! I'm very sorry to say the lunch I brought here for the three of you is not so good to eat but I will call the maids to make another one better as soon as possible."

"No need to apologize, She-, I mean Princess! The prisoners should not complain when they are guilty, they should eat the bad tastes to remind themselves to be better to avoid the crimes."

Sir Rigen seemed willing to eat these things, how could he be willing to endure it? But maybe I should tell the maids to make another meal better!

"I'm very sorry, Sir Rigen!" - I slowly pushed the plate to the cage for Sir Rigen and his subordinates to eat

"Your Highness! You should not do these dirty things, you should have let me handle these instead." - Baston told me to let him take the meals to the prisoners, but that was what I wanted to do at first

"You are now allowed to leave, do not disturb me and the prisoners."

"Yes, Your Highness!" - Baston slowly turned his back

"Thank you very much, Baston - san! You are a very trustful person, hehe." - Sarah called Baston at the time he was turning around, her face seemed to be very cheered when she thanked him 

"Of course I am, lady Sarah!" - Baston said back to Sarah

"Ah, Your Highness! I forgot, do you need me to report the maids to make other better meals for the prisoners right now?" - Ah! I forgot about this!

"Yes, tell them to make better meals for these people right away."

"I understood, Your Highness! I will go now." - Baston bowed toward me and then went outside of the jail room

"Reimi, you stay outside to do the guard."

"Yes, my Highness!" - Reimi bowed slightly toward me and then walked outside to do the guard

Then I looked inside the cage, Sir Rigen and his subordinates were now sharing the meals, Sir Rigen took only a mold bread and his subordinates took 4, how could he share only with them but not for him?

"Sir Rigen, I think you should eat more."

"No need, She-, I mean Princess! I think to share the meals with my subordinates is good, especially Sarah, she is always eating much."

"But, Sir Rigen." 

"Don't worry, I won't starve, eating less is also a good way for you to endure, to train yourself." - Sir Rigen slowly bit a piece of the molded bread, his face seemed to be very unpleasant to chew it but he slowly swallowed and kept biting the bread

About the girl named Sarah and her older sister Hatano, they were now sharing the other meals but for some reason. The girl named Hatano took 3 of the moldy bread and only kept 1 for her little sister.

(Ah, sis! You take my food so much! But I won't hate you, hehe! Maybe you always eat less so please eat well today, sis!) 

Sarah said to Hatano in a language that seemed to be from their homeland, similar to Sir Rigen, that meant these subordinates and him came from the same place, I was wondering what did she say.

(Hatano, why don't you share Sarah more bread? You don't love your little sister?) - Sir Rigen for some reason, he cared very much about the girl Sarah, I wanted to know what did he say

(Commander! It's very rare to see sis eat this much, you should let her eat more, Commander! The new lunch will come for us in a short time)

(Ah, sis! You don't need to share me more, please take those bread to eat for yourself, sis.) - Sarah straightly refused to take the bread from her older sister 

(Itadakimasu!) - Sarah said a strange word and then bit the bread, though the bread was hard to eat but she kept swallowing

(Itadakimasu...) - The girl named Hatano also ate the bread, she also spoke the strange word similar to Sarah's before eating

The word they said was some kind of customs before eating in their place or something? But Sir Rigen just ate the bread without saying a word. That meant these girls must be the people from his homeland but different from the custom, they were the immigrants? 

The meal was quite fast to eat when the meals only have 5 pieces of moldy bread and two wooden cups of water, Sir Rigen didn't drink anything but let his subordinates drink.

(Ah, sis! Why did you keep the bread but not eat it? Sis...you did this for me? Ah! I love you, sis!) - Sarah hugged Hatano and then ate the other moldy bread

Sir Rigen after eating the bread, he made a long sigh and then looked at space as if he was thinking about many things, as if he was depressed for some reason.

Ah! I forgot! My father ordered me to question Sir Rigen about the reason why did he hug me and why did he order him to stop the ceremony, maybe I should ask him now.

"Ah, Sir Rigen! Can I have a private talk with you?" - I slowly crouched down to see Sir Rigen

"Maybe we should not talk here, Sh-, sorry! I mean Princess! My subordinates are here so this talk can't happen." - Sir Rigen pointed his thumb to his subordinates, maybe I should do something to get rid of them

"Reimi! Are you out there!" - I shouted to call Reimi, who was doing the guard

"Yes, my Highness!"

"Do you see Baston anywhere?"

"I'm here, Your Highness! Do you want me to do something?" - Baston immediately walked in when he heard my voice, Reimi was now going inside the jail room and was behind him

"Have you done ordering the maids to make other meals, Baston?"

"It's done, Your Highness!"

"Good! I need you to take Sir Rigen's subordinates to go outside for a bit, let them go out to play is alright, I want to have a private talk with Sir Rigen."

"As you wish, Your Highness!" - Baston took the key and unlocked the wooden cage, he slowly opened the cage door

"Please go out, ladies! I can only lead you two to go out of the basement, the backyard is the farthest place that a special prisoner can be allowed to go."

"Stay strong, Commander! We will go back later." - Sarah said goodbye to Sir Rigen and went outside

"..." - Hatano didn't say a word to Sir Rigen but went outside, this subordinate made me unpleasant, she didn't show any loyalty to Sir Rigen but he kept letting her be his servant

"Hey, don't think you can touch these girls." - Reimi swinging her hand around Baston as if to prohibit him from doing something

I heard that Baston before becoming a jailkeeper, he was a Commander of the Royal Guards inside the Palace but he made some guilt. Maybe related to hurting the maids or doing something bad to their bodies so my father has lowered his rank to make him do this job.

"My Highness, I will go with Baston to guard lady Sarah and lady...ah! I'm sorry, I mean lady Shizuka, I'm sorry when I'm not with you to protect you." - Reimi bowed toward me and then walked out of the jail room

I slowly sat down on the floor and looked at Sir Rigen, ah! I forgot to tell Baston to jail me inside the cage with him! Ahhhhh!

"Hey, you look so sad, Sir Rigen! Do you need my help?" - I slowly raised my hand to reach Sir Rigen from an exposed space of the cage, I slowly touched his hand

Though a man and a woman should not hold their hands together if they are not lovers but I didn't care, I love Sir Rigen. I'm here to question him but maybe I will confess to him the love I have for him after this, I hope Sir Rigen will accept my confession.

"No, Sh-, I mean Princess! To see your face is still living can make me happy." - Sir Rigen slowly put his hand away from my hand but I kept reaching to him

"Sh-, I'm sorry, I should call you Princess but I keep calling you by your name."

"It's alright, Sir Rigen! Please call me Shera if you want."

"No, S-, No! I mean Princess, I must keep my distance from you, I'm sorry."

"How's about your father's decision, Sh- Ah! Fuck! I'm sorry, I mean Shera! Ah! Haah! Haah!" - Sir Rigen seemed very mad when he cannot stop calling me by my name

"Princess, what is your father's decision, did he spare me and my subordinates?"

Maybe I should not tell Sir Rigen that he and his subordinates have been forgiven temporarily, maybe I should let him to cautious will be better. My father can use the advantage when Sir Rigen didn't guard to hurt him, even to kill him. 

"No result yet but I'm still doing my best, Sir Rigen."

"But Sir Rigen, can I ask you these things? Please answer me honestly, my father said he would according to what you say to decide to let you and your subordinates live or die." - I must threaten Sir Rigen a bit to let him guard up more

"Ask, S-...I mean Princess! Just ask me." 

"Please...hold my hands..." - Sir Rigen kept avoiding touching my hands but I wanted more! I wanted him to touch my hands!

Sir Rigen slowly touched my hand though he did not willing to do it, but he didn't hate me, he didn't want to touch my hand for some reason.

"Sir Rigen, why did you hug me during the ceremony? And also why did you demand my father to stop the ceremony?"

"Those two questions led to an only answer, S-...I mean Princess."

"But the story I'm about to tell you is very hard to believe, I will cut short the story a bit to avoid redundant parts."

"Of course, about the parts I was having affair would be deleted." - Sir Rigen said low made me hard to recognize what he said, he later held my hands tighter, which made me feel shy and happy to be with him

"I came back here from the future, the ceremony had happened once, Shera! An explosion came out during its happening and sucked everyone, even you and me there." - Sir Rigen called me by my name without hesitation

"You were confessing to me something and then we got sucked into the explosion, I was with you in a strange place when we woke up, a strange jungle, we had lived together, Shera."

"Shera, I love you!" - Sir Rigen suddenly kissed me when I was outside of the cage, he headed to an exposed space of the cage and kissed me a sweet kiss

SIr Rigen kissed me! He said he loved me! He said he came here from the future, that meant Sir Rigen has accepted my love there! Ahh! But why did he sad...?

"Haah! Sorry, Shera! I can't hold myself after ten 10 years not seeing you, I was about to kiss you when I returned...I'm sorry! I should not let my emotion affect the story." - Sir Rigen slowly put his mouth from mine and wipe around to erase my saliva

"Shera, you had with me a child, a very cute daughter there, her name was Eris! The three of us had lived together in the forest for 6 years."

"But one day, you and Eris got killed by the monsters so I was very depressed, I begged the Gods to save you two and I met a woman called herself the Goddess named Katia." - Sir Rigen met the Goddess! How kind the Goddess was!

I slowly kneeled on the floor and then chanted my hands together, I wanted to give some thanks to the Goddess.

"Goddess Katia, this lowly human, Shera Soone deeply appreciates what you have done to me, thank you till my soul my body vanish from this world!" 

"You should not pay any respect to that Goddess, she is not kind and generous as you thought, Shera! Katia is just a woman who claimed herself a God, she very down looks on us." - Sir Rigen suddenly blasphemed the Goddess

"I won't be mad at you when you say bad things about the Goddess, Sir Rigen! But why did you?"

"The Goddess that you people are worshipping is just a woman that down look on us, she didn't care if you die or live."

"Katia only enjoys watching us live and die, she is not a God!"

"But Sir Rigen."

"Haah! Dammit! Sigh! Sorry, I should not let my emotion affect the story."

"Katia had ordered me to get to another world to do a mission, a long journey, she promised that if I survive and meet her again, she will resurrect you two."

"I have struggled to live in that other world for 4 years and I managed to survive, the Goddess had finally made the promise." 

"Katia sent me back here and...you didn't remember anything, you didn't remember what we had gone through in that 6 years." - Sir Rigen squeezed his hair and grunted, he later stopped doing those things and stared at me

"Sir Rigen, so you had loved me there then I had..." - I should hide Sir Rigen about what I talked to my father, I should pretend like I didn't say to my father that I love for Sir Rigen

"Sir Rigen, hey! Why don't we think about moving on again? I will tell my father about this story and...you know? We will be together again." - I slowly held Sir Rigen's hands

"No, S...Princess! We should not, your father will surely kill me if you tell him the entire story, just tell him half of it, erase our loves in the story."


"Please, Princess!"

"But, can you call me Shera again, John?"

"We should keep our distance, Princess! From now on, I'm John Rigen and you are Shera Soone, not Shera Rigen." - Sir Rigen kissed my hands and kissed me again with a very sweet kiss and then got his hands out as if he ignored me

"Sir Rigen, do you still love me? I love you."

"We should keep our distance, Princess! I loved you in the previous future but I cannot tell you if I love you or not in this time."

"You don't love me, Sir Rigen? Why?"

"I didn't say I don't love you, Princess! The answer is unknown." - Why! Why did you so cruel! Cries! My tears have flown out now!

"I still love you but I'm sorry, I cannot tell you." -Sir Rigen said some low words but I didn't want to hear! I was in pain when Sir Rigen rejected my love!

"My Highness! What's wrong? You are crying...Sir Rigen! What have you done!" - A voice called me from behind and then walked inside of the room, that was Reimi

(Eh! We just played around the backyard and got back here but the Princess crying! Commander, did you make her cry?) - Seemed like not just Reimi but also Sir Rigen's subordinates

"Sir Rigen, what have you done to Her Highness! Did you talk something bad to her and made her cry!" - Reimi yelled quite loud toward Sir Rigen, do not be mad at him! This stupid servant!

"Reimi, Sir Rigen did nothing wrong, don't be mad at him, he did nothing wrong." - I grabbed Reimi's collar to warn her while crying

"Ah, I'm very sorry for my rudeness earlier, Sir Rigen! I hope you will forgive me." - Reimi made a bow toward Sir Rigen and then patted my head to comfort me

"Princess, don't cry, I will punish our Commander later, don't cry." - Sarah seemed to be very cared about me, she even patted my head like Reimi

"Hey! Do not touch Her Highness!" - Reimi yelled loud toward Sarah, she did nothing wrong! Stop yelling, Reimi!

"Ah, sorry!" - Sarah put her hand out of my head

"What is wrong with you, whore? You behave disrespect to me when I scolded your sister?" - Reimi has finally messed with Hatano, I looked back and saw Hatano was now looking at Reimi with her emotionless eyes

"Ignore them...Sarah..." - Hatano walked past Reimi and pulled Sarah with her

"Hey! Why did you pass me with that attitude, whore!"

"Stop yelling, Reimi! Keep silent!" - I yelled quite loud to Reimi and she went silent, I was still crying

"But sis, Princess is crying!"


Baston has already in the room, he silently unlocked and opened the cage door to let Hatano and Sarah go in, they went inside the cage and Baston locked the cage.

"Uh, Your Highness! If that was Sir Rigen's fault then I will add more guilty on him, he made you cry too much like this." - This jailkeeper! Stop misunderstanding!

"Sir Rigen did nothing wrong, he has just told me about a sad story so I cried, that's all! Cries! Cries!" - I kept crying and Reimi kept comforting me by patting my head

"Oh, I'm sorry for this misunderstanding, Your Highness."

"Commander, did you just make Princess cry? You are so heartless, say sorry to her! Make up with her, Commander!" - Sarah kept shaking Sir Rigen, she pulled him to forward me at the end of the cage and urged him to apologize

"..." - Sir Rigen kept silent and lowered his head down while sitting on the straw as if to avoid looking at me

"Commander! Say sorry to Princess! Why did you silent?"

Seeing Sir Rigen stay silent made me cry more, Reimi was now powerlessly comforting me, she was so confused, didn't know how to do it.

"Baston, I will go now, take care of Sir Rigen and his subordinates well." - I said to Baston and then went outside with Reimi, I wanted to be alone with her for a bit

"Yes, Your Highness!" - Baston bowed toward me and then walked out of the room

"Ah, Your Highness! Do you need me to lead you and your guard out of the basement?" - Baston asked me, this jailkeeper seemed to care about us

"No need, Sir Baston! I will lead my Highness out, you stay here and do the job like usual." - Reimi said to Baston and then walked away with me

I was now walking heavily while crying, Reimi kept patting my head non-stop to comfort me, at the time I was far away from Sir Rigen, my tears have a lesser a bit. 

Maybe I should let Sir Rigen have more time to think about moving on with me, he was depressed when I didn't remember but he will forget it days later. 

Until that time, I will confess my feeling for him again, I will do everything to let him accept my love, I should not think that Sir Rigen didn't love me. He said his love for me is unknown then there would be a chance that he was hiding from me that he still loved me.

But that was just my thought, if Sir Rigen did not love me anymore...then I will do anything to keep him together with me forever!

"My Highness! This is just my thought that crossed my mind when I was thinking, don't tell me you confessed your love to Sir Rigen and he refused you?" - Reimi asked me while patting my head

"Cries! Cries! Yes, you can consider it to be like that."

"How heartless Sir Rigen was! I must return there to hit him until he accepts your love, you love that man so much but he didn't accept, my Highness!"

"No, Reimi! Do not do anything to make Sir Rigen harmed."

"Ah, this lowly servant apologizes! If that is your wish, my Highness! Then I won't do anything to harm Sir Rigen."

"Reimi, keep considering Rigen and me as the most important, alright? No, I should tell you to put his life higher than me, can you do it?"

"As you wish, my Highness!"

"I have gathered all of the information, I have asked Sir Rigen and he told me all, I must meet my father fast to ask him to release Sir Rigen and his people, Reimi."

"Yes, my Highness! Let me lead the way!" - Reimi held my hand and then walked slowly out of the backyard to get to the King's courtroom, my father was now having a meeting with his officials

The ceremony has been stopped, everyone was now fussing about the mystery hero that got summoned but didn't see him anywhere. 

If we don't have the hero then there will be no one to kill the Demon Lord from the North but the ceremony seemed to be very redundant to be held when the war of 500 years ago has over.

We have to find the missing hero now, we can only summon him again if that hero dies, the story that Sir Rigen told us hasn't been verified yet so my father was now thinking about letting another Kingdom hold the ceremony.

Our Kingdom lost its face to the other Kingdom when we have been voted to hold the ceremony but didn't do so we were now paying money to the other Kingdoms as an apology for not holding the ceremony.

I should see my father now, must ask him to release Sir Rigen at all costs!

Rigen's perspective - 5 minutes ago

"Commander! Commander! Next time you meet Princess that you must apologize to her, remember? I won't let you eat the next lunch, that is your punishment." - Sarah was now urging me to apologize to Shera when I have been released and meet her again

"Commander! Ah! Red Alert! Red Alert! Baston - san! Red Alert!" - Sarah suddenly held her belly and kept knocking at the pillars of the cage to call Baston, her stomach was hurting after eating the bread

Maybe this girl will have more hard times, she was still trying to let her belly be used to eat here.

5 minutes later

Sigh! Sarah was now defecating in the restroom of the jail, Hatano went with her to guard her against Baston though that guy kept insisting that he would not do anything to them.

Dammit! Maybe I should apologize to Shera after this but...when is the last time I apologized to someone? I didn't remember!

Dammit! Okay, I will starve this noon, just let Hatano and Sarah eat, I will stay starve to punish myself, hope that I and these girls would be released before night.

Shera said the result to convince her father to release us hasn't gone any further but she was still trying, I should love Shera more after this.

I will love her and accept her confession again but this time I must keep my distance from her or it would cause me much trouble.

Dammit! Cannot think any shit to deal the things with this blank head, I will take a nap to relax my mind.

Ah! I slowly lay on the straw and then hugged a straw tight as if I was hugging Shera, ah! Looked like I was an illusion myself to think about this idea.

"Good night, Shera! I love you." - Maybe I should do it to Shera when I return

Ah! I slowly closed my eyes to take a good nap while thinking about Shera.