Chapter 4.Demonstrating what has been learned.
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After my mom saw me floating on my birthday, she was scolding me quite a bit but she took it as a baby's mistake and gave me a present although I expected her to give me only toys she gave me a book on neutral magic.

The servants sent my mother weird looks about the gift, but my mom smirked when she saw me looking at the book excitedly. Honestly, the life of an adult inside the body of a baby is horrible. I have had many bad experiences in this new body especially when my mom had to give me milk, or when I had to go to the bathroom in this body, I ignore the bad memories that come to my mind, and I focus on what keeps me stable for example , knowing that there are a lot of things to learn and create once I grow up.

While he smiled I see my brother, since I am already 2 years old, I can walk in this world.

"Listen very well son, neutral magic can be used for a variety of things, whether it's transferring mana to another person or using neutral magic offensively."

““It ripples through the air with a hissing sound pierces through my enemy”” ““mana arrow””

My brother's mana condenses into the shape of an arrow and shoots towards the practice dummy and manages to hit it with the mana arrow.

““I made it””.

My brother after saying that sits down, apparently he ran out of mana after casting the spell, seeing him my mom tells him.

The mana arrow spell is very difficult for a child to do. But it has the advantage of being very quick to recite and hard to dodge.

"" Dean you already know how to use neutral magic, from tomorrow you will learn to use magic with attributes ""

Hearing that my brother smiled because at last. He could use the fire magic that he liked so much.

It's been half a year and a day while I strengthen as usual by strengthening my body with magic I also practice my lightning magic.

I kept watching my brother practice, and honestly every day she got a little better, my sister usually spends her time reading, maybe she and I have that in common.

She has spent 1 year

After studying the books they gave me for a year, I studied all the magics and tried to put them into practice. I was able to get other magics, but I still cannot use the water, fire, light and time attribute magic as for the darkness attribute magic, even an archduke like my father has no way to get a book of that magic

『You have acquired the earth magic skill! 』

『You have acquired the wind magic skill! 』

For some reason, unlike other magics, lightning-attribute magic was put into my passive skills, earth and wind magic went into my active skills, along with neutral magic.

After strengthening my body for 3 years, just on my birthday, I acquired a new skill.

『You have acquired the body reinforcement skill! 』

I was quite impressed the body strengthening magic is quite useful, it amplifies my strength, stamina and durability, and it's a passive skill so it doesn't use mana, even though it used a lot of my stamina.

Of course, magic is not the only thing I have learned, I was also taught writing, reading, manners and history. My mother took care of educating me.

Since I was a reincarnated writing and reading. They were too easy, I already knew how to read and write, so I learned the language similar to Japanese in a week, I had problems with manners, I thought it was the same, but I needed to learn the manners of the nobility, as for the story it was easy. As I thought about what happened, I answered my mother's questions about what she was teaching me.

““You understood my little Thoryan””

""Yes mom""

““Have you can repeat what I said””

""Yes. We live in the Edevan Duchy this is a Duchy of the Kingdom of Pristrad that serves as a shield to protect the kingdom from the other 2 countries that border us””

""That's how it is. My little Thoryan and these countries are””

My mom leaves the answer incomplete for me to answer, so I do.

““The Svetloba Empire and The Brand Kingdom””

""You can tell me. What are the dominant races in these 2 countries. My dear Thoryan””

"Yes mother. In the Svetloba empire, the self-proclaimed races of light, such as elves, dwarves and fairies, dominate. While in the realm of Brand, the races known as demi-ant or Myrmen dominate.

""Good. My little thoryan, you know the characteristics of these races””

““Of course mother. Elves are long-lived creatures, with sharp ears and great magical ability. Dwarves are long-lived beings, about the size of a child, and skilled craftsmen. The last species are the fairies, they are long-lived beings, with butterfly wings on their backs and have a great magical capacity.

""Perfect. My dear thoryan, no doubt you listen to mom's lesson. Now what can you tell me about the demi-ant breed?

""They are demihumans, they are half ant, they have superior senses to humans, in addition to being born with the ability superhuman strength, some of the demi-ant have wings or the ability to secrete poison""

""Great. Dear thoryan, to think that you learned so quickly””

Seeing my mom so pleased, I remind her of the suggestion she made for my birthday.

""Mother. I wanted to know if you have decided something about my request that I made to you for my birthday.”

"My dear thoryan, you are still too young to go to those places alone, but since it is a birthday request, we have decided to send you with a gentleman."

"Thank you very much, mother."